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Miss Advised Series Finale Live Blog and Bingo, Bitches!

I’m live-blogging the finale, Type-A haters! Watch this space for updates, and leave your comments! UPDATE: Previews. Zzzzz. Donk with William, writer’s block, mind architect. Prom date. Andrew-clinging. Sobbing. New episode! And we open with the question: Do you believe in … Continue reading

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Miss Advised, Episode Seven Open Thread And BINGO, Bitches!

I will be live-blogging the Slap Heard Around The Cat Basement episode as soon as it starts. Look for updates below. p.s. Anyone else notice that Julie has been awfully quiet about this episode? Has barely uttered a word about … Continue reading

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The VeHEEHAWment Donkey: The Miss Advised Episode 3 Open Thread

Tonight is a very special episode of Miss Advised, a little-watched program that chronicles the sad, sad shenanigans of three lovelorn ultracrepidarians. (Blog challenge commences now, because SO BORED!) Apparently, some site that can be found on the internet somewhere … Continue reading

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Burning Man Bingo

Thanks to an awesome commenter for this work of art. Everyone can play!!

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Fashion Week Bingo — Everyone Can Play!!

With thanks to Har Har and Meow_Mix:

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