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The Runaway Pancake: A 2011 Year-In-Review, In Two Exciting Parts! Part One: Securing a McCain By Disappearing RBNS

The long, seemingly interminable nightmare that is our Donkey’s very existence soldiered on in 2011, taking us back and forth across the country, racking up frequent flier miles, and yet going absolutely nowhere. As 2010 drew to a close, seasoned … Continue reading

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Hey Dadsers, Your Daughter Thinks Her Over $100,000+ Education Was A Complete and Total Waste

“If a young person retains enough creative spirit to start a business upon graduation, she does so in spite of her schooling, not bc of it.” “Will Dropouts Save America?” Must-read article by @MichaelEllsberg in the NYT: It worked; I … Continue reading

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A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: Dadsers Captured Mid-Lecture As Only One Julia Listens To Him

Poor Dadsers. As much as I think he’s a disgraceful tool for sending a cease-and-desist to the wrong person last year based on the typically mistaken and idiotic say-so of his completely mentally deranged first born, I kind of feel … Continue reading

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Prominent Chicago Attorney Rises to Greater Prominence for Being a Father to a Spoiled Princess And Not Knowing Defamation Law or Bill of Rights

I haven’t commented much on Peter Baugher’s call for impractical, unconstitutional legislation designed to stop anonymous meanies from calling his busted faced daughter an asshole. Really, what can be said? The more he ignores the fact that his daughter is … Continue reading

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Good For A Laugh

This is the 2 a.m. e-mail sent to the purveyors of RBNS two weeks ago. The next day, Dadser’s e-mails and cease-and-desists went out, using much of the same language except, apparently, without the insanity. from Word Press <rebloggingjuliawordpress@gmail.com> to … Continue reading

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