RB: Julia, Jan 18 – 3:50pm


Reader Email: “You aren’t the only one searching.”

From: [redacted]
Date: January 18, 2009 3:15:02 PM EST
To: julia@nonsociety.com
Subject: Cheek turning

hi Julia,

Thanks for opening the conversation on spirituality. I actually have a pretty good story that’s related to turning the other cheek, so I thought I would share…

There was this guy I knew in high school (I’ll call him K). He was very angry, the kind of guy that you might call a meathead if you didn’t know him better and realize that he had a lot of crappy stuff happen to him that caused him to be the way that he was. You know, alcoholic dad, neglect, abuse, etc. Anyway, because of his background, K was angry – at everything. He would get in a fight at the drop of a hat and was heading toward big trouble if he didn’t calm down and get this issue under control.

I knew him because we were in a youth group together – actually, it wasn’t really a youth group, there were just some cool “adults” from our church that let us go to their house and eat their food and watch their TV so that we didn’t go somewhere worse. And this couple was amazing. Totally loved us despite our issues. And we loved them so much, would have done anything for them, they had our total devotion. And this couple kept trying to get angry K to “turn the other cheek.” But it wasn’t working.

One day K was in a mini-rage. He was pissed at something (minor) – I don’t even remember the issue anymore. So the husband in the couple (I’ll call him G) walked straight up to K, looked up at him, and with his full strength, G wound up and slapped K across the face. Hard. I mean, he decked him.

K was kind of stunned. G was a very docile guy and K was not, and he just didn’t expect that to happen. But as K was sputtering and trying to catch his breath, G very slowly, very quietly said to him: Now, K. Turn. the. other. cheek.

I could visibly see K struggling to do this – to actually be able to turn his head to the other side so that G could slap him again. But after what seemed like an eternity (it was probably about 30 seconds), K turned his face to expose the cheek that G didn’t hit the first time. At that, G grapped K and started to hug him, tears were streaming down both their faces and they stayed that way for a very long time.

It was only then, after K actually turned the other cheek – to someone who he loved and trusted who had wronged him so badly – that he understood what it meant. Turning the other cheek is the ultimate self-sacrifice – the willingness to let a wrong go with no retribution or punishment – the acceptance of injustice with no requirement for pay back.

But it’s also true freedom. Because after this, K let go of the anger and the rage. Sure he struggled at times. But if, out of love, he didn’t punish G for the wrong that was done to him and in fact was willing to let G wrong him yet again, K realized that he could turn the other cheek to the lesser wrongs, as well.

Anyway, that’s the story. Hope you like it. And I also wanted to tell you that you aren’t the only one searching. A group of us get together on Tuesday nights at Panera bread for a group called “SEEK” – where we try to expore our questions about spirituality together. It’s interesting, enlightening (sometimes) and occasionally annoying. But it’s real.

Good luck with your search. I’ll be “with” you through it. 🙂


  1. On another note, it would appear that QOD is finished. It’s just full of crappy comments and no structure. Phase one of the plan to take NS down complete bunnies.

  2. Hard. I mean, he decked him.

    Nobody writes like this. They talk like this, but they do not write like this. Writers write like this. She honestly to Julia needs to learn to go outside and not sit at home writing letters to herself.

  3. Hard. I mean, he decked him.

    Nobody writes like this. They talk like this, but they do not write like this. Writers write like this. She honestly to Julia needs to learn to go outside and not sit at home writing letters to herself.

  4. Another telling detail: one of the earlier “spiritual testimony” emails is signed with a favorite Julia kiss-off: xoxo

    Just another little thing that makes me suspect she authored some of these long epistles.

  5. Julia Allison writes her own “reader emails” just like she makes up her Time Out New York “sources.” Would you expect anything else from Plagiarism Queen Julia Baugher??

  6. Get a life(cast).

    A reader sent in a tip that 6 girls are working together on a site set to compete with NonSociety, learning from the mistakes they see these poor test rats making.

    Any ideas who these girls are? We wanna be besties with the competitor!

    Send tips: scarymary1234@yahoo.com

  7. Yeah in general, their business model is reatrded. Anybody can set up a “lifecast” using tumblr. All they need to know is a lil bit of tech. I was watching one of their lame product videos and Julia was going on about how much she can interact with her fans….this bitch never interacts with people on Twitter! She barely even answers email. More power to anyone who would want to compete because it truly is a bunch of hot air that is poorly executed.

  8. Of COURSE they’re being unmasked for the frauds that they are. Anyone can use Tumblr, Twitter and Vimeo. The difference is Julia Allison, Mary Rambin and Meghan Asha have duped a bunch of out-of-touch companies and PR reps into thinking that they are truly groundbreaking, in a lame attempt to get free products and sponsorships to supplement their meager lifestyle and non existent income. It’s transparent as hell, and no one wants what they’re offering – lame recommendations on their own shitty hair stylists, so over restaurants and cheesy cosmetic doctors are falling on deaf ears and “sponsors” are starting to figure that out. I give their site two more months, max.

  9. Also… Julia’s signature Periods. For. Emphasis. shows up mid-email. Dead giveaway she’s writing all these to herself.

    The real comedy/tragedy lies in imagining Julia Allison sitting up at night, all alone in her pink Barbie Dream Shoebox dreaming up these crazy schizophrenic emails to herself. Sister Pink Bulb needs serious therapy. No wonder she’s an insomniac… if I stayed up all night writing 500 word emails to myself, I’d have trouble sleeping, too.

  10. On the subject on their personal stylists and doctors….it’s so very funny how they pimp those people out when their finished products look so shoddy. Who ever did Mary’s extensions was a hack. And that twee Dr. Bobby looks like Mickey Rourke ob his second to last surgery.

  11. Scary, it could be an old trick to get high search engine placement. Of course the trick is very old and not particularly effective anymore, and I always knew it as involving keywords, not actual ads.

  12. I really think that people write to her. I think they are real emails…I even think that people adopt her “style” of writing and phrases (use of periods and “xoxo” as examples) to be cute or some shit. After all, “xoxo” is also a super cool Gossip Girl reference.

    I think that these retarded people exist. Anyway, who knows. Love this site!!

  13. I really think that people write to her. I think they are real emails…I even think that people adopt her “style” of writing and phrases (use of periods and “xoxo” as examples) to be cute or some shit. After all, “xoxo” is also a super cool Gossip Girl reference.

    I think that these retarded people exist. Anyway, who knows. Love this site!!

  14. does anyone else find this anecdote in the email disturbing?? There was a messed up kid and he learned how to forgive after a trusted adult HIT HIM? I don’t have it in me to go to Panera and discuss the moral intricacies of this stupid story.
    For the record, I do think for the most part people are emailing Julia and aping her “style.” This story rings of idiotic fan. But I also think she has written. some. herself.

  15. Julia Allison is disgusting. And I totes love this site.

    Also: I hope she reads the shit people are writing about her.

    She needs to know.

  16. OMG, that’s gotta be it. Yes, I looked on her Twitter. (At least that doesn’t count as a pageview.) I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of this dress. Unless there was some other bright pink Marchesa lurking in the Ilus racks.

    Think she got it for free in exchange for the pub?

  17. OF COURSE she got it for free. They used this company to get free dresses from during fashion week. The shopgirl knew what she was doing… that empire waist could double for maternity wear.

  18. It could be it, but then I was wondering if they take the pic off their site once someone has rented it? I tried to “reserve it” for the same dates as her, but then I realized I need to get a life! ahaha

    It’s so ugly that there is a high chance she’ll be in it. She just loves to “stand out” no matter how!

    It’s so Fort Lauderdale chic.

    I think she probably got a discount…

  19. I am sorry, I am new to this site and to these peoples. Is the one who is name Julia pregnant? It appears so. Congratulations!!

  20. Look, I detest her, but I do not buy into the “she’s fat” crap. I think she is probably quite tiny in person. Yes, she has curves…perhaps, she will be a bit pear-like in older years, but I think she’s petite…and the dress is loose. She has a small waist, as she has pointed out several times.

    Anyway, she’s a cow.

  21. I guess I’m just hoping we’re right that she will be in D.C. at historic celebrations in that hideous Liberace curtain.

  22. She hides her lower half in puffy skirts and empire waists. You couldn’t NOT see how heavy her upper thighs were when she did that TMI gym wear installment. She has the ass of someone who is a size 8. Which is great if you’re a size 8 all around but she’s a size 4 up top. She’s still young. Her metabolism should be helping her out a bit plus all the running around. Did you ever see that underwear photo shoot she did a couple years ago? She looked amazing. If she’s put on that much weight by 27 with her schedule, she’s going to put on even more by 30.

  23. So I’ve decided that julia has infinitely more redeeming qualities than Mary. Mary has really gotten to me the past couple of days with her defensive plastic surgery posts. bleh.

  24. Anonymous – No, Julia is infinitely worse. Mary’s vanity doesn’t hurt others, but Julia doesn’t care who she has to walk over (and I think JA has had some sort of work done, as well).

    Speaking of plastic surgery, did any of you catch (from a long long time ago!) that Meghan used to DATE Dr. Bobby?

    October 2007 post – Binging on Man Junk Food (if you care to add page views)

  25. Good god, no, there is no way Meghan could have dated that guy. Really? I refuse to go there and look, but the mind boggles. That just seems so wrong.

  26. If it makes you feel better, Dyspeptic, she says she did not sleep with him. She just binged on him. Like cupcakes.

  27. Guys — the QOD changed to something for us hateful people! Just sayin’

    FunnyBunny just yelled this from the bar (she’s getting us a round)

    Love to all!

  28. Good night, Mona, that was one wacky, discombobulated Meghan Asha dating post. I especially enjoyed the line about Meghan’s “baron heart.” wow, it isn’t often you see a metaphor run into the ground is such spectacular fashion. Yes, I went there and I am glad I did. It’s hard to go cold NonSociety turkey. *whines pitiably, hides head in shame*

  29. Ha I was just about to post about “baron” heart as well. When will these people hire an editor or proofreader, my God.


  30. Sorry about the disruption. My friend’s a retard(not a Julia retard, though). We’re in an…airport (killing time).

    Good night.

  31. Scary Mary

    Try doing an exact phrase search for the phrases in the code, for example for "what is your credit status"

    Guess what is the very first search result? That's right, our beloved Nonsociety.


    So maybe it is what Nonentity said, an attempt to get more hits by having their site show up in unrelated but popular searches.

    Anything for a page view I guess. Ah the signs of desperation and deviousness…