RB: Julia, Jan 12 – 7:24pm


Hi bunnies! A cryptic conversation for you to decipher:

* Me: I’ll look it over before you send it.
* Megan Alagna: What, you gonna give it the JA seal of approval?
* Everyone: [hysterical laughter]
* Megan Alagna: That’s because I’ve just spent six straight days with YOU.

What does it mean?!


  1. Also feisty. They are feisty, feisty, feisty. And crazy. Did I mention crazy? And besides, they meant to do what they did with CES because they were alterna-blogging! Mary said so! It’s all part of the JA plan!

    And now I have used a month’s worth of exclamation points, so I will slink off and quietly gnash my teeth.

  2. It means the poor intern has probably been instructed to post something about either their abysmal performance and/or their comment deletion and the “brains” behind the operation, the control freak JA, wants to see it first. Which is as I suspected — she is the one coming up with the ideas and she is to blame for how utterly horrible it is.

  3. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where they decided to pull the porn coverage. I wonder if Meghan (the lifecasting Meghan) put her foot down–she was vocal on her blog about not thinking it was a great idea, but she went along with it anyway. But wow, who would want to be the one to try to convince JA that her beloved antics and stunts might actually have…backfired? Yikes. Bet that was a fun time. Not.

  4. before:

    i am like sooooooooooo sorry we have been giving awful coverage. it is not our fault ok. we will definitley get better.


    canadian milf, woman on pole (were told we get to see more later ummm…great…yeah), mary wearing a lick me till i scream shirt, many peoples ass cheeks,ext

    ummm….exelent CES coverage? we are not supposed to ask questions, not supposed to be confused. the former ns supporters have been totally left in the dust, dissed, and unvalued in all this. its not the same site. these people are very desperate.
    i mean VERY desperate. and it is showing big time.

  5. Can comeone calculate the proportion of posts that consists solely of dreadful IM chats and inane conversations. What is this “work” of which they speak again?

  6. I believe it was the oh-so-desirable word “feisty” and the myth-making concept of “JA seal of approval” that captured the fancy of Our Lady of Introspection.

  7. What Julia didn’t get is that when Meghan said “I’ve been spending 6 days with you” or whatever, she wasn’t saying JA had rubbed off on her, she was saying she had had enough of JA and was, therefore, becoming “feisty.”