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Because Mom and Dad Care

  Here is a piece from one of our beloved commenters, My Elle Readers, also known as good old Stripper Shoes, that got spiked at some other stupid cowardly boring no-fun place that isn’t a basement filled with hissing obese … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Thinks Reality Shows Are Horrible

Now that Julia Allison has commenced filming her Bravo reality show, I think now is a good time as any to point out past statements in which Julia Allison disparaged the reality show genre, because she was jellies and didn’t … Continue reading

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Imagine If You Were A Donkey

I was looking at the poll the other day. And I realized — if I had done even one of those things, I’d be quite appalled by myself. But just imagine if you’d done ALL of them. Let’s recap a … Continue reading

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Cheers to [REDACTED] For Having The Balls To Do What All of a Donkey’s Exes Should Do

Those [REDACTED]s. They have the courage of their convictions, and I salute them. I ran into Jakob Lodwick at SF’s Burning Man Decompression. The first time I’ve seen him in four years.  He turned and ran – yes, ran – away.  It was … Continue reading

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Julia Allison’s “Social Studies” Column Held Up By The Most Complicated Typo Ever

Julia Allison, future star of the Ashley Tisdale-produced “Miss Advised,” and word-stringer of “Social Studies,” a column distributed by Tribune Media services that was recently dropped from the Chicago Tribune, appears to not have a “Social Studies” column distributed by … Continue reading

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