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“Stalker Is Such An Ugly Word” — Especially If You Are One

Oh. Dear. Jelly, I don’t know if you read RBD. I know a whole shit-load of your friends do. I know you are a good guy who was not AT ALL into a Donkey, and you made a very terrible … Continue reading

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This Is All

I would say: “Run, JellyD!!!” but it seems he already did. So now I will say: “Please continue ignoring her crazy ass on Twitter. Otherwise you’ll end up back in this horrifying situation:”

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Feel Free To Scrutinize Endlessly: Julia Allison’s 73-Point Checklist

Your homework is to determine how many of these requirements Julia, herself, fails to meet. 1. Loves me unconditionally 2. Kind / thoughtful / sweet / doting 3. Brilliant 4. Intellectual curiosity 5. Well-read / loves reading / reads The … Continue reading

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Donkey Apparently Still Snoozing As Her Other Two Miss Advised Co-Stars Get Up Early and Do What’s Expected Of Them

Huh. And not a single mention of the apparent escaped mental patient who let her crazy flag fly both on last night’s episode and on the Andy Cohen after-show. Embarrassed, perhaps? Hungover? Sobbing because the Twitterverse has turned against her? Is … Continue reading

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Live Blog, Open Post, Fatties

OK, tonight is a special occasion here at The Angry Hater Club. Julia’sPublicist has joined Twitter (ERRR, update, perhaps not!) and he intends to TWEET THE SHIT OUT OF HIMSELF TONIGHT! And Greasy is making an appearance on tonight’s show. Finally, … Continue reading

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