RB: Julia, Jan 18 – 3:22am


Donkey had a revelation: She’s free!

When you love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable, you’re free.
–Bernie Siegel


  1. Well, considering that she’s unlovable and has done some rather heinous things to others, I’m thinking this is a plea for others to love and forgive her.

  2. I just hope she shuts up and goes away. Hopefully one of these dates will result in a “love match” and she will get married, move to Connecticut, have kids, get fat and be too embarrassed to post a million Blue Steel photos of herself a week, find Jesus and get off the fucking Internet.

  3. Where are my Scary Mary Rambin reblogs? She’s back on her fillers and injections kick, which is ripe for ridicule.

  4. Oh the joys in finding quotes. What a convenience for her.

    Erasing her mistakes with a convenient couple of words that ‘put everything into perspective.’

    Life is so easy, bunnies!

  5. Now, now, Anon 8:09: We’re not in the business of deleting comments, but ones like that are not acceptable. Please revise.

  6. she puts down people on a daily freaking basis…SHE PUT DOWN HER DATE THE OTHER NIGHT!

    how do you like that glass house julia?