The Dead Pool: Place Your Bets As To When Rain Dumps Donkey, If He Hasn’t Already

Such yummy middle-aged deliciouthneth! How much longer will OMG! Rain Phutureprimitive continue to tolerate a lazy, phony, high maintenance donkey? Or has he already sent her out to pasture? Surely there’s a groupie young enough to be Rain’s daughter who’d THRILL to replace Mulia Mallison?

Misha Falzone
February 1 at 10:30pm
Just found out that your NOT going to be at the Flow Fest on the Big Island this weekend… I came all the way from NC mainly to see Phutureprimitive at the festival… super disappointed but hoping that all is well for you and that it was noting bad that kept you from coming. Much love from one of your biggest fans.

Meanwhile, Donkey and her Mess Despised party dress are taking another vacation from vacation-itis, this time visiting big wampum woo Daniel Schmachtenberger and his piece, Roxanne DePalma, stripper/cam girl/poly superstar/scam artist. How’s scraping the bottom of the barrel working out for you, Donkey?

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Julia Allison, Who Couldn’t Be Bothered To Attend Any Women’s Marches, Will Be Smashing The Patriarchy

Surely purchasing a tee-shirt for $50 will ensure Planned Parenthood clinics stay open?

Bottom Picture!

The Masculine rescues The Feminine and pays for drinks, dinner, frocks, and housing. In perpetuity.

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Mess Despised: Julia Allison Is Giving Away A Smelly Old Frock From Bravo’s All-Time Lowest Rated Series

Donkey, it would make us so greg darn happy if you could finish your cryptic website – FOLLOW THROUGH ON SOMETHING, FER CHRISSAKE!

BOTTOM PICTURE! Jena la Fraud, indeed. Going dancing again this evening, O Pleasurable Con Artist?

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Updated: Donkey’s New Website: Reimagine Epic Failure

Random Snowflake stumbled across Judy’s half-completed new website, The Reimagine Factory. So far, just two tho natural fauxtos and broken links ABOUT, CONTACT, and STOCKLIST. ::raises eyebrows::

The domain name appears to have been created on January 29:

What is our broken down old burro up to? Will Judy soon be joining the ranks of mega-grifter sisters Ali Shanti and Jena la Flamme? Has she suddenly developed a work ethic?

Bottom Video!

Jess Johnson is the weakest link in The Ecstatic Threesome. Nobody does gospel like three blond white women.

Update: Judy will get this new website right up, right after she finishes walking the saddest dog in the world.

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Updated: Fucktard Donkey Is Still Celebrating Her 2014 Wedding To Herself

Of course Shantitown is the asshole holding the sex sign.

Julia had time to upload this shitshow but no time for any actual political engagement? Well, she did just post Fuck Paul Ryan on FB. No, Julie, fuck you for your faux political activism and for failing to make Rain or anyone with a three-digit IQ believe you give a shit about anyone but yourself.

Isn’t it about time to change personas again, Judy? Surely you’re even more bored than we are?

Update: Sugar is poison! Just ask Mia “Lips” Cara, or Julia Allison when she’s crouched in an aisle at your local Whole Foods and shoving candy bar after candy bar in her maw.

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