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Donk’s Magical Sankt Punta de Mita Birthcray With Dodi!

The good news, at least for the Marson family? She doesn’t look preggers.

And yes, it’s so on. I must go comfort Grifty.

Is Dr. Alex Marson Working With An Advanced Publicity Strategist? Newly Single?

When we noted esteemed Dr. Marson was following underwear models on Instagram, his account disappeared and a new Alex Marson account appeared, this one showcasing Donkey & Dodi, who was now following the likes of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Surely a certain donkey was behind the sudden change?

Lo & behold, Dodi just appeared on OMG! Jairek Robbins’ podcast. Is Judy again working her intellectual acumen behind the scenes? She’s sucked up to Frankenstein’s monster’s monster son and his wife with a tenacity that rivals the Meghan McCain days. At the very least, our burro must have provided an introduction

On the low-rated podcast, Dodi speaks for 40 minutes about his research, the benefits of vulnerability and collaboration, and very little about his personal life. Julia is never mentioned, but Dodi does speak of a privileged upbringing and of his father’s work as an architect. To his credit, Marson is smart and likable, if a little aspergery.

Regarding the greatest collaboration love the world has ever known, a tipster just sent us the following OKCupid profile, indicating it had never popped up before:

Did Michael Austin Jacobs, AKA Nye The Crypto Guy, Receive A Cease & Desist from Bill Nye?

Fozzie, AKA Le Roi de Burger and a host of other names, including Ali Shanti’s old piece, is no longer on Twitter as Nye the Crypto Guy. Did the science guy threaten to sue his idiot ass?

The newly christened “Mr. Michael Nye” has been giving talks on “transparency.” Can we ask you about that night with Pamela Madsen and her “husband,” Fozzie? Your encounter with Colby Collins? “Co-parenting” with the old raunch?

DJ Commode (how many names did we give this clown?) will also be appearing in a Netflix documentary about greed cryptocurrency:

Will the filmmakers will do a background check on their talking head? We’ve received a lot of angry emails about Fozzie, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want this snakeskin-wearing douchebag playing spokesman for my community.

Bottom Picture! The idiot’s chapeau. No shit.

Happy 58th: Donk Celebrates Birthcray Eve With A Jumpin’ Fauxto From Last Year’s Historic Occasion


Is Dodi in Bali? Will tomorrow be the big cray? “OMG! I’m engaged! Engaged to be married! I will soon walk down the aisle and achieve every girl’s most important goal! I LOVE YOU DR. ALEX MARSON!!”

The Devil In Miss Morassi


Christina Morassi, the nastiest woo in Wooville, takes her cue from Georgina Spelvin:

Morass is currently in Ubud, of course, on a three-month sabbatical from whatever it is she does. The walking STD met her new friend at a pool party, presumably satisfying Rumplesnakeskin’s turn-on.

Even though Wooville’s most horrifying citizen is on a vacay, she’s always up for a grift! Do YOU need to heal your inner masculine? Check out the video below, in which “Entrepreneurial Coach” Linda Albright practically acknowledges she and Morass are running a con.

Not much else going on in Wooville. I was posting each day but we’ve hit a dry spell. Now watch, the minute this post goes up, Donkey and her co-stars will come out of the woodwork.

But unless anything big pops up in the next two days, look for the next post on Birthcray. Will it come with a ring this year?

Bottom Picture! A reader sent us this one: