Updated, Now With Nudity: Happy New Year, Mud Face!




Flashback: The conversation sparkles! Sistahs forevah!



Forever Donkey & Mary & Meghan!

My relationships with them have been the most precious gifts I have ever received, and I could not imagine my life without them….To watch something like this turn into reality? I can’t describe the joy I feel; it’s limitless.

Limitless, people!

From: Mary Rambin
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 11:31 PM
To: Julia Allison
Subject: please

Don’t actively call for my resolutions when I already posted what mine is along with the fact that I’m not blogging for another day.

Thanks for being a good blogger.

Julia replies:

huh? That was your resolution? Stop snapping at people?

Mary replies:

I think I made it pretty clear I don’t like resolutions on any particular day.

Night night

Julia replies:

wow. mary, you’re on the most beautiful, amazing vacation I’ve ever seen, and you still manage to be a cranky bitch. Truly impressive, my dear.

It makes me especially mad, because I just wrote you a really sweet Christmas card.

Happy New Years to you, too.


NYE these days? Our donkey attends sex parties in Oakland firetraps, and/or pines away for indifferent middle-aged DJs.



What’s in store for our burro in 2017? A baby? Marriage … to someone other than herself? S-Corp incorporation? The mind baughles.

Update: Recently betrothed Jena la Flamme has been posting more eternal vacay picks of her intended, Sacha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad. I just threw up in my mouth:


Sistahs forevah:


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Bidness “Consultant” Julia Allison, The Laughing Stock Of San Francisco, Needs Your Help


Shady McShaderson, AKA Ali Shanti, to the rescue!


Would you like to help Judy Albertson, Profeshunal Bidness Lady, pull the trigger, too?

Original Bottom Picture!


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Updated: Jena la Flamme’s Holiday Vaginal Workout

Did I read in the previous post’s comments of how low Judy has sunk in terms of both suitors and gal pals? Let’s sink even lower, shall we?

You’ve seen Jena la Fraud shooot out of her mother’s uterus and into girlfriend Rio de Janeiro. Now feast your eyes on this holiday representation:


Not surprisingly, the illustration accompanies a shill for one Amanda Noelle – do any these asshats ever use their real surnames? – founder of Aphrodite University:

Silent Night, YONI Night…

Women…Your yoni (Sanskrit for vagina, or pussy–not a dirty word anymore!) is the seat of your power. Of your confidence, creativity, and connectivity to all life.

This is the Lost Gospel.

Your pussy is connected to the brain via the pelvic nerve, which branches out from the base of the spinal cord to the cervix.

Your pussy is the “mind of the Sacred Feminine,” or “Lower Brain,” while your brain is the more logical, “mind of the Sacred Masculine.”

We just aren’t designed just to work solely from our heads in the dry old masculine manner.

Without an awakened pussy, women get stuck in their heads, manifesting relationships, businesses, and lifestyles that just don’t align with who they really are.

This leads to depression, insomnia, breakups, breakdowns, and burnout.

Yet when we unify the pussy with the brain at the heart–we can create anything out of pleasure.

That’s why in on January 3rd at 5pm Pacific, I am running a live workshop on setting goals with your Sacred Feminine energy, and I am gonna BONUS just you ladies complimentary access..

Because I want your 2017 to be magical, and for you to come into your sexy goddess superpowers in:

+Your bli$$ness
+Your sacred sexuality
+Your soul purpose
+Your financial freedom
+Your Twin Flame Union/soulmate relationships!

This 90-minute(ish) womb workshop is called New Year’s New Yoni: Manifest a Juicy 2017 With Your Sacred Feminine Power.

Call in your most juicy and successful 2017 imaginable with ORGASM.

Click here to nab your complimentary spot –


Beloved, I wish you a very merry Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and 2017, and I look forward to seeing you and your sexy yoni in the New Year right here.

XO, Dr Amanda

PS: Join me on January 3rd by snagging your $197 value ticket to New Year New Yoni!


Not to worry, Dr. Amanda also shilled for Jena & DJ Deadbeat Dad’s Caca(o) fest tonight in Berkeley:


Jena & Sacha, who didn’t see his children for Christmas and clearly has no intention of returning to Switzerland anytime soon, did manage to spend Christmas with patron and fellow bisexual Patrcia Ellsberg, as well as dear Rio:





Update: Green Card secured! Jena & Deadbeat are getting OMG! married:


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Updated: Craymas Eve Chez Baugher

Fortysomething spinster Julia Allison celebrates the holibray with Mom & Dad & Accessory Pooch!


Good Lord, that hearth is hideous! They need to gut the lakeside monstrosity and start again from square one.




Beloved Bottom Picture!


Update: Donkey works so hard coordinating the perfect phony family fauxto!





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Holibray Woo Roundup!

A can’t miss evening in San Francisco! Surely the greasy gargoyle will be in attendance. Have you gotten your ticket?


Now hold on Danny E.! Peter the Masculine isn’t spending $600 on tickets for Judy & Rain.


Hopefully, Donkey is being comped, as are Jena and every other member of tribe. I see massive fauxto ops!


Sadness in Frisco! Kc Baker, the most narcissistic of the woo grifter goddesses, and hubby David Hassell are pulling a Gwyneth & Chris, right down to the tacky jargon. Kc wrote an endless post to the entire world about their breakup, which I’ve mercifully edited:

My heart aches writing this post.

It’s a deep and challenging one to share.

David and I feel it is time to share with our broader community that we are ending our romantic partnership.

We have been in this process of separation for nearly a year and a half now, and it has been, and continues to be, one we are bringing a great deal of consciousness and consideration to.

It was not a decision arrived at easily because we have a beautiful son together.

And it is led more by my desire and my sense of truth than David’s, which makes it even more challenging.

It feels very vulnerable to share that.

Thank you for being a witness to our loving in various posts and pictures over the years. Though we are shifting the nature of our relationship, and though it is sometimes really challenging, what I can tell you is that our love remains. My hope is that this serve as a guiding light for anyone desiring to uncouple consciously.

Thank goodness! The world can now turn to Kc for advice on how to dissolve romantic partnerships.

Now we know why David was sleazing it up with Mia “Lips” Cara at Burning Man:


Over in Boulder, it turns out Rainbow Michael Haynes and Ali Shanti are still together. Their conscious coupling would explain this Rainbow’s new FB page, Rainbow’s Couch, which will no doubt be turned into a money making opportunity.



They met during a Smellsbergesque eye gazing exercise:

Bottom Video: Miracles follow Jess Johnson wherever she goes!

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