If You’re Wondering Why Rain & Rainbow Really Broke Up …

… look no further than our burro’s response to this annoying piece in The Times:

Donkey comments:

Except that *most* people do poly from a place of seeking validation and avoiding intimacy. They claim to be more evolved but actually they are addicted.

Other commenters ask Donkey how she defines intimacy and what she bases her assertions on. Of course she never responds. Just like *addicted* Rain never responded to her “Babe!” shoutouts re: his recent FB faxutos. Maybe Donkey really is turning into Ali Shanti?

As for Rain, looks like he’s moved on. And on and on and on.

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Dirtfest Donkey Helps Bring Jim Jones To HIVE L.A.

I’m back, bunnies! Above is a fauxto of Donk, Rain, and John “Like Buttah” Buttaz at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle dirtfest. You might remember Buttaz working with Jess Johnson to put together various “Garden of Eden” drugfests in Encinitas, including the Halloween orgy that Donkey attended in glitter face.

When at Lightning in a Bottle, Buttaz helped to facilitate a recreation of Jim Jones’s Kool-Aid mass suicide:

Donkey presumably introduced Buttaz to manboy Ryan Allis when at Lightning. Last week Buttaz recreated the Jones mass suicide at Allis’s HIVE L.A.:

Is that Julie at the end of the 15-second video? Did she drink the Kool-Aid? If not Donkey, did our burro attend HIVE L.A.? She’s been scrubbed from the contributor page, but the old girl is tight with Allis and his piece. She even gave him a thumbs up when Ryan told us – OMG! – he just became a Certified Life Coach!

Re: the endless vacation from vacation-itis, Donkey must be assisting Allis with travel plans:

More soon, but first I want everyone to say hello to my lovely assistant, Rhoda. She’s been reading RBD for years and has unearthed many donkey droppings in the last 18 months, including everything in this post. I thought it was high time Rhoda be given some credit!

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Dumb Donkey Gushes Over Brit Moron’s “Feminine Leadership”

Annoying Dave Morin, former(?) Donkey target, shared his idiot wife’s love letter to ME ME ME!

All hail Wonder Woman!

These fauxtos remind me so much of a certain burro. I wonder if the ineffable Wendy K. Yalom was the fauxtographer. Oops, no coffee mug, so my money’s now on Monika de Myer. Yes, THE Monika de Myer.

Always eager to lick dear Brit’s bunghole, heeeeeere’s Donkey!

To an unemployed slacker living off Daddy’s largesse, “feminine leadership” probably does involve prancing on the beach in a skimpy bikini. Or could Donk be fawning over Brit because she still hopes to get into Dave’s pants? I would imagine both he and Brit remember Donk’s antics during that Euro wedding, which Judy and Devin attended on Daddy’s credit card.

Bottom Picture! Keep your hands where we can see ’em, Mr. Moron.

Does Dave look like Little Brother to you, too?

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Donkey Gives Shout Out To PhuturePhuckPhace, “Keep That Helo In The Air, Babe!”

A loyal RBDer alerted me that our burro, once again, has been pissing on old territory.

I will not be ignored, Rain! Have you forgotten we’re still in each other’s lives as friends?

Same song, 5150th verse. I’m convinced now more than ever that Judy wrote Rain’s break-up novella, which reads remarkably like Debbie Seltzer’s break-up post. Anything just to shut her up.

If Rain wasn’t 45 years young, dumb, and full of coom, he’d know what a rhinestone treasure he had in Julia Allison. Now whose father will pay his bills?

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The Woo-Tard Clan: Donkey On Lesbian Lover’s Heterosexual Commitment, Nooodles Asks The Big Questions, Jaahass’s Stripshow Leaves ‘Em In Tears

Myka McLaughlin, bithecthual Julia Allison’s faux butt buddy, and her seemingly nice beau moved in together:

Ten days later, Donkey posted a hearty congrats. Myka has yet to respond.

Nisha Moodley apparently got over the sniffles and found time out from her insanely busy schedule for a happy ending:

Well, like, Noodles, I haven’t had a massage in a couple of years because I’ve been too busy carpooling kids and tending to a farm. You know, like, being a mom. But I’ll let you know the minute I find some time for ME!

Finally, “Transformance Artist” Parker Posey Isabella Konold and Jess Johnson’s BODY, which explores negative body images as experienced by four slender white women who expose their hoo-ha’s to all the boys, opened to rave reviews and demands for an original cast album:

Boulder media critic Ali Shanti made the trek to California and was beside herself!

Even Cory Tanner Glazier, whose piece was in the piece, was in tears:

Oh, please! Konold ain’t Diamanda Galas. None of these folks thought they were watching Sweet Dee and some barflies send up performance art on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”?

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