Hi bunnies!

Well, the ladies at NonSociety contacted their friends at Tumblr and had Reblogging NonSociety pulled from Tumblr. Imagine our surprise!

Fret not, bunnies. We’re back–and with more commentary and analysis (or something).

There seems to be a bit of a commenter revolt going on over there right now, with QOD responses being deleted left and right as commenters share their disappointment over NS. Tis a shame. What’s more, Our Lady of Introspection and her handmaidens have been deleting their own posts of coverage at CES–perhaps after some introspection of their own? It seems they’ve decided porn is not the way to go.

Anyway, stay tuned for lots of NS coverage here.

xoxo bunnies!


  1. It is absolutely pathetic the way they deleted posts.

    Ugh. Glad to have this reblog so I won’t need to visit their site to watch the trainwreck.