A Note to Charlsie


Can we call you Charlsie? We don’t know much about you, but we do enjoy reading the QOD, if only because it’s the only venue where NS readers can revolt against our Trio of Banality (until now, that is). We’ve learned that you’re the intern, responsible for deleting comments and probably scooping up Lily’s poo, but beyond that, you’re a mystery.

Oh Charlsie, we feel for you. Why are you there? Get out while you still can. We know, the economy sucks, and the media is dying. But Julia Allison is not the road to world/media domination, despite her claims to the contrary.

Turn around now, and erase this from your memory (and resume) before it’s too late.


  1. What happened to the blond intern? You think she jumped shit post-santacon? Or did Julia kick her off because she was too pretty?

  2. Maybe the Santacon blonde is back in NY prepping for the fantastic Inaugural coverage?

    Re Charlsie: I have been feeling twinges of pity as I imagine her reading the negative comments amidst a dawning realization that maybe this wasn’t such a good foot in the door after all. Even the name, Charlsie, evokes a certain melancholy. Bunny! Run hippety hop while there is still time!

  3. i made a comment pretending to be him (just to be funny) saying that he wanted to quit because what he was doing was degrading and beneath him and what he is capable of. and ended it saying “bottom line i want to spend my time pursuing my own goals and dreams instead of deleting comments all day.” i guess it really pissed him off because it was gone in less than a minute. lol

  4. Ah the comment deleters of the operation, the interns. Surprisingly I haven’t noticed my comments deleted (But I don’t really go back and check so they may have been) but one I do think was cut was a comment I made about JA blurring the lines between her columnist work and her gig at NS (at east I think it was deleted based on a quick glimpse at the QOD page).

    I simply stated that by using each position to benefit the other she was blurring the lines between the two very different roles, and considering NS is about as antithetical to real journalism as one could get, it’s a blurring that one would expect a journalist, self proclaimed or otherwise, would stay away from.

    From using her NS posts to gather info for her TONY columns and using her press access for TONY to provide access and content (such as pics, etc.) for NS, she uses each position to benefit the other.

    Yet a columnist/journalist knows that advertising and edit are to be kept separate, in theory at least if it doesn’t always play out exactly that way in fact. While NS seems to practice as its primary business model the undisclosed presentation of ads and product placements.

    And unsurpsringly what do both gigs have in common? JA’s “journalism” is just as lazy as her NS posts and vids. She gets her content either from others (posting others’ emails in full for TONY and reporting for the column by soliciting her readers for info through her NS blog) and rarely if ever appears to actually truly research something in order to produce quality content for either position.

    The same goes for the other two NS bloggers, posting poorly photographed pics or other people’s pics or basically cutting and pasting product specs from other sites is so far from quality content or “work” it’s laughable.

    What’s sad is despite some having their favorite member of NS, it seems to me that ALL three are simply in it to do the least work in creating a quality product and the most “work” in getting as much as they can for the least amount of work and the most amount of partying, socializing, narcissizing possible.

    Hope that was at least slightly readable/made sense. And to the interns who deal with it all and delete, delete, delete, delete all day. Well, I hope they are getting what they wanted out of an internship.