Why Did A “Corrections Officer” Give Donk A Ride Home?

Fascinating. I can’t figure out who this guy is, beyond being slightly pervy based on his FB timeline photos, and whether he actually is a member of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation of California. Was he at Burning Man as a burner or a cop? Calling Albie “Nancy Drew” Quirky!! In any event, is he suggesting she was high? They boned? What?

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Yes, Ali, You ARE Magnificent! Where Do We Sign?

Hippie Nutbag

Quickly, hoping not to annoy Mama Jacy and distinguished RBDers, and no, I’m not trying to change the focus of this website, but some of you were discussing a FB post that Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti might have commissioned or written herself in response to yesterday’s Scanty sleaze update. LakeWooBeGone writes:

I haven’t looked at her page in awhile because she gets so tiresome (kinda like the banality of Evil); but I just took a peek and She has posted a long essay on her facebook page that someone wrote telling her how awesome she is. That is, unless she wrote it herself under a nom de plume or PAID the shill to write it. (It shows up on her fb page as “sponsored”. Who DOES that?) The essay appears to be a rebuttal to Gilly’s entry here and our Shantianalysis. (Apparently those of us not engaged in Shanti worship are merely threatened and afraid as we watch her march to the beat of her own drum as she creates million dollar bidnesses, teaches others to do it too, all while fucking seven men). The fawning essay by the Shanti worshipper goes on for like a day so stock up on FranziaCheetos to read.. Directly under that one, Shanti is telling us coyly that she is afraid to tell us what her greatest desire is because we will all get scared and run away. I must admit I am curious about this. Is she getting a sex change? Is she getting a penis sewn on so she can fuck herself (after we report her)? Is she running for President? What else can she do to (a) draw as much attention to herself as possible while (b) sabotaging herself at the same time. Also, her skin looks to me like she has an eating disorder (it has that anorexia/bulimia look) or like she is on meth. Where I mostly have belly laughs about Julia; (aside from occasionally worrying that she’s going to commit suicide) Shanti just gives me the creeps in a frightening kind of way. She seems dangerous.

As mentioned above, the fawning tome goes on forever – it was allegedly written by a profeshunal copywriter to help Ali lure victims into her latest con – and ends with the writer signing on the dotted line for whatever faux service Ali is launching this week.  She’s nothing if not consistent … and a whole lotta creepy.

What happens when you hear what people are saying about you?

One of our affiliates Kristen Domingueis sending this email out to her list about our new campaign and she sent it out to us for approval first. When I read it, a couple of things happened … first, I relaxed in my body. 

Of course, I’ve long known people say things about me, but this is the first time I saw it this clearly. And, it felt good. All of this is true. And, it means I’m making people question their judgments and beliefs, something I love to do.

Second, I felt immense gratitude for Kristen for seeing beyond the judgments and going deeper. And for speaking the truth, out loud, without hold back. I love when people acknowledge reality, even if it might be hard to do that.

Third, I decided to share it with you because … well, Kristen nailed it. She’s a powerhouse copywriter. Anyone who speaks truth usually is. In fact, I may just ask her if I can send this out to all of our affiliates to use. You can learn a lot from reading Kristen’s copy about how to write your own.

So, here it is … all my crazy and what was really going on, behind the curtain.

SUBJ: At first I thought she was crazy.

I heard rumors about this woman.

That she couldn’t keep a team.
That she had multiple personalities.
That she declared bankruptcy and was still teaching people how to handle money.
And that she refused to trim her edges in service of her business. Even though some of those edges turned so many people off.

And then I met her in person one day last year at an entrepreneur’s dinner in New York City. She was one of the most alive women at the table. And over the course of the year, I got to know her better.

She couldn’t hold on to a team because she wouldn’t settle for the best she could get or good enough. And she doesn’t believe in letting go without taking a stand first. 

She has multiple personalities – like everyone else – except she refused to hide hers (she believed in being “all of her” in her work. I believe in that too.)

She had indeed declared bankruptcy and still taught people how to make money – it was one of the marketing points that made her credible. She had been there. And back. (Who better to show me what mistakes not to make?)

And even though she turned people off with the things she shared on Facebook – about her relationship, her team, her finances — she took a HUGE stand for purpose instead of perfection.

This was a woman whose message I could get down with.

Earlier this year I interviewed Ali Shanti for my Your Message Your Movement Interview series and got to know more about who she is and what she stands for. In that interview I found an ally, friend, mentor and sister.

In a special visualization and meditation series she just released, her message and her purpose comes through loud and clear:

It is possible for all of us – including and especially you – to be exactly who you are, and have exactly the kind of business and life you want. Who you are doesn’t preclude you from your dreams. People “like you” get to have a “life like that.”

I believe the same thing is possible. And her work is a necessary part of co-creating that future with you.

Check out this video she made about it. You’ll see what I mean.

If you’re trying to figure out your thought leadership and message for your brand – this is a beautifully done example of what it looks like when you’re clear about what you stand for, and you tie that to your services.


My friend Ali Shanti created this incredible video to help you live your purpose in your business – without having to push and effort so hard. I’d like for you to see it.


Sign me up!

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PAID! Here We Go Again!


I feel the time drawing near to cut out Facebook for a month or two …. during the summer of 2013, deactivating for about 2.5 months was the only way I finished my nearly 100 page book proposal, and I sense a similar move is an important step in my journey to finishing my book.

That said, I don’t have the same negative opinions of Facebook that some do … I believe that I learn from and grow alongside and deeply connect with the beautiful humans I have fostered a deeper love for by witnessing their life moments, their writing and their art as brought to me through the newsfeed. I’ve effectively filtered out anyone who isn’t evolving their own consciousness, or the world’s, so I don’t see crap that doesn’t lift me up or teach me something or expand my perspective or ask me to reflect. It’s possible to use Facebook in this manner, and it’s beautiful.

But … there is a moment in every creation’s life when the creator needs to go into her cave. So, in the next few days, I’m going to slowly dial this down, and then (mostly) off. I’m nervous. To be alone with myself, with the book as my beau, without this point of connection, is a leap for me into the creative abyss.

Here … we … go!

Could have sworn she promised something similar 83,998 Facebook status updates and two months ago. I guess she couldn’t resist the urge to bray/boast about going to Burning Man, as though she is a special snowflake who’s the first in the world to discover drugs, festivals and RV camping.

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This Is Your Brain On Drugs

sad clown

So, I finally caught Jena La Phlegm’s convoluted, half-baked, embarrassing personality-defects-as-archetypes stripshow. I’d assumed wild weed eating Ali Shanti would be playing the slut – she was – and I’d also assumed she and another woo would be lustin’ all over each other to the delight of the boys – right there too.

I then took a good look at Ali/Alexis/Slut/Isis’s Facebook page, which I’d not spent any time on, and thought I’d wandered into the next season of American Horror Story.  Gibberish post after gibberish post in which Scantytown ties “reaching for the next level” into some new business launch that is actually just another grift.  When is this woman NOT launching a new scam?!

The scam come-ons alternate with hyperbolic braggadocio that makes Julia Allison’s word salad seem tame by comparison.  On and on and on from the one who smells knowing she’s “truly successful” when she’s performing on stage, as in the “profound” La Phlegm 8th grade talent show.  Ali, honey, looking into Annie Sprinkle’s cervix was far more profound than watching you and Julia Allison awkwardly bump & grind while Rhoda Morgenstern’s less talented sister read her index cards and the soundman missed his cues.

edible aliThere are also posts in which Ali makes inquiries, e.g. how do I borrow on a 401K?  As Lurker noted in the previous post, isn’t the hippie shyster at large making 35k/mo.? Even weirder are the posts that drone on & on about soul channeling, of course tying this “work” into her “launch.”  Check out this milder entry – be sure to read that final paragraph:

Going to bed tonight feeling well done and grateful. Today at acupuncture,Marco said something to me along the lines of … “you are feeling great after Burning Man and in the midst of a big launch? you must be aligned.”

Yes, I feel aligned. And when alignment happens, anything and everything becomes possible.

Got to experience Colby Collins‘ soul channeling work tonight and I’m somewhat at a loss for words about what I experienced. I watched and felt him get out of the way and bring forth a clear message from my guides about the power of the Tao in my life, a specific practice of surrender, obedience and expansion and an edict to leap. It’s time for me to let go of another level of control. I feel ready to do so. I can feel what’s on the other side.

I’m curious, do you connect w/ your guides and angels directly? Not me. I get lots of messages from guides and angels through other people, but as of yet, my left brain still seems too engaged to allow in communications from beings I can’t see, touch and feel. I look forward to it though. I’d love to hear how and when it turned on for you, if it did.

Ali, honey? The tide turned for me when my husband and I were having breakfast and suddenly I could feel Gertrude Stein’s presence in the sunroom!  We talked about Paris and that egomaniac Hemmingway and that drunken fool Fitzgerald and soon Zelda had joined us.  Now I have tea with lots of beings “I can’t see, touch, and feel.”  Emma Stone & I will soon be launching a new website devoted to communicating with things that aren’t there.  For only $$$$ …

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I know we have discussed this at length in the previous comment thread, but seriously. I am so embarrassed for her.




My God. It has come to this. She is having to beg for acknowledgement from a balding hippie musician who regretfully made the mistake of boning her a few times.

I am reminded of this:

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