Goin’ Noble! Donkey Is No Longer Lightly Consuming Animal Parts


Yoo hoo, Cory Tanner Glazier & One Fat Melman, thank you for shaking up Julia’s old, er, new paradigm and god knows what else:

I stopped eating meat when I was 19. After a particularly gruesome day of watching videos of what REALLY happens to your “meat” during a course in college on animal ethics (or more generally, the ethics of sentient beings), I went cold turkey, literally in a 24 hour period. Then, oddly, two years ago, I started very light consumption of animal flesh again (maybe once every few weeks). Why? I had shaken up all of my old paradigms, and “no eating meat” went with them. I chose to ignore the realities involved in animal torture and slaughter.

In one dinner conversation with Cory Tanner Glazier and Jerrod Melman last June, those realities were brought up again, and I could no longer stomach participating in the insane cruelties toward living beings that we allow to continue on a daily basis.

If you were forced to watch how the food that you put into your body was “made” – I can almost guarantee you wouldn’t be eating meat either.

Sit with that. Be with that. Environmental degradation ALONE should get you to question your meat consumption – but SUPPORTING the torture of living beings by purchasing the end product isn’t something I want on my conscience now – or ever again.

Interesting, but not for the self-serving reason Donkey intended. The ineffable Cory was in Chicago with Noble Julie & the childhood friend she refused to attend prom with?  Dinner at Chez Baugher and a tete-a-tete with Momser?

gilly side eye

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Michael Austin Jacobs IS The Wittlest Majiii, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In the studio (aka the River House) all day working on some magic. — at River House / Mystere School.

DJ commode

This is the magic I view as some of the most impactful art for modern society.

It’s something I’ve been passionate for a while now.

It’s one of my favorite things when a hip-hop artist can combine sounds that attract the average hip-hop fan with inspirational and awakening lyrics.

Think rap is all about “drugs, money, and bitches”? I used to. And I extremely disliked listening to it because I judged that there was no intelligence in the music.

Wow. I was mistaken. Take a listen. Hear what Hopsin says.

Yup. Well said.

Two thoughts to keep things in perspective–especially, if you’re struggling with something:

1) You are immortal; and,

2) You will die.

(I.e. there’s nothing to worry about smile emoticon )

Fozzie notes these two givens before asking for his umpteenth handout from Mom, Dad, and Grandma – all trying to overcome their deep programming: shouldn’t Michael be supporting himself?

Goodness, who has time to even think about gainful employment when raunch goddess Ali Shanti is thanking the universe that you’re sticking your peen in her rancid stinkhole?

Thank you for continuing to choose me everyday Michael Jacobs. I love you.




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Deep Thoughts with Broke Wittle Majiii


Ali Shanti’s Money Map is a bust, but adolescent boy toy and “visionary art collector” Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs has no plans to get a job:

I love my grandma. She really brightens up my day every time we talk.

And every time we chat, she always repeats one things that really brings me clarity around the financial area of my life and the space I want to live from.

She says, “Are you still broke? Are you making any money? You know that’s what really matters!”

Although I don’t believe she really believes this deep down, I can see there is a deep program running there for her.

And for me too. It used to really trigger me every time she said this because 1) I don’t believe that’s what really matters and 2) I wasn’t making any money.

Now, as she still asks me this, I laugh, smile, and show her love. It has reached a point for me where I still feel a small trigger, and I am able to move into that feeling with grace and ease (i.e. Not allowing it to affect my entire emotional experience).

My biggest take away from living in a financially limited state for a large part of the last few years (and the point of this post)?

No one who has friends and family can ever go broke. Ever.

I’m beginning to experience the greatest lesson in life. No matter how much money I have in the bank, if I carry love in my heart, I am always loved, supported, and filled with gratitude for the abundance in all forms around me.

And that’s what really matters.

Since Fozzie can never go broke is Grandma repaying those student loans and funding his layabout lifestyle? Did Ali already get her hands on the poor woman’s retirement savings? Did Fozzie’s parents pay for the last two trips to Costa Rica?  Surely Shanti isn’t paying for all the pointless travel, not when she still can’t afford drapes for the master bedroom, not when she’s screaming at her listserv that everyone hates her and no one is buying her grift?

No matter. What’s important is wittle Fozzie met another wittle Fozzie. Psych!

I love meeting other people named “Michael” who know what’s going on.

Today, I walk into 7-11 and meet another Michael who’s ahead of me in line.

After a few minutes of chatting and realizing we have the same name, he says “Angels holding it down.”

So good to have reminders placed perfectly in my life. Made my day. Aho.


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Classical Studies Scholar Julia Allison Is In a Tizzy


Professor Rainbow was putting the finishing touches on her upcoming Columbia University Press monograph on Herodotus – if you read one book about an ancient historian this year … – and discovered something horrific!

I made an Epictetus joke the other day. No one in the room got it. WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR CLASSICAL EDUCATION SYSTEM, PEOPLE!?!?

INDEED!  Her mind still back in ancient Greece and thinking about pederasty, Donkey then crowdsourced a burning question:

Men: What does BROTHERHOOD mean to you?

Words, phrases, or full on paragraphs welcome here!


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Coming This Month From Vanity Press!


Hey, Julie, if these batshit insane woo goddesses can get together and churn out a porny priestess anthology, surely you can finish Experiments in Crappiness?


In related news, Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs is apparently creating another mixtape and The Jazzerciser, former music critic for the Village Voice, has weighed in:

“You are on the verge of creating art that is ahead of its time.” – Robert William Love Jr. after listening to a few songs on my upcoming mixtape.

These words couldn’t have come at a better time because Fozzie had just been hit by THE FEAR: someone couldn’t endure listening to Tom Waits rap Chet Haze’s shamanic hip-hop!

In Costa Rica, I entered a new level of confidence around my creations….

Especially in my music.

There were many times I was getting reflections of a deep internal limiting belief I had: that my voice didn’t match or sound “right” for the music I am creating.

It was blistering internally. After having a few people reflect this back to me, I questioned if I should release my music without the lyrics.

But all the music I have created is based around the lyrics. I knew that if I released what I’ve been creating only half done, I would be abandoning part of myself because other people’s perceptions hit a deep limiting belief for me.

So I went into the fear. I felt it all. And as I moved through it, I used my vision to create a new reality where I am (and others who are meant to hear my music) are in love with my voice. I visualized exactly where I wanted to be, and by doing so, was able to bring up all resistance I had towards this vision.

By doing so, I’ve transformed the way I view my voice and my music. I’m in a state where I am so in love with what I am creating that I am becoming invincible to the perceptions others – and only by feeling all the areas where I believe the reflection is true in my life.

And I am beginning to see my new perspective reflected in my life. Just last new, I had a follower message me on Twitter (@MAJiii777) and tell me that he has never heard a style and flow like mine and he’s excited to hear the rest of my mixtape.

And even through the growth, the tests continue to come…

This morning, I was hit deep by a “haters” words on my Facebook Page.

Instead of getting defeated as I would have in the past, I choose to feel where I feel her statements may hit fear or insecurity I have and I choose to move into them.

By doing so, I am more confident in way I am creating. I am ready to share my magic with the world. I know se who are meant to listen will support and love.


Below is a little sneak peak of what I’m working on (feat. Justin Duke).


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