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Julie Albertson: So Nice, Except When She’s Not, Which Is Always

“Gail,” by the way, is someone JA knows. Someone she has spent time with, one-on-one. Someone she has blogged and Tweeted about with affection. Such a nice response to a kind acquaintance who was sending her a tip on where … Continue reading

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Why is an Employee of Virginia’s Attorney General Editing Donkey’s Wikipedia Page?

It’s not news that Julie Albertson’s Wikipedia page has undergone some shady editing in the past. A few days ago something interesting popped up in the “Talk” page of the wiki article: instructions from a PR flak to correct the … Continue reading

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Fatty Kate Smacks Down Pocket Gay

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Donkey Has Got To Be Fucking Kidding Me

Seriously. What the FUCK? She lands a freelance gig to write ONE COLUMN A WEEK and she needs an unpaid slave to help her? What, crowd-sourcing for contacts, quotes and information wasn’t working for her? So she has to pretend … Continue reading

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Welcome to Asinine Analysis 101

This is the first in a series of occasional posts where we will cover the history and rudiments of Donkology.

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