Updated, With The (Brief?) Return Of Mental Dental! Changing The World: Jess Johnson Reimagines Religion, Mocks Latinos

In need of a little heARTist medicine this Easter? Jaahass, Julia Allison’s BFF, and her sisters have the good stuff:

Writing for me is very similar to free-styling. When I write to a specific group of people, and I KNOW who each of them are, I can feel their hearts, and somehow, they help draw out the content that’s wanting to come through…as though they are writing it with me.

I just wrote to an amazing group of men regarding our upcoming #reimaginingchurch #GospelBrunch with Heart Medicine this Sunday, and fell in love with each man as I was writing, cause I just made a trust fall into his arms (without actually checking in with him first!!)

As I wrote I felt this beckoning of my heart to be real with WHY I even put myself out there in the first place. Events (as so many of you know) bring up many opportunities to overcome fears of rejection or feelings of not good enough…like a little child holding up her drawing and saying, “Do you like it?” (aka Do you like me?)

But when I write to specific people, I can’t just generalize into the yay-rah style of marketing…my invitations become a form of expression and connection in and of themselves and I find myself bearing my freaking soul! LOL!

Soooooo I wanted to share with you the message that just came through…for all the Brothers out in FB land who may not see…but to whom this message applies.

May you see. May you know.

Brother πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŽβ€οΈ

We are gathering a group of incredible humans this Sunday for an afternoon of #reimaginingchurch. So many of us felt turned off, betrayed or at the very least BORED as #%^* by the religious institutions we knew as children. Yet with this HUGE shift in humanity’s awakening, and the perils that many of us are feeling on the planet, it is essential to gather in unity and reverence…to feel connected to something bigger, to celebrate our role in it all, to make offerings of prayer and as my indigenous teacher would say “to feed the Holy”. πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŒ΅

I’ve been guided to make this event an offering to the Divine Mother. To help rebalance all we have taken with our songs and prayers. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by grief (aka love) for the impact we’ve had on planet we call home. I wonder if we’re going to succeed in our missions to restore right relationship with Her. I wonder if we are humble enough to unify beyond our ideas of what’s “right” into what’s needed.

As I touched each name of the men whom we’ve invited to come, I had this overwhelming feeling of, “we’ve got this!” Thank you for that gift to my tender heART.

I hope you can come be a part of this day…this moment in time. Your presence matters…and we are asking the brothers to play a special role in creating the stage (metaphorically) for the feminine to dance and sing upon…and to do what She does best…turn us ON!!!

To life. To love. To healing. To harmony.

Your Sisters,
Jess Magic, Krista Richards and Annie Anton

PS…if you cannot come, please feel free to help by
1. Spreading the word
2. Making a donation to help fund our microdoc…so we can take this show on the road!
3. Giving a woman in your life a big hug and telling her how beautiful she is and how bright she shines!

I’m sure the brothers will be happy to turn you on, Jess.

The caterwauler also posted this video, which I showed to my 10 year old. “Why are they making fun of people who speak Spanish?”

Bottom Picture! America’s favorite Easter Kinderwhore (and Second Date Blowjob Queen):

Update: S.O.S.! Skankatron’s masculine side is ill. (Does she post this horseshit with a straight face?)

Don’t the old raunch’s butt buddies ever tire of the martyrdom? The gracious Swainy Todd even posted a message to Ali’s FB wall. Now with Fozzie and the male Rainbow gone, and everyone else running for the hills, maybe Herr Doktor will be doing some drilling in the busted-out van in Skankatron’s backyard?

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Ali “Sybil” Shanti Is Living With Two Personalities & Loving It!

My God, that voice! And the same old narcissistic rant again & again & again.

In other news, Rain tagged Donkey and Ali and various & sundry to let everyone know Joe Muscatello’s debut album is coming out. Never mind that Joe has tagged half of the globe re: this miraculous event.

Life altering, I’m sure. Finally, more ads for Isabelle Konold’s one-woman atrocity are littering Ali’s page and Jean Brodie has had enough!

Bottom Picture! He’s very, very good looking in person. Really, he is. Honest, I’m being serious. You might even pass out if confronting Antlerface’s beauty when out in the wild.

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Holy Yoni! Hippie Donkey Dragged Dadsers To Birthcray 36 Lovefest

Has Judy finally reached rock bottom? She’s miles away from [REDACTED], even Greasy, and apparently wants to drag her daddy down with her.

Not surprised? Is Judy obsessed with vaginas, too? Did Petey partake in birthcray yoni worship?


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Catching Up With Dead Russian Hooker #2 & Her Yoni

Its yoni time 24/7 with the insatiable Ariel White! Turns out, even Brit Morin has a vagina:

“They’ll be peace in the world when there’s happy vaginas!”:

Ariel is a poet, too, and slick enough to pretend her doggerel is copyrighted:

Trouper Ariel is still posting on her little-trafficked Amant site, where we discover the inner beauty of woo goddesses by giving them makeovers. Seriously. Here’s a recent contribution from Isabella Konold, the emBODYment of irrelevance:


Bottom Picture! Dear Penthouse Forum, I’m a sophomore at a small liberal arts college in California and was on a fraternity retreat when I stumbled upon these two ineffably randy women who seemed to be tripping their brains out …

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A Miracle In Boulder

Congratulations on paying your own bills, Fozzie! Maybe the much older Julia Allison will follow suit?

Oh dear, the more things change, the more things stay …

In other Boulder news, Skankatron has been shilling this loon’s upcoming emBODYment:

The trailer is nearly as funny as Kc Baker’s self-love commercial. Karen Finley has nothing to worry about:

Bottom Picture! Jena & Sacha hooked up with a blonde during a recent masquerade ball. The pleasure never ends when the kids are back in Switzerland, eh, Deadbeat?

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