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Julia Allison Said ‘Fuck’ On Twitter

Julia Allison, who acted like she was hitching her hooha to date rape-y pig Tucker Max, is adamantly denying that she hitched her hooha to date rape-y pig Tucker Max. @JuliaAllison Tucker Max? Really? Is there ANYONE you won’t fuck? … Continue reading

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Social Media Success Story!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzgq5KWQX9c’] This is pretty funny. Who doesn’t love steak, bitches? Certainly a pescatarianrarariaarian “weekly columnist in Time Out New York” does!

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Julia Allison’s “Social Studies” Column Held Up By The Most Complicated Typo Ever

Julia Allison, future star of the Ashley Tisdale-produced “Miss Advised,” and word-stringer of “Social Studies,” a column distributed by Tribune Media services that was recently dropped from the Chicago Tribune, appears to not have a “Social Studies” column distributed by … Continue reading

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Donk Now Publicly Defending Rapey Douchebag

So she posts this bullshit quote on her blog from Ellsberg, spawn of someone who is actually admirable, intelligent and principled (so go figure). The only way we can get an education—you, me, all of us in this room, anyone … Continue reading

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He Was Inside, Or At Least He Will Be

Oh, gross. These two deserve each other. Despite it being a rather crass comment about sexual assault, I’m sure Julia Allison found it heehaw-ha. UPDATE: SHE DID This coming from a woman who wondered earlier this year why men still … Continue reading

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