Updated: Fucktard Donkey Is Still Celebrating Her 2014 Wedding To Herself

Of course Shantitown is the asshole holding the sex sign.

Julia had time to upload this shitshow but no time for any actual political engagement? Well, she did just post Fuck Paul Ryan on FB. No, Julie, fuck you for your faux political activism and for failing to make Rain or anyone with a three-digit IQ believe you give a shit about anyone but yourself.

Isn’t it about time to change personas again, Judy? Surely you’re even more bored than we are?

Update: Sugar is poison! Just ask Mia “Lips” Cara, or Julia Allison when she’s crouched in an aisle at your local Whole Foods and shoving candy bar after candy bar in her maw.

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Living In A Soon-To-Be Fascist Nation? Let Jena & Sacha Whisk You Away To Non-Stop Pleasure!

No one does erotic innocence like these two walking STDs. Why, after getting down & dirty with J&S, you’ll be experiencing such paroxysms of bliss that martial law will seem like a picnic!


Holy dual receding hairlines!

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Updated: You Know The World Has Turned Topsy Turvy When You Find Yourself Agreeing With Julia Allison

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I hope Donkey didn’t post this just to get Meghan McCain’s attention.

Update: SJD put up more “GODDAMN F-uck this” posts – such a sterling vocabulary – along with a stomach churning new profile fauxto.

Apparently Donkey has conveniently forgotten she was once in cahoots with Uber. The one (or no) thumbs up is typical for these posts.

Didn’t Ringling Bros. close up shop?

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Highlights For Children: Fifth-Grader Hopping Mad At First Daughter!

Dear Mrs. Baugher:

The editors at Highlights regret to inform you that we cannot publish your daughter’s essay on Ivanka Trump for our “First Children” writing contest. Profanity has no place in a children’s magazine, and we hope your daughter receives professional help regarding her anger and resentment issues.

Mrs. Gilly Blake
Editor in Chief

Dear Mrs. Baugher:

It has come to our attention that Julia flagrantly disregarded Miss Monroe’s instructions re: the last writing assignment in Language Arts. Students were asked to compose a five-paragraph essay explaining the difference between compassion and empathy by employing an example or examples from their own lives. Miss Monroe strictly forbade students from asking for outside help. Once again, in defiance of the rules, Julia chose to ask her Facebook friends for help. She will receive a zero for the assignment.

We hope that you and your husband will look into Julia’s Facebook account, as many of her friends appear to be much, much older and few of them hold actual jobs.

Best regards,
William “Willy” Avocado
Principal, Wilmette Intermediate

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Welcome To The House Of Woo van Vomit

Crackpot exhibitionists Jena la Fraud & DJ Deadbeat Dad have a new set of cosplay fauxtos up. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Bottom Video: The pleasure never ends! Who has time for parental responsibilities?

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