RB: Julia, Jan 12 – 3:41am


The NS girls are busy checking their stats! What will the bunnies do to celebrate 1 million?

Meghan & I just checked our Google analytics (yes, we’re up ridiculously late, per usual), and these are the numbers for December 12 – January 11. It’s the best month we’ve had so far, and this is over the holidays!!

We’re going to hit a million pageviews by January 20th, I know it.


  1. One of the reasons they are losing their fans
    is because they lack honesty with their audience. They are completely
    opaque. They are “lifecasting” the development of their business,
    instead of providing any real content. Fine but be HONEST about that.
    Say, “look our sponsors frowned upon the porn coverage. we’ve learned
    a valuable lesson about respecting our sponsors and have therefore
    decided to take the coverage down.” Sheesh. I’m a god damn social
    worker and teacher and could better advice them on their site. Just
    who are they listening to? Oh, that’s right, just julia.
    – Show quoted text –

  2. Well if I can see the “Best O’ NS” here, I won’t be contributing to their page views. Please keep it coming.

  3. I am already feeling better about myself by not going over their to view the continuing carnage. You are doing an important public service.

  4. isnt the timing of puting this site up great. next month she will not publish the numbers lol. but she will be scared that its going backward. oh well, not as though she doesnt drink anyway without 1,000,000. (imo)

  5. Julia’s not being entirely honest about those stats.

    She’s had 10,000 hits in the last 2 days. Non-unique.

    If that’s an average, then 300,000 per month — non-unique.

    Meghan and Mary both get a step down from that, but I’d guess their traffic is entirely a sub-set of Julia’s.

  6. Is there anywhere a researcher can go for undoctored stats? Or are they on a subscription basis? What is this Google Analytics of which the Chief Bunnikins speaks? Sigh. Guess I must actually research, for my own poor sake as well as for debunking purposes. Helpful hints?

  7. Looked over the siteanalytics site…NS traffic plunged steeply after launch, does not seem to have rebounded since acc to these figures. None of the charts i could access look all that good.

  8. Can she possibly mean 1 mill in toto, since launch? That seems to be the only way to make any sense of it.

  9. Too bad Julia can’t differentiate between “fans” and “train wreck watchers.” Here’s the Julia Allison Business Plan (TM) FREE to you bunnies! Implement at your own peril and watch your page views skyrocket you to Internet fame and fortune!*

    1. Make a spectacle of yourself in college. Get kicked off college paper for plagiarism.
    2. Move to New York. Change name. Wear slutty outfits and get some attention on Gawker.
    3. Recruit some frenemies to start a “web business.” Throw around some stale buzzwords like “personal branding” and “Web 2.0” to get funding. Date actual successful web entrepreneurs and glom off of their funding as well.
    4. Take pretty pictures of yourself. Post some cotton candy entries so you have something to show potential advertisers and sponsors. Hope said culturally out of touch sponsors fall for your dated Sex and the City schtick and give you some free products to endorse.
    5. Free stuff! Score! Forget about your original mission “to be like The View” (Um.) and continue personal mission to gobble up free products, trips and endorsements to supplement your meager lifestyle due to lack of actual income.
    6. Pass off some press releases as your sincere recommendations and hope no one catches on. Pass of boring conversations and “reader” emails as actual blog content and hope no one catches on. Pass off thinly veiled taunts to exes and their new girlfriends as dating advice and hope no one catches on. Pass off old pictures of yourself as proof that you are really REALLY HAPPY and hope no one catches on.
    7. Lather. Rinse. Repeat, bunnies.

    * No guarantees of Internet fame and fortune implied.