Countdown To Jena & Sacha’s “Dance To Infinity” (Marriage)

Flim Flam and DJ Deadbeat Dad have composed a poem in celebration of their impending pair bonding, a rainbow of hope for all the dreamcatchers!

2 more days until the Infinite Wedding…. Excited!!!!

~ An Infinite Wedding ~

The time has come for us to gather,
The caretakers of the Fire of our Love,
To witness our union.

In this ceremony we
Unite our souls’ purpose,
Weave new dreams,
Step onto the Earth in rhythm,
And embrace the truth of our hearts.

We are all that is,
On the same boat,
On the same ground,
In the sovereignty of our hearts.
United by choice,
We choose each other in every moment.
In openness to never-ending growth.

In unison we sing,
Free birds,
Who journey together.

This wedding is for we, the Couple,
And also we, the Community,
To Unite,
Embrace each other,
And dance to infinity.

We invite your witness,
As we look into each other eyes,
Mirroring all of our shadow
And all of our light,
And embrace both in eternal love.

This an Infinite Wedding.

By Jena la Flamme & Sacha Nielsen
Image by Sacha Nielsen

Donkey is still AWOL on Facebook, but she and Rain will hopefully attend the clothing-optional nuptials. The only person definitively attending is Christina Morassi, the leering grifter who thinks women should use their sexuality in the workplace. Charmed.

Bottom Picture! Wali attempts to bond with Ali in the hopes of getting some orgy time in the new Mercedes van:

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Updated, Now With OMG! Marriage: Ali Shanti Wants To Know About Your Non-Violent Divorce

TRUE LOVE FOREVER! Annoying, silly Rainbow Michael Haynes posted a video of himself canoodling with the old raunch:

Ali followed this up with a post about “divorcing in a new way.” Like Jess Johnson, she is changing the world!

Traditional divorce is archaic in so many ways. So unnecessarily violent, even in the best of circumstances. And often when it’s not what’s truly desired by the parties.

But it’s so hard to find lawyers who understand and can support a non-violent divorce.

I’m working with a few families who are choosing a different way and it’s both extremely rewarding and surprisingly challenging because the traditional path is so deeply a part of our culture.

But so worth it.

Divorcing in a new way is a critical part of recreating the culture we live in.

We live longer than ever before, and our relationships need to be able to evolve with true love and care for one another.

If you had (or witnessed) a truly non-violent, and even deeply loving, divorce, I would love to hear about it.

Can you imagine SK3B in family court? That baby girl voice? ::shudder::

Also, Amber Rae, near roomie of Julia and Devin, just signed with “a top literary agent” for a new book. Ms. Bray thanked Ali, Kc Baker, the Academy (#oscarsowoo) and other folks, but no Donkey:

I just signed with my top choice literary agent for the #WonderOverWorry book (eeeee!!!!), and here’s how it went down:

On November 5, when I turned 31, I awoke with a faint sadness in my heart. Feeling a bit “off,” I turned to my journal to dive deeper, and began reflecting on my last decade of life. Through this, I realized two things:

1 – While I had done A LOT in 10 years, I hadn’t fully committed to the one thing I longed for most: writing a book.

2 – I have a tendency to hide behind new ideas and projects as a way to distract myself from what’s most important in my heart because of a story that I’m not worthy or good enough.

In recognizing this, I reached out to my dearest Andrew Horn for a heart chat over tea. When we got together, he immediately intuited what was going on, and asked, “What would really going for it look like for you?”

Without hesitation, I answered: “I would write the book.”

He then said, “Okay. So imagine it’s January 2017, and you’ve finished your proposal, and you’re talking with agents. How will you feel?” My whole body expanded open and forward, and I enthusiastically replied, “I would feel fucking fantastic.”

“Great,” he said. “Now go write your book proposal and do nothing else.”

I smiled at the simplicity of my next step. But still, when I left our time together, I noticed myself still worrying about how I’d find the time to fully focus on the book with everything else on my plate.

Enter: a workshop with Elizabeth Gilbert.

As if divinely timed, a few days later, I found myself front and center with Liz. (Thanks Farhad for the birthday present!) When asked about what to do when “you don’t have enough time,” she shared her own journey of having to give up what she did want for what she wanted even more.

This inspired me to make two lists:
I want this…
I want this even more…

There were so many things that I did want to create and do, but the one thing that I wanted most was very clear. So, I said “No” to a few projects, canceled a trip to Bali, and said a full “YES” to the book. I took three weeks to write the proposal, and then began sharing it with agents.

And now, as of yesterday, I’m signed with my top pick literary agency. (!!!) I’m smiling in amazement at how fast life can move when we fully commit, remove distractions, and focus on what matters most.

Thank you to everyone who has been a support in the journey and process. I’m looking at you Farhad, Beverly, Andrew, Adam, Laura, Tobias, Mailande, Dhru, Radha, Bryony, Kc, Ali, Liz, Shiva, Valerie, Yasmin, Rachel – to name a few. I’m deeply grateful and more ready than ever to write this book.

And, for you, I’m curious: what is it that you long for *most* in 2017? I’m rooting for you.

And Julia is rooting for you, Amber! Parse away, kittens!

Bottom Picture: Donkey and Meaghan & Mary 6.0

Update: Jena la Flamme and DJ Deadbeat Dad are tying the knot in four days. Guess his hungry kids won’t be attending the nuptials. Another one beat you down the aisle, Donkey!

Dare you surrender to Sacha’s bush?

The beloveds wowed San Francisco with their edgy stage show!


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Worrisome January Snippets

Silence from Social Justice Donkey – the world has missed her dozen daily outrages. Are she and ILYR still talking a vacation from vacation-itis with Mary & Meaghan 6.0? A January marriage and honeymoon? Surely Julia doesn’t want another sistah to beat her down the aisle?

Scanning the woo landscape, I see Ali Shanti’s scheme juices are a brewin’. Her latest beau, like all prior suckers, is in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction, but the old raunch is making inquiries regarding Eau de Marijuana:

Meanwhile, beloved Rainbow Michael Haynes keeps posting yawn-inducing videos about his sobriety – do the woos ever do anything without recording it for posterity? He’s also posting creepy vids of himself and SK3B:

Jena la Flamme posted a new FB cover fauxto of the grifter goddesses:

Jena and her betrothed, Sacha, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, will be dancing for us tomorrow night in San Francisco, where they’ll be joined by Michael Ellsberg and the usual suspects. Amazingly, Jena found time to write some verse. Yes, the pleasurable layabout is a poet!

Finally, a self-proclaimed iconic moment with uke master Jess Johnson:

Bottom Picture: Sparkly, Spackley NYE Donkey!

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Updated, Now With Nudity: Happy New Year, Mud Face!




Flashback: The conversation sparkles! Sistahs forevah!



Forever Donkey & Mary & Meghan!

My relationships with them have been the most precious gifts I have ever received, and I could not imagine my life without them….To watch something like this turn into reality? I can’t describe the joy I feel; it’s limitless.

Limitless, people!

From: Mary Rambin
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009 11:31 PM
To: Julia Allison
Subject: please

Don’t actively call for my resolutions when I already posted what mine is along with the fact that I’m not blogging for another day.

Thanks for being a good blogger.

Julia replies:

huh? That was your resolution? Stop snapping at people?

Mary replies:

I think I made it pretty clear I don’t like resolutions on any particular day.

Night night

Julia replies:

wow. mary, you’re on the most beautiful, amazing vacation I’ve ever seen, and you still manage to be a cranky bitch. Truly impressive, my dear.

It makes me especially mad, because I just wrote you a really sweet Christmas card.

Happy New Years to you, too.


NYE these days? Our donkey attends sex parties in Oakland firetraps, and/or pines away for indifferent middle-aged DJs.



What’s in store for our burro in 2017? A baby? Marriage … to someone other than herself? S-Corp incorporation? The mind baughles.

Update: Recently betrothed Jena la Flamme has been posting more eternal vacay picks of her intended, Sacha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad. I just threw up in my mouth:


Sistahs forevah:


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Bidness “Consultant” Julia Allison, The Laughing Stock Of San Francisco, Needs Your Help


Shady McShaderson, AKA Ali Shanti, to the rescue!


Would you like to help Judy Albertson, Profeshunal Bidness Lady, pull the trigger, too?

Original Bottom Picture!


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