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It’s The Asshole-ishness, Stupid

One of the funniest things about all of Donk’s on-air and online spewings yesterday was her suggestion that she is hated because she once wrote about her bulimia. Um. Before my lover JP does a post later today detailing all … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Lets The C-Flag Fly Once More

For those of us who have been following this shit-show for awhile, we all remember “Jewish comedy writer.” That’s the dude whose religion Donkey felt it necessary to bring up every time she mentioned him. It was the summer of … Continue reading

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Imagine If You Were A Donkey

I was looking at the poll the other day. And I realized — if I had done even one of those things, I’d be quite appalled by myself. But just imagine if you’d done ALL of them. Let’s recap a … Continue reading

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Cheers to [REDACTED] For Having The Balls To Do What All of a Donkey’s Exes Should Do

Those [REDACTED]s. They have the courage of their convictions, and I salute them. I ran into Jakob Lodwick at SF’s Burning Man Decompression. The first time I’ve seen him in four years.  He turned and ran – yes, ran – away.  It was … Continue reading

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Jack The Bulldog: Behind The Pink Door

MidnightOne more hour without sleepingWatchingUntil the morning comes creepingPink doorWhat’s that secret you’re keeping? — Sharon McNight A lot of strange moments over the last few days, bunnies, and they’ve all sort of gelled into one seven-layer mess. Baby Jane … Continue reading

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