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Pants On Fire: A Donkey Bullshit Roundup

One of the best things about Miss Advised, besides the fact that a donkey has “exponentially” increased the number of people who despise her without any help from us, is watching the lies being told in live action and/or within … Continue reading

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Julia Allison, Responsible Pet Owner, Has Dating Advice For Pet Owners

My, God. It never ends. I want Mommy to come back. Julia Allison, who we’ve been told is so cruel to her dog that a crew member wanted to steal Lilly in order to save her, talks about how awesome … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Julia Allison, Who Goes Into A Chernobyl-Style Meltdown When Some Dude Runs Screaming Away After A Couple of Weeks, Wants To Give You Advice On How To Get Over Your Man

Really? Julia Allison, who, with her with make-up, looks like one of those punching clowns or, without, looks like Cathy of the Comic Cathy more and more every day, and who said in the first episode of Miss Advised that … Continue reading

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Miss Advised Episode One Recap: Julia Allison Introduces Herself To A Nation By Offering Her Tits, Ass and Oral Sex, All Within A Span Of 43 Minutes

Last night, Ashley Tisdale unleashed The Donken on a completely uninterested nation with the premiere of Miss Advised. Billed (by me) as part gay recruitment film and part cautionary tale for injecting Land O’Lakes into your face, the show about … Continue reading

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Julia Allison States The Obvious And Advises That You Shouldn’t Figuratively Castrate Your Boyfriend

As I trudge through this recap, nosh on this bullshit. DO notice when you’re being emasculating…then stop it! It’s dangerously un-PC to say this, but if you’re a successful woman (and I’m guessing you are), you’ve probably unknowingly emasculated a … Continue reading

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