RB: Julia, Jan 14, 1:02am


This is a somber moment. We should not mock or make fun. Today, Julia shares her ramblings from her college days, when she was suffering from the b-word. Here is what she tells us:


  1. (dear bunny)reading your diary entry and your blog, i came to one conclusion:


    now, please stop trying to prove to yourself that you arn’t and getting angry when others see it. i know that you want people to read it and say “oh everyone does that and you are normal, exept cooler!” but the truth is you are a loser. i am concerned that your active seeking to build an audience of young girls will be truly cruel. i dont want to see anyone killing themselves w/a juice cleanse or thinking that acting the way that you do will get them anywhere in life. when in reality they dont realize that your whole life(cast) is a facade.

  2. Julia’s huge sense of entitlement strikes again. She want you to believe she’s a SPECIAL bulimic. Just like she’s a SPECIAL blogger and a SPECIAL semi-working person.

  3. That Julia! What a sharer! No one’s ever had bulimia quite like she’s had it, and how interesting that the revelation coincides with the CES fiasco. Yes, Julia, everyone in Vegas probably thought non-society was so cutting edge to tackle bulimia. I’ve always enjoyed how the traumatic revelations are so beautifully timed, especially her old college one of crying rape when she missed classes or didn’t hand in assignments. What a role model!