RB: Julia, Jan 12 – 1:24am


We’re baaaaaack! First order of business: Let’s talk about Julia and her producer, Megan Alagna. What do you think Megan gets paid to be a part of this fabulous venture? Are there health benefits? We want to know! Here’s what Our Lady of Introspection (credit: Reblogging Julia) has to say:

We voted our producer Megan Alagna MVP of CES. She is simply unflappable. And frankly, we would defenestrate ourselves (or each other) without her.

Ooh, ten dollar words, Julia! What say you, dear masses?


  1. Megan A… these are my thoughts. The girl is shy and wants to stay behind the scenes… BUT oh, oh! don’t forget that she LOVES being friends with such visionaries and “famous” folks!~ SOOO sad. so sad. She is probably getting less out of the whole venture than anyone!! Girl needs to stop spending her free time working for these free loaders and do her own thing. She’s a smart cookie. She can do more than this!!!!! But in these economic times, I understand. Not many people are hiring. At least she doesn’t throw herself out there as some fake “non-hot” wannabe!

    MY POINT: She still has a chance for another life. She just needs to decide if and when she will ditch the publicity whores and will go out on her own and OWN her own life!

  2. Also I bet she gets lots of castoff gadgets, beauty products and Blueprint Cleanse juice. And her own goldenrod NS tee shirt, too. Not to mention the good times! And the trip to Vegas!

  3. Plus I love it when Julia gets all thesaurusy and starts talking about defenestration. She is so ready for Harvard Business School. The plaid miniskirt and over the knee boots are gonna get a workout.