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Donk, At The “Ashram,” Finally Gets Busted For Fraudulently Misrepresenting Herself as an NBC Employee At The “Ashram”

Oh honey. Still pulling this shit? As you’re creating a “different life” for yourself? It’s hammer time, and the New York Daily News just brought down the hammer! So evolved.  

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Remember When Donk Couldn’t Eat Dairy, Had Celiac’s Disease?

I guess something changed¬†from when she was told to strictly avoid eggs, dairy, wheat, and every other foodstuff known to man because poor pelty princess, boohoo. Instead of chocolate,¬†@TimothySykes¬†ordered THE MOST INSANELY DELICIOUS cheesecake from Carnegie Deli. Now I feel … Continue reading

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Pants On Fire: A Donkey Bullshit Roundup

One of the best things about Miss Advised, besides the fact that a donkey has “exponentially” increased the number of people who despise her without any help from us, is watching the lies being told in live action and/or within … Continue reading

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Watching preview of the 7th ep. For the record, I dated Andrew almost 3 mnths at this point. Somehow that turned into 2 dates on the show. Huh. According to our wily, sleuthy commenters, she still hadn’t met him on … Continue reading

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Julia Allison, Responsible Pet Owner, Has Dating Advice For Pet Owners

My, God. It never ends. I want Mommy to come back. Julia Allison, who we’ve been told is so cruel to her dog that a crew member wanted to steal Lilly in order to save her, talks about how awesome … Continue reading

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