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UPDATED: Julia Allison, Who Goes Into A Chernobyl-Style Meltdown When Some Dude Runs Screaming Away After A Couple of Weeks, Wants To Give You Advice On How To Get Over Your Man

Really? Julia Allison, who, with her with make-up, looks like one of those punching clowns or, without, looks like Cathy of the Comic Cathy more and more every day, and who said in the first episode of Miss Advised that … Continue reading

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Donkey Will Win Randi Back Even If She Has To Use Her Kid’s Birthday To Do It

This is gross. Seriously. Happy Birffffday to¬†@RandiZuckerberg‘s little boy, Asher [REDACTED by RBD], who turns one today!! How long must she have waited for this day to dawn? Never mind Osama bin Laden — the son of her OMG FAMOUS … Continue reading

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He Was Inside, Or At Least He Will Be

Oh, gross. These two deserve each other. Despite it being a rather crass comment about sexual assault, I’m sure Julia Allison found it heehaw-ha. UPDATE: SHE DID This coming from a woman who wondered earlier this year why men still … Continue reading

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