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Donk, At The “Ashram,” Finally Gets Busted For Fraudulently Misrepresenting Herself as an NBC Employee At The “Ashram”

Oh honey. Still pulling this shit? As you’re creating a “different life” for yourself? It’s hammer time, and the New York Daily News just brought down the hammer! So evolved.  

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Chick Who Makes Six Figures Wants to Sub-Let Her Apartment For Short Stints

I’m looking for a subletter for Sept 8-19 and Oct 19-31, as well as over Christmas and New Years … if you know anyone, let me know.  The best part about this is seeing her pretty-pink boner-killing palace up close. … Continue reading

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Feel Free To Scrutinize Endlessly: Julia Allison’s 73-Point Checklist

Your homework is to determine how many of these requirements Julia, herself, fails to meet. 1. Loves me unconditionally 2. Kind / thoughtful / sweet / doting 3. Brilliant 4. Intellectual curiosity 5. Well-read / loves reading / reads The … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Mitt Romney Got Caught Doing What Donkey’s Been Doing For Months

And he’s getting ridiculed for it. You know why, Julie? Because only complete tools hire a Twitter-bot-generating firm to make them look popular. Also: it’s borderline fraudulent misrepresentation if you’re holding up your many faux Facebook Fans in the -stans and … Continue reading

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The Miss Advised Episode 2 Recap: Add It Up, Seriously, Count The Number Of Times She Asked Him To Kiss Him

You guys, this show is just too sad to watch, TOO SAD! It’s one thing to make fun of Julia for her online antics, but it really is something else to see the crazy in claymation. It’s not funny-haha. It’s … Continue reading

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