RB: Julia, Jan 13 – 1:00am


More fabulousness from our favorite trio. And Julia takes a not-so-subtle dig at the travesties of the airline industry (just Draconian, I say):

Meghan had to repack her two ginormous suitcases four times – at the curb – to get the weight under the draconian 50 pound limit. WE PACKED A DROBO, PEOPLE! Weight limits shouldn’t apply.


  1. how come julia only posts pictures of herself at 1 angle, same pose, same expession. but she just throws up anything of other people?

  2. JA’s so CRAAAAAZY. She’s such a RULE BREAKER! Who has time to live by draconian rules when you inhabit JA’s fabulous world???

    Girlfriend is getting all thesaurusy on us again. Ten dollar words! How intelligent of you! What a great writer you are! Look how good you are at looking up words on the Internet and then using them in the wrong context. I am sure Tina Brown has you on speed dial.

  3. Here’s my JA imitation. No thesaurus required as she uses the same handful of words on a regular basis.

    “Today I had lunch with my best friend from 3rd grade’s boyfriend, THE indefatigable, ineffable [have you ever heard her describe anyone by any other traits], [insert name]. I was up till dawn so I was about an hour late in meeting him. Umm, er… oops?”