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Donk, At The “Ashram,” Finally Gets Busted For Fraudulently Misrepresenting Herself as an NBC Employee At The “Ashram”

Oh honey. Still pulling this shit? As you’re creating a “different life” for yourself? It’s hammer time, and the New York Daily News just brought down the hammer! So evolved.  

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Miss Advised Episode One Recap: Julia Allison Introduces Herself To A Nation By Offering Her Tits, Ass and Oral Sex, All Within A Span Of 43 Minutes

Last night, Ashley Tisdale unleashed The Donken on a completely uninterested nation with the premiere of Miss Advised. Billed (by me) as part gay recruitment film and part cautionary tale for injecting Land O’Lakes into your face, the show about … Continue reading

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What The Fuck IS Up With Donkey’s Ever-Increasing Twitter Followers?

The number of followers is growing by leaps and bounds daily. She’s obviously buying them somehow, and ignored a question from someone who asked her via Twitter. These aren’t people who are Miss Advised fans. Here’s a choice selection of … Continue reading

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Pretty Pampered Princess Bitches About Being On A Reality Show, Complains About Crap Money

Numerous tipsters have reported that Donkey has been telling anyone who will listen to her how much she has hated being on a reality show, and complaining bitterly about how little she’s being paid. She also insists that Miss Advised … Continue reading

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Donkey Boasting

  Several tipsters over the past few days inform us that Donkey is telling anyone who will listen to her at SXSW that she’s signed a $100,000 product endorsement contract with Intel. Because that whole Sony thing worked out so well, … Continue reading

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