RB: Julia, Jan 13, 8:47pm


Not. Even. Remotely. Fun. says Our Lady of Introspection. Oh, her troubles! Read on:

Sorry – I’ve been dealing with my travel schedule for the past five hours. I had plans to go to Tahoe from Jan 21-25 with Meghan Asha & Randi Zuckerberg, but I got an email today inviting me to speak at DLD (Digital, Life, Design), a prestigious conference in Munich, Germany, “which features digital innovation, science and culture and brings together thought leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and investors from Europe, the Middle-East, the Americas and Asia.” It’s also considered to be the precursor to the Davos World Economic Forum, which commences that Wednesday, January 28.

So, instead of skiing together, the three of us – Meghan, Randi and I – are flying to Munich instead! A bit of a pace change, for sure, but an exciting one.

The only issues are logistical, now. Because of my former stint on the Hill, I have two tickets to the Inauguration on January 20th (I’m taking Dan!), and I’m heading down there on the 19th to attend the Huffington Post Inaugural Ball. So now the question is: do I come back to New York, then fly to SF from NY, or do I just fly direct to SF from DC?

Men wouldn’t understand this, but the idea of packing for three trips – DC, SF, and Munich – at once, with baggage weight limits AND black tie events included? Not. Even. Remotely. Fun.


  1. The Bunny-in-Chief is frantically planning her Munich wardrobe and lip-dubbing opportunities at this very moment. She is going to grab Rem Koolhas, purse those restylaned lips at him, throw out an elbow, and he will look rather like the poor sot who thought he was going to promote his breathalyzer on that JA “interview”–ie slightly shellshocked. It will be fabulous and I am very much looking forward to the antics in Munich. counting the days, bunnies.

  2. wow!! she’s going to the innouguration!! OMG! how special! she will only be 1 of 765784758376578353895737865375637856394576397853 others there!! i know people who live in DC who are literally leaving town because of all of the people that will be there.

    who is dan? (i mean Dan!)

  3. I believe that Dan is her old high school beau, the one forced to be the “custodian of her memories” because our of lady of sociopathology changes her persona from one minute to the next.

  4. The inauguration AND another conference? Our Lady’s 2009 calendar is simply bursting at the seams with opportunities to be an embarrassment in front of people smarter and more successful than herself. Keep riding the Self Entitled Express to Spectacleville, honey. There will be lots of ACTUAL important people patting your pretty little be-ribboned head along the way.

  5. And of course the subtext of these excitable, ALL CAPS post about the “prestigious” Munich event is to let Jakob Lodwick know he screwed up when he broke up with her. See who’s hangin’ with Rem Koolhas now, JL! Eat your heart out.