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Codename Donkey: More Dispatches From The Donk Side

OK, finally I shut her down with something she could not come back on. It went on for far too long, you shitheads. I won’t bore you with the entire transcripts; it too often degenerated into a: “You need therapy!” … Continue reading

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Another Friend Thrown Under The Bus

Feast your eyes, once again, on what was “revealed” when I asked her to explain how the IP addresses matched up (she didn’t address it at all) and who harassed our commenters. That she did address: RBD:¬†Also — are you … Continue reading

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Busted Donkey

  As a new day dawns, I am still a bit stunned by what went down yesterday. 1. Donkey tipped us via our automated form that she is dating an Internet celebrity who’s not really into her. She did so … Continue reading

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A Donkey Speaks And It Is Resplendent With Lies and Cuntitude

I know my policy is never to poke the donkey. But it really burns my ass that this witch harassed innocent people in an attempt to bring us down and yet still tries to use us to get information about … Continue reading

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The Runaway Pancake: A 2011 Year-In-Review, In Two Exciting Parts! Part One: Securing a McCain By Disappearing RBNS

The long, seemingly interminable nightmare that is our Donkey’s very existence soldiered on in 2011, taking us back and forth across the country, racking up frequent flier miles, and yet going absolutely nowhere. As 2010 drew to a close, seasoned … Continue reading

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