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Remember When Donk Couldn’t Eat Dairy, Had Celiac’s Disease?

I guess something changed¬†from when she was told to strictly avoid eggs, dairy, wheat, and every other foodstuff known to man because poor pelty princess, boohoo. Instead of chocolate,¬†@TimothySykes¬†ordered THE MOST INSANELY DELICIOUS cheesecake from Carnegie Deli. Now I feel … Continue reading

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Desperately Ill Cupcake-Hoovering Yo-Yo Dieting Donkey Finally Has “Hope”

Just saw a new doctor here in New York about my celiac disease – and for the first in years, I actually have hope that I can get better.   First time she’s had hope she can beat this terrible … Continue reading

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Asinine Analysis: Binge and Purge Edition

While Donkey is in the cargo hold on the way to Pensacola, let’s trudge on with our curriculum, shall we? In this lesson we will leave the heady days of red arsed botox promotion, and focus on one of the … Continue reading

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Next Up: The Acai Berry Diet

Donk is braying on and on about the NuLean diet she’s on. Not only does she never have cravings drinking their shakes and using their colon blows, but she’s pretty sure she’s not going to gain those seven pounds back, … Continue reading

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