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May I Rant?

This still grinds my gears. And now I can feel it coming. I’m *almost* ready to open my heart for a serious partner. Not now. But … soon.  Wow! Lucky “boys!” A braying, self-obsessed, stalker-y lunatic who has prompted every … Continue reading

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Pants On Fire: A Donkey Bullshit Roundup

One of the best things about Miss Advised, besides the fact that a donkey has “exponentially” increased the number of people who despise her without any help from us, is watching the lies being told in live action and/or within … Continue reading

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From The Mailbox

Presented without comment on the whole JellyD relationship: “They were never ever ‘very serious.’ Andrew hasn’t been ‘very serious’ with anyone since he broke up with his actual factual ‘very serious’ girlfriend of four years back in 2007. (That ex, … Continue reading

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Watching preview of the 7th ep. For the record, I dated Andrew almost 3 mnths at this point. Somehow that turned into 2 dates on the show. Huh. According to our wily, sleuthy commenters, she still hadn’t met him on … Continue reading

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“Stalker Is Such An Ugly Word” — Especially If You Are One

Oh. Dear. Jelly, I don’t know if you read RBD. I know a whole shit-load of your friends do. I know you are a good guy who was not AT ALL into a Donkey, and you made a very terrible … Continue reading

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