1. Wow. That is seven years ago and she looks TOTALLY different today. Someone has really messed with her face, and not in a good way. She looked a lot better then, minus the Botox, the Restalyne and the warpaint.

  2. A little Restylene, a little Bo… is it possible for someone to change that much over seven years if they are still in their 20s? Like without any filler use?

  3. How can someone age that much in seven years?? I think she got a nose job (not sure of the date) and has obviously visited some very cut rate cosmetic doctors for cheap fillers since then. EW.

  4. Also, I don’t think Julia Allison is necessarily fat but she is bigger than she used to be. Doing those Blueprint Cleanse crash diets permanently KILLED her metabolism. Depriving yourself of solid foods for a period of time does major damage to your metabolism and it’s irreversible no matter how much you exercise. She traded a few quickly lost pounds for a lifetime of slowed metabolism and is paying for it now. Just one more reason you should never take any of their so-called “recommendations” at face value. They’re idiots who can’t do their research and fall for every fad diet, cosmetic procedure and health scam out there.

  5. No, she isn’t fat. She has gained a significant amount of weight over the course of a year and a half, but she still isn’t heavy. And boo to Blueprint.

  6. Agreed that she’s not fat. What makes her look odd is how small she is on top compared to the bottom. Her bottom half is big compared to her upper body. Agreed on the probably nose job. Probably had her teeth done, too.

  7. I think she has a figure similar to that of Hillary Clinton. Normal/average on top, and then super wide on the bottom, with thick legs.

  8. I don’t think Julia Allison is fat. But she is curiously bow-legged, which makes her look strange in a lot of photos. And I wish I hadn’t seen her toes!

  9. Girl is not fat. She’s normal. A size 6 or 8 at most.

    I honestly find the comments about her weight really sad, despite how much I despise this woman.

  10. I think she’s definitely tubbier. Not that that’s a bad thing. You could see her gross back fat in her Xmas photos from home.

    No thank you!

  11. I think she’s definitely tubbier. Not that that’s a bad thing. You could see her gross back fat in her Xmas photos from home.

    No thank you!

  12. Julia makes such a point to dress her body in slutty outfits … (her very tired plaid skirt “school girl” costume with those horrifically ugly over-the-knee boots for example, or the cutsey age-inappropriate “costumes” she dons in order to impress would be sponsors etc. barf). She also favours clothes that emphasize her admittedly voluptuous chest, lovely neck and shoulders, and small waist (too bad about the sad looking hair and gawd awful make-up). She deliberately uses her body as part of her “persona”, and photographs/videos herself endlessly.
    So I think the commenters are pointing out how much larger she’s gotten lately and how bloaty she looks as a way of drawing attention to the contradiction between her “I’m so grounded and happy” claptrap and her obvious body dysmorphia and obsession. If that makes any sense.

  13. Wow. Julia used to look so cute and fresh, not like the waxy face she is now. How come I’m more than a decade older than she is, and without having anything injected into my face, I look much younger than she does?

    It’s as if she warped her face.

  14. I really wish people would stop talking about her weight — honestly, what could matter less? It’s honestly offensive to see a somewhat intelligent critique dissolve into jabs at her weight and how it’s fluctuated over the past couple years. I can’t stand the girl but I highly doubt all of you are blessed with perfect physiques that haven’t shifted at all since high school. Shame on you guys. (Also shame on you for making me defend her — but really, it’s a little out of control)