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Stage 5 Melodrama — Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey on Speed

  The news must be grim in Wilmette because just as most normal and sane people do during harrowing times of looming family tragedy, Donkey has taken to Twitter to post a litany of deep thoughts, some of them coming … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Donkey’s Friends Go All Out; Decorate A Stunning Birthday Cake, Buy Flowers At The Nearest Safeway

TarynSouthern: Yay! It’s @juliaallison‘s birthday in Palm Springs!   JuliaAllison: Best 31st birthday I could imagine, thanks to @LewisHowes,@JuliaPriceMusic & @TarynSouthern. 🙂 What artistry! Is it gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free? Doesn’t look like it! And is that a stack of magazines placed behind the … Continue reading

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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: Dadsers Captured Mid-Lecture As Only One Julia Listens To Him

Poor Dadsers. As much as I think he’s a disgraceful tool for sending a cease-and-desist to the wrong person last year based on the typically mistaken and idiotic say-so of his completely mentally deranged first born, I kind of feel … Continue reading

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He Was Inside, Or At Least He Will Be

Oh, gross. These two deserve each other. Despite it being a rather crass comment about sexual assault, I’m sure Julia Allison found it heehaw-ha. UPDATE: SHE DID This coming from a woman who wondered earlier this year why men still … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Julia Allison Outdoes Herself in the Most Horrendous Way

She did NOT! This little reveal, which I, for one, have never revealed, even though I have known about it for a very long time, has to be the absolute, most disgusting thing Julia Allison, of the “I Changed My … Continue reading

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