Rewriting History?


Why did Our Lady of Introspection just add four posts to her site that have been backdated to January 12? The thing is, we’ve been following Bunny-in-Chief’s logs, and they weren’t there before. So she wants to share the Trio’s trip to Zappos? Why not post it as new? Something smells fishy…And Zappos, oh Zappos. A company we actually like, getting into bed with the Trio of Banality? How can we warn you that this will not pay off?

Here they are, for your pleasure:

January 12 – 9:20am

Zappos has shelves and shelves of inspirational, self-help and business development books (my favorite combo!) which they give away for free to visitors. I lugged about 50 pounds of books back home to NY, and yes, “First, Break All The Rules!” was one of them. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered that step. har.

Speaking of books, get ready! We’re going to launch the NonSociety Book of Whenever The Hell We Feel Like It Club starting in February after Fashion Week, when Version 1.5 is up and running.

January 12 – 10:34am

Hula-hooping it up at Zappos. The young woman who gave us our tour told me that she was actually asked to hula-hoop during her employment interview. Now THAT’S the kind of company I want to work for!!!

January 12 – 11:05am

NonSociety at Zappos, the single kindest and most enthusiastic company I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow, but suffice it to say: WOW. Just, WOW.


  1. On her Twitter feed, she posted “excuse my language, but” WOW just fucking wow
    or somesuch. Like the ill-advised porn coverage, the “fucking” has now been exorcised, the better to woo prospective ad buyers, one supposes. Not. Even. Remotely. Fun.

  2. Wow, backdating blog entries is a super-duper-big-journalism no-no. I blog professionally and my employers would take a very dim view of such misrepresentations. Oh, well, it’s all about the attempt to buff the shiny image with this crew.

  3. Dear bunnies, I am sure it was just a technical “snafoo” (as Mary likes to say) as they go through version 1,293 of their 1.5 relaunch (these things take time y’all!!) I am like, totally positive they were there the entire time, just like those CES sponsor posts WERE and the adult entertainment convention posts WEREN’T.

  4. Also: More free stuff! Stuff those ginormous suitcases with free stuff, bunnies! Then photograph yourself sitting on the bulging-with-free-stuff suitcases at the airport! That’s what I call content.

  5. Back-dating posts, deleting posts and editing twitters and talking about transparency. Yeah, I’m convinced a lesseon was learned from the CES debacle. Uh huh.

  6. What’s the deal with JA’s face in the first pic? She look like a different person. Sorry to be so petty, but it’s just odd.

  7. Speaking of re-writing history. Maybe this site should keep track of comments on the site (both Question of the Day and at TMI). These women not only revise/rewrite their own history (which is pathetic), they also eliminate so many comments it’s practically comical.

  8. I admit I went over there this am–just once, bunnies!–to get a load of QOD, and I found this gem:

    “I guess we’re all a bit confused as to how a website can be properly promoted when nothing new really is actually ON the website that’s being promoted because the stars of said website are too busy promoting/pushing it…??”

    So very well put. Trying not to recidivate. Or recidify? This site has helped me soo much in reducing my pageviews, I am truly grateful.

  9. has anyone ever notyiced how little views their videos ever get?, go on the front page and click on the videos. they have been up for a while and i think most viewed one has like 2,000 hits. DEAD GIVAWAY at how little traffic they get.

  10. wow she certainly has some thunder thighs going on. no wonder it’s been all high-waisted and A-lines for a while

  11. Julia Allison has backdated a lot more than just four posts on NonSociety. There are now pages of new posts from CES that weren’t there before. SO SO sleazy and unprofessional. Almost as sleazy as plagarism, but not quite, right Julia Baugher?

  12. Just FYI, Julia Allison (how I have come to loathe that name since I met her 4 years ago), at least, has been backdating posts all along.

    I usually log on to NS and read from the newest entry until I get to the last entry I read, and OFTEN (at least once a week if not more frequently), I will find that, after the last post I read, there are new posts that weren’t there the last time I looked. Which is a complicated way of saying that her treachery isn’t merely a result of CES but the symptom of a much larger illness.

  13. MAN, am I ever glad to have found you guys! I kept trying to refresh “Reblogging Baugher,” and couldn’t figure out where everyone had gone…

    So, I think I’m just going to keep posting this, every time I need to:

    “Now THAT’S what I call inestimable content!”

    This helps me. I swear it does.