Vile Donkey-isms: The Internet Never Forgets

Discussion of the many callous and thoughtless things Julia Allison has done in her life, plus links to relevant background posts below.

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(1) Tucker Max-Gate
(2) “I Was Inside”: Using a Family Member’s Traumatic Experience To Win An Internet Argument
(3) E-Mail To An Ex’s Fiancee
(4) “Keep That Helo In The Air, Babe”
(5) MacBook Air
(6) “I Was Highly Aware That I Had An Expiration Date, As A Woman.”: see also Expiration Date in the Glossary.
(7) Jack McCain’s Lawyer: and the Great RBNS Shutdown of ’11 (more here and here too)
(8) “The Home They Shared”: Breakup with a Guy after Five Months, Put out a Press Release
(9) Grandpa-Gate
(10) GriftcardGate
(11) “Old Folks Shouldn’t Blog!”
(12) Livetweeting Granny’s Final Days (and more here, here, here, and here)

(*) BONUS: More Donkey Insanity Chronicled here!

15 Responses to Vile Donkey-isms: The Internet Never Forgets

  1. sad lilly says:

    Peter Baugher should read all of these links, then maybe he’d be sending C&D’s to his daughter instead of Internet “bullies”.

  2. mcakez: Never Go Full-Wildenstein says:

    Well, since she has now implied overlap with yet another one of her engaged exes, I think I rest my case on the vileness of that behavior. “I was inside” was pure stupidity… attempting to harm the relationships of dudes who once made the mistake of hucking it in her, and in the process hurting a the tiny and cute fiancees who did nothing to her to deserve such a thing is just despicable.

    I really wish someone would turn the tables on her in that regard, but no one else is that low.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      I really wish someone would turn the tables on her in that regard

      There are definitely tables to be turned in that regard, no doubt about it — for instance: dude who already had a wife (& kids!) when she banged him; cTK who already had a Cute & Tiny™ girlfriend when she banged him.

      Just to name a few …

      • Helobabe says:

        Yeah that’s prob worth a post up there, too. Boning dude with wife and two children – KLASSY.

      • mcakez: Never Go Full-Wildenstein says:

        She, unsurprisingly, tries to paint herself as the victim in those cases, though. She claimed Alex never told her he was married and had kids, until ‘too late,’ and she found out later that codeTK had ‘another girlfriend’ (no, Donkey, he had *A* girlfriend, you were a random slamspiece, and we all know it wouldn’t have mattered because if it had worked in your favor you’d have just chalked it up to some other excuse.)

        The cases of alleged overlap she has outed are always the guys cheating WITH her (because she is so irresistibly amazing! And cheating is only cheating if it isn’t with her!)

        I have to concede that as I write this I realize your point, in a way. It is all donkey-ese, though. No man has come forward and said, “Maybe you’re just ashamed because you were fucking me, too!” thereby outing her as a cheater (though she has been outed as a homewrecker which, as established, she tries to excuse herself from liability.)

        Mostly, of course, no man has bothered to to that because most of them aren’t shameless over-sharers, vindictive assholes, or — more likely — they just want to deny fucking her at all, and forget the whole shameful affair.

  3. How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

    What I posted in another thread & should say here instead (uhm, er, oops?) is that Julia Allison’s pointed barb directed at the MotherLod (that ‘old’ people have no business blogging) deserves a place on this poll too, IMHO.

  4. JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

    Could I also add Sugar Should be Outlawed for the Poors (but not for me because I love cupcakes tee hee!)

    Her entitlement is off the charts and she has no problems showing her bitch side when her readers call her out on her hypocrisy. Pissy Donkey gets pissy when she’s called out.

  5. JB's love me love me love me camp says:

    Most of these were before my time. Since then, some gems that are up there:

    – Pretending to be a spokeperson/spokesmodel for a brand
    – Violating Burning Man’s no commercial shilling policy
    – Publicly dissing the greatest love of her life – laughing about how horrible it was
    – Turning a mother’s sweet statement about her baby daughter into a chance to complain that her own mother didn’t love her enough, publicly
    – Using a date on national television to help her move
    – Looking down on another date’s profession, as a middle school teacher
    – Preaching against a mother feeling her small children pizza in a moment of crisis/acting like she knows what causes cancer and diabetes/etc.

    OMG so many more. She’s the worst.

    • mcakez: Juicy Coobie says:

      Since you reopened the floor: Alcoholic Indians-gate and ‘Let’s move the gross, punchy homeless to the ‘lesser’ Bay cities, like Oakland.’ Which is so, so bad it still has me mind-baughered. How did she not get insta-defriended? How?

      Oh yeah. No one pays attention to her but us.

  6. Prom Party Burnout says:

    Who is this Ibrahim AlHusseini dude? He’s posted on almost every donkey post since BM…

  7. JuliasTooSmallTutu says:

    What about her posting the photo of the Bolt Bus Bitch?

  8. Retarded Noobie says:

    Cool site!

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