RB: Julia, Jan 18 – 2:11pm


Me: Did you get the tix?
Dan: Yeah.
Me: Why do you sound despondent?
Dan: I’m not despondent. I’m aggravated you just said the word “tix” aloud in conversation.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA OMG!! *cant breath*…*cant breath* that was sooooooooooooo funny~~ wow!! how can i thank you enough julia for posting this? you really know comedy. one day i hope that i can have an ear for hilarity as well as yours.

  2. Why does she think anyone cares about these little snippets? They’re not funny or insightful or deep in the slightest. I just had a really incredible exchange with the guy who sold me a Metrocard. Should I post a transcript of that?

  3. Anonymous 3:05, In Julia Allison Kissy-Face Candyland (TM), you would indeed. And you would get the Metrocard guy to take a posed digital photo of you to post with it. Complete with a few backup shots in case you didn’t like the angle.

  4. Anon 4:06, you would also have to remember to purse your lips so that they resemble a dog’s ass.

    If this is what Julia thinks is witty conversation, I’d hate to have to hear the rest of her excuse of a life.