More BM BS & Megatits Takes In “The View”

Burning Man is gone but not forgotten! Sexy Sasha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, who’s very good looking in person, dazzled Camp Septic revelers with his hypnotic beats:

In the grand tradition of Papa Chevalier (Michel Madie), straight Sacha and his BFF took their friendship to the next level:

Planet Earth to Jena! Come in, Jena:

Nothing ingested? Yeah, I’ll bet.

Jean Gray is back in Harlem and something is waking up! Methinks it’s her new grift as erotic goddess:

Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs had a grand time at BM, mostly banging his new sugar mamma and rediscovering his love for music:

Le Roi de Burger returned to Boulder and decided his new look would be 1970s porn star. But still an improvement, yes?

Those were the days, my friend, Donks thought they’d never end …

Julia and Meghan McCain in happier times. Now, Megatits will probably be joining The View, while Judy is wiping pint-sized Ryan Allis’s ass and bringing mint juleps to blond goddess Kitty Kittay. You sure blew it (again), Donkey!

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A Post-BM Woo Roundup: La Fraud, Fozzie & Noodles

I know we’re still chuckling over Donkey’s faux bisexuality and her passive-aggressive “kissership” post, presumably directed at Myka McLaughlin’s boyfriend. And we’ll get back to the Judy & Myra Show, I promise. But first some chuckles from Wooville.

Insurance scammer Jena la Flamme danced her doughy ass off at Camp Septic. Didn’t I see this self-help routine at a Spearmint Rhino in L.A.?

Did genuinely bi incest aficionado Jena and the very good looking (in person) Sacha Nielsen have a threeway with The Cat in the Hat?

Too many drugs and injuries won’t stop Jena from dancing!

Back home in Harlem, where every day is cultural appropriation day:

Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs is still thrilling over his new sugar mamma. No more late night phone calls to his pesky parents. “Please, Dad, I really want to get into the weed business and it’s only ten grand!”

Lucky Le Roi de Burger even snagged a tattoo “artist” roomie who’s inking him into oblivion. I see an actual job in Fozzie’s future: a prison extra in the reboot of OZ:

Meanwhile, Nisha Moodley, who sat out this Burning Man, and hubby Nvmb, or whatever the hell his name is, and baby Crow moved into what must be pricey digs in Mill Valley:

Who’s paying for this house, Noodles? If suckers enrolling in “female empowerment” coaching sessions funded this hilltop hideaway, I’m in the wrong bidness. Say hello to the new Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO!

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Edgy, Vulnerable Donkey – Journalist, Television Commentator, Public Speaker and BRAVO Star – Supports Love In ALL Its Myriad Forms & Is Bi

Didn’t Jacy call this one years ago?

So, now we know why Electric Barbarella was doing those ridonkulous lipdubs in front of her apartment complex when launching her self-proclaimed revolutionary coaching bidness. These two idiots deserve each other.

Did the spirit of Nutty Granny Money Bags send Myka to Donkey? Speaking of NGMB, The Healing Chef was at Burning Man and clearly he and Julia are still in each other’s lives as friends:

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We’re Hearing Rumors …

… Julia Allison – “journalist, television commentator, public speaker and BRAVO star” – has been involved in a lesbian relationship for the past couple of years. We’re not sure the information we’ve been receiving is legit. The woo goddess supposedly involved with this public figure, a microcelebrity whose visage graced the cover of the fourth best-selling issue of WIRED, appears to be very much in love with a man. But Rain and Rainbow definitely seem kaput, especially since Julia went to Burning Man stag and recently referred to Dadsers as “the most important man in my life.” Maybe RBDer Purple OMG Rain can enlighten us here?

Bottom Pictures! Once more, with feeling:

Dumped again, 2017:

We miss you, Cuntbunnies!

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Updated: Donkey Downs Ayahuasca & God Knows What Else At Camp Septic, With Or Without Rain PhuturePhuckPhace

Chad McNally told his “fans” that he’d be sitting out Burning Man, but soulmate Julia Allison definitely made the trek to the playa:

One more cup, Donkey, and you’ll be running into the flames!

Goodness, Becky, be careful! Too much “celebratory tea time” and your burro buddy may end up like this:

I’m sure more snaps of Donkey and the woo grifters at BM will be posted during the coming week.

Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs found himself a new, age-appropriate piece on the playa – “This burn was amazing! It restored hope!” How’s that new-found sobriety working out for you, Burger King?

Update: Pensive burro on playa, 2017. Dumped again?

In the grand tradition of Nisha Moodley! Rebecca Jean, Donkey’s bestie and truck stop trollop, preggers on playa:

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