Someone Seems Agitated

I wonder if this is how Creepy Divorced Bob felt when Donk failed to pay him the money she owed him? Or how about the poor hotel where she refused to pay for her grapefruit? Or how about her publisher who paid her an advance on a book she steadfastly refuses to write? I guess this is what she’s so mad about. Not even a month ago, huh? Is that so unusual?

Karma, it’s a bitch.


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Donkey Doesn’t Get That People Are Laughing AT Her

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Donks Thinks She Is Profound For Having An Ordinary Day

Our Donks is really committing to this whole marrying herself. She’s even taking herself on a courtship by sweeping her off her feet and doing things that people do.

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Jezebel Posted Donkey’s Wedding Invitation

And there is no child rapist in sight. No, she never, ever reads here. Derpin is the DJ. Here’s their post. Click on the images to enlarge.



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Donks Resents Momsers

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