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UPDATED: Oh Shut the Fuck Up Already!

Quit acting like you know things, Donkey. You have absolutely no intelligent insight to offer. Next GM is going to bow out of “business.” RT @karaswisher: GM Bows Out of Super Bowl http://on.wsj.com/JpmrTO UPDATE: Oh, now I get it, though … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Spends Her Meager Bravo Money Wisely

First off, clearly filming is over and Julia Allison doesn’t have jack shit to do. Existential dread set in today. Except for entering into an ill-planned and unwise lease agreement for a boring looking luxury sedan. . . then freaking … Continue reading

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Codename Donkey: More Miss Advised Blind Items

Well, well, well, it looks like many more people around Hollywood are coming out of the woodwork to fill our inboxes: 1. Which future reality star is already up to diva antics by being a lazy donkey who is lazy? … Continue reading

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Trip Down Memory Lane: When A Donkey Brayed She Was Going To Business School, Then Totally Dropped It

Remember this, from Thanksgiving 2008, clearly fuelled, once again, by a visit home in which she obviously, and correctly, felt like the family loser? And look at Dadsers here. I can’t figure out if he’s encouraging his poor dumb daughter … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Julie Albertson’s Bio For “Miss Advised”

UPDATE: Watch the Today show video here. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy A friendly tipster has sent us lots of goodies about the new show, but I’ll get to the best part first. … Continue reading

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