RB: Julia, Jan 16 – 7:28pm


There is something SHOCKING about this photo, bunnies! Can it be true? Are we seeing Julia’s other cheek?

My date outfit for tonight, IT’S-FUCKING-FREEZING VERSION.

Juicy Couture jeans (with red J. Crew tights underneath, not that my date will ever see those), Banana Republic tank top, James Perse LS tee, H&M faux fur vest. I want to put on a turtleneck too, and maybe a scarf and hat and gloves, and keep them on the entire date, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t get asked out again. Whatever, at least I’d be warm.

DAMN, it’s cold.


  1. its so sad that in order for anyone to date her they have to go into it blindly. and for an actual dating expert to resort to it is just plain pathetic.

  2. Isn’t that how they pay for all of their needs, by trading promotion for services. Their hairstylist, plastic surgeon/dermatologist/whatever he is, their juices, their borrowed clothes, etc., isnt’ it all free in exchange for promotion? I know at least some of it is, if not all.

  3. Of course she also may be going on the dates in preparation for having the mtchmaker on TMI or doing a column about the experience.

  4. Can someone ‘splain this to me? I can see not giving a set-up date your last name, but how do you avoid discussing what your alleged job is? And how does she contain herself from endless bragging about who she knows, how she’s been on TV and such?

  5. That’s not the other side of her cheek… Apple cameras flip the image. She’s still showing us her “good side” (as if there is one).

    Bonus points… here’s the one she absolutely HATES and begged to be taken off her wikipedia page. Jules, you don’t look that different.


  6. To Anon @ 1:16

    Wow. That looks like a rejected shot from a “Seventeen” photo shoot, starring an overaged model.