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Miss Advised Series Finale Live Blog and Bingo, Bitches!

I’m live-blogging the finale, Type-A haters! Watch this space for updates, and leave your comments! UPDATE:¬†Previews. Zzzzz. Donk with William, writer’s block, mind architect. Prom date. Andrew-clinging. Sobbing. New episode! And we open with the question: Do you believe in … Continue reading

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Crazy Delusional Bonehead Posts Interview That Didn’t End Up Getting Published Because She’s Too Much Of A Crazy Delusional Bonehead

From her Facebook. The Fans in the -stans simply needed to see this, darlings! It’s ground-breaking! An exclusive¬†[EDS: LULZ]¬†interview for The Observer’s Beta Beat I did back in May … that never ran. Thank God for Facebook! 1) First, can … Continue reading

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Watch What Happens When Meghan McCain Throws Julia Allison Under A Bus on Live Television

On the eve of Julia Allison’s inevitably disastrous appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Meghan McCain took the opportunity during her guest appearance on the same show to comment on her family’s role as a ploy for sympathy … Continue reading

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Julie Having Nightmares About Being Andy Cohen-ed

I am trying to muster a shit to give about Donk right now. But for some reason, now that the rest of the world knows she’s completely deranged, I am finding her more boring than ever. But she’s sure enthralled … Continue reading

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