Catching Up With Dead Russian Hooker #2 & Her Yoni

Its yoni time 24/7 with the insatiable Ariel White! Turns out, even Brit Morin has a vagina:

“They’ll be peace in the world when there’s happy vaginas!”:

Ariel is a poet, too, and slick enough to pretend her doggerel is copyrighted:

Trouper Ariel is still posting on her little-trafficked Amant site, where we discover the inner beauty of woo goddesses by giving them makeovers. Seriously. Here’s a recent contribution from Isabella Konold, the emBODYment of irrelevance:

Bottom Picture! Dear Penthouse Forum, I’m a sophomore at a small liberal arts college in California and was on a fraternity retreat when I stumbled upon these two ineffably randy women who seemed to be tripping their brains out …

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A Miracle In Boulder

Congratulations on paying your own bills, Fozzie! Maybe the much older Julia Allison will follow suit?

Oh dear, the more things change, the more things stay …

In other Boulder news, Skankatron has been shilling this loon’s upcoming emBODYment:

The trailer is nearly as funny as Kc Baker’s self-love commercial. Karen Finley has nothing to worry about:

Bottom Picture! Jena & Sacha hooked up with a blonde during a recent masquerade ball. The pleasure never ends when the kids are back in Switzerland, eh, Deadbeat?

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Rumor Has It: Donkey Wants To Bail On The Novato Tribe

TRIBE OR BUST! Soapbox Donkey posted daily about the benefits of communal living, how neo-tribal existence trumped any other possible living arrangement – there was no room for compromise.

But a little woo birdie – an impeccable source – told us Judy is hoping to move back to San Francisco and has even been checking out pricey one-bedrooms in the mission district. Moving to a toxic city? Say it isn’t so! With or without Rain?

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Fivehead, Skankatron, Hallelujah Breeder, PhuturePhuckPhace – A Woo Super Roundup!

Poor Jena & Sacha! Depsite all their woo compatriots, they still can’t rope any sucker into living with them:

Meanwhile, over in Boulder, Ali Shanti is just one of many woos bemoaning the death of epic sex goddess Psalm Isadora, but the eulogy is all about …

That’s funny, Ali. We don’t remember you ever mentioning Psalm, either.

I assume Stacey Morgenstern, Rain’s reincarnated “breeder” sidepiece, is also adjusting to the loss of Psalm, but she too has more important concerns. Let’s name the baby!

Donkey didn’t offer any suggestions. Methinks she’s too busy getting ready to dance for us while Rain spins at the next Garden of Eden dirtfest:

Splash on that glitter, Judy!

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Updated, Now With Fozzie: Ali Shanti, Mother Of The Year, Spirits Her Children Away To Wootastic “Eden”

Ali’s been longing to get back to her favorite place on the planet, Return to Eden Hot Springs, somewhere near the Arizona/New Mexico border:

Remember J Mathias Bennet, Jess Johnson’s former roomie, the woo who who flew to a grifter conference and got stuck at the airport because he had no money for a return ticket? He then offered to give coaching lessons if you bought him airfare home! Ol’ Mathias would love to go with Ali but …

Look who is making the trip with Skankatron. Those kids could sure use a break from the rigors of home schooling. You can’t study DJing and modeling 24/7!

Now seems a good time to repost RBDer Curling Irons at Dawn’s thoughts about growing up with hippie parents:

I really hope Judy does something soon. Anything. Covering these dirty hippies triggers me. I can’t even look at that Sacha character. The overgrown pubic hair can never be unseen. Having grown up around a bunch of the first edition of hippies and flower children who fancied themselves “missionaries” and ran all the same scams but with the Jesus angle, the hypocrisy is sickening, even from here. There’s always worse under the surface with these types. Always. Like many have called it around here, the lax social structure and boundaries often, if not always, leads to pedophilia. The free sexuality inches ever so quickly across age differences. “My 16 year old can have sex” leads to “my 14 year old” then 13. And lack of personal boundaries and respect for other’s bodies and modesty often lead to physical and emotional abuse. Having to watch adults go naked or near naked when I was 12 lead to lack of respect for my body and modesty by them. It eventually always got turned against me and my siblings. Adults frequently walked in on me or propositioned me in their “schools”. The breakdown of the nuclear family often gave random men and women authority over us. Some of those individuals were sadists and pedophiles. They ran free range through their targets with impunity all in the name of “God’s love” and “Jesus”.

That’s why this sh*t is so dangerous. Not to mention gross and creepy. They’re normalizing behavior and situations that are detrimental to children, with their sex and drugs and random strangers and weirdo goddess breeder sh*t. Promoting environments in which children get hurt. No, Judy, you dingbat, living communally is not the answer. It often leads to cults, and cults have a long history of destroying people’s lives. Part of our freedom and individuality is that we control our own home. It is sacrosanct. Even the government needs a damn good reason to enter. That principle is invaluable in democratic society. We must all have the ability and freedom to protect our homes and families and autonomy. Why do you think folks are leary of picking up strangers and bringing them home or giving them a ride? It’s because it poses a potential threat to those you love, and most people value their family and their autonomy enough not to put it at risk. But these dirty clowns? Oh, no, they love the attention of strangers so much they bring them into their lives and homes and families and beds. Dingus Judy doesn’t get that even sustainable communities have individual family homes. That isn’t something that should be given up. But mentally unhealthy attention whores don’t get it. I suppose the lack of stark contrast between them and street people prevents them from seeing the danger. When you are a danger to your kids, I suppose it’s hard to spot others who are as well.

Update: Fozzie, Ali’s little boy ex, has been posting lots of gibberish online. He does receive the occasional response:

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