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Julia Allison’s Face Is Its Own Sentient Being

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9753adIFus’] For 14 months from 2010-2011, Julia Allison, journalist and social media celebrity, didn’t have a home. During that time she bounced from city to city traveling with just her suitcase, laptop, and iPhone. Allison, who became famous for … Continue reading

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Stage 5 Melodrama — Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey on Speed

  The news must be grim in Wilmette because just as most normal and sane people do during harrowing times of looming family tragedy, Donkey has taken to Twitter to post a litany of deep thoughts, some of them coming … Continue reading

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The Muppet Show at SXSW

Consider this: Instead of rambling to a sparsely populated conference hall like last year, this year Donk piggybacked on someone else’s talk in a sparsely populated hotel room. Progress? And at the same time she was riding the coattails of … Continue reading

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The Canklehausen, How It Flares

All day Donk has been Tweeting at people who weren’t addressing her. Very few Tweeted back. This one, to the New York Times’ David Carr, is the most embarrassing. Please, Donkey, stop. Please stop. You sound like a demented stalker.

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SXSW Memories: Last Year’s Packed Donkey WhineFest

What a crowd!! [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CwkPJ0bTTk’]

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