Judy, Hast Thou Forsaken Us?

If you’re not friends with Donkey on FB, all that’s left are three polls:

If you’re a friend of a friend(s), the posts loop back to a few entries from 2013-2015, then back to Mess Despised (of course) and the Melmans, though she’s no longer friends with Jerrod:

Time to …

Never forget, Judy: we’re the only ones who’ve stuck with you through thin and thinner. We are your true BFF’s and RBD is your real home!

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Insurance Scammer Jena la Fraud Is Still Dancing & Still Desperate For Cash

The pleasurable one is jet setting around the world – dance, dance, dance, yowsah! yowsah! yowsah!

How’s that shoulder doing that you injured so badly over one year ago, Jena? Have they offered a settlement? In need of some quick cash?

Does the lucky tenant(s) get to live with Deadbeat Dad too, or has he already flown the coop? Surely he wouldn’t hang up his antlers, grow a pair, and take care of his kids?

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Donkey’s Crayola Daze In OMG! San Francisco!

Wittle Judy’s very speshul vacation from vacation-itis with Dadsers continues:

Amazingly, the ineffable Stacey Bendet, CEO of Alice + Olivia, hasn’t yet responded to Donkey’s pathetic yoo hooing.

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Updated, With Ineffable Jean Brodie! Modern Vomit: Peter Baugher Fauxtographs His Tacky Burro At OMG! SF MOMA

Sweet Jesus! Never let a fauxto op go to waste, eh, Donkey?

According to Grifty/Lurch, that trainwreck of a dress retails for $695 at Needless Markup. Is “Olivia” Dadsers in drag? No way Rain could have afforded this getup.

Bottom Vid Caps! What’s goin’ on, Dadsers?

Update: A big thanks to the tipster who sent me a link to ILYR’s FB “artist” page:

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La Fraud & Deadbeat Dad Insist: YOU Need A Caca Ceremony!

Ante up, kittens! That green card isn’t going to pay for itself, and we don’t want Sacha to have to return to Switzerland and assume parental responsibilities.

We look at your fauxtos.
We vomit.

Bottom Picture! “Look at me, I’ve paid $1500 to look homeless.” (Courtesy of Grifty/Lurch)

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