RB: Julia, Jan 18 – 2:20pm


Inauguration Prep

* Me: Let’s check the weather.
* Dan: Okay.
* Me: I mean, are we talking 40s or are we talking 20s? Because 20s? NO.
* Dan: 30s.
* Me: Ugh.


  1. Wow. She’s landed highly coveted tickets to a historical event and she’s too lazy to want to go. This just proves she never deserved or should have received these tickets in the first place. Put on some thermal underwear and shut up.

  2. It’s an “event” to her only because of how coveted the tickets are…the more prestigious and exclusive an event is, the more we’ll be hearing about it and the more it becomes an event to her (think lame NYE party weirdness). I think her ‘better offer’ post refers to this obsession. Go her.

    Her number one motivation is to tell us/people full of disgust/ex-boys/ex-girlfriends/old classmates that she has tickets — not to see Obama swear in.

    She’s everywhere! At every event! She has so much depth to offer and she dabbles in all crowds! She is accepted and wanted by all!

    Someone fucked her up badly. You think she was seriously ridiculed by peers when she was younger? Or her parents undermined her growth with subtle critiques and negativity (I actually can see that)? Honestly…she is so out to prove to the world something…!