Donkey’s Sea-Org Spectacular: Vomit-Inducing Yoga & A Woosome Twosome

yoga vom

Android Jones new wearable artists & top – my favorite new outfit (photos during impromtu acro yoga at Summit at Sea.)

yoga vom 2

yoga vom 3

yoga vom 4

Post creepy yoga demonstration, Donkey & Duckface found time to cuddle:


I love this magical sister beyond words. If you ever are blessed to know Jess Magic, I won’t have to explain why.

Magical gangsta signs! Look out, Chet Haze!


Julia, TRULY in love, in a rushing river of passion, and with an ending to Experiments in Crappiness? Nutty Granny Money Bags fucked up with Devin but finally sent THE ONE?

love lettah

Bottom Picture! Posted yesterday by Jena la Flamme:


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We Await Sea-Org Intel & Wish Leatherface A Very Happy 82nd Birthday

Julia Allison’s weekend as scullery maid on the S.S. Minnow is over and our ineffable Servicey Rat in Sidewalk has promised to share whatever she hears.

Until we hear from Servicey or Donkey or Duckface, let’s wish Paris Truther Ali Shanti a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The old raunch turns 82 42 today and is holding to her promise never to wear sunscreen.

Among the who’s woo of well wishers on Ali’s open FB page is self-proclaimd sex goddess Pamela Madsen:

post clit flicking

The words “be the change that you want to see in the world’ is YOU. Genuine words. I want to say this again. Today, on your YOUR birthday, you gave me a gift of time and love. THIS is what we all want to see in the world and receive in the world. Someone who stops and loves and pays attention to the beings around them. Someone who shares the light by lighting the way. THAT is how you roll. What a jewel of a human being you are…..a freaking LOVE STAR! May this year be one filled with all the goodness your reflect back to others. Who could wish for anything more? Happy Birthday!

Nope, Pammy, seeing Love Star Ali post orgasm and next to a rope is not what I want to see. Sure hope some troll doesn’t call me sexually repressed if I pass on getting diddled by Pam or one of her homeless employees.

Bottom Picture!

Jena la Flamme’s fauxto collage tribute to cultural appropriation:

cult appropr


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Social Justice Warrior Woos Respond To Paris Tragedy/Julia Allison Pens Grammy-Worthy Ditty About Paying Your Own Bills (Just Kidding!)


So, mostly crickets from the woo crowd re: the horrors in Paris. Julia Allison and Jess Johnson have been offline while serving as scantily clad scullery maids on this weekend’s Sea-Org Summit. Ariel White posted a fauxto of herself practicing ice skating yoga – shared because I didn’t want anyone to think I was making this up – and newly single Nisha Moodley trimmed brussels sprouts while counseling a friend with OCD about her “superpowers”.

woo jackass

Unfortunately, Skankatron 3000B did share a couple of posts about the attacks in Paris, one from jackass woo Elijah Ray, who writes that “the Paris event was a staged hoax.”  I just kant but several cat peeps have posted smart feedback, and everyone should feel free to respond to the aya-swilling asswipe on his open FB page.

On a lighter note, I came across Duckface caterwauling to the song that Julia Allison took months to write. This video may have shown up in comments, but I thought Donkey’s songwriting expertise deserved more airtime.  “Lost in the haaaaze, the sky is black, I must break free to fill my (w)hole clam dungeon!”

Bottom Picture!

Jena la Flamme, our very own cut-rate Effie Trinket, incorporates white visual imagery into her “tribute” to newlyweds Ringmaster Bear & Kitty Kittay:


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Updated: Jena la Flamme Discovers Black Folks Not All “Potential Psychos”


It’s rush hour on the subway and I’m standing up, balancing to not fall with the starts and stops. There’s a black guy next to me wearing a black cyclist face mask with a black woolen balaclava over it. I’m peeling off layers because the space is sweltering with body heat. I wonder what is motivating him to cover his whole face, revealing his eyes. Is he trying to hide is identity? Is he a weirdo dressing up as a terrorist? I wonder…. And so even though he’s listening to something with headphones, I interrupt him to quench my curiosity.

Politely I ask, “excuse me, what motivates you to cover your face?”

He answers with a muffled voice. “I have a cold. I don’t want to get anyone sick.”

I’m amazed. Here I was thinking he was potentially a psycho and he is a conscientious sweetheart!

Now that’s a lesson in projection if ever I had one!

I just kant. Methinks the pleasurable one will be deleting this tone deaf, racist post in 3 2 1. If not, Michael Ellsberg’s ex-wife’s FB page has a public setting. Feel free to let Jena know how brave she is for speaking to THE FEAR.

Bottom Picture!


A passer-by caught me rocking it out to the music of an exquisite, soulful, black female vocalist this morning. Wow, that voice. I couldn’t help but dance. And yes of course, I put money in her hat.

I entertain myself…

Update: Some folks did stop by Jena’s pleasurable FB page to inquire about her unnerving, condescending attitude towards black folks. Jena fumed and deleted their comments and her responses ASAP, although new comments have cropped up.

Erika Watson, Heart Wisdom & Being Consciousness Architect, jumped in to defend Jena, just as woos stood behind Ali Shanti when she encouraged them to steal their parents’ retirement savings.

 Erika Watson I love how you incorporate the “skin color” of people… We have so many examples on the news of the shaming of certain racial groups, I find that it is an excellent counter balance to activate the new beliefs and show the beauty and range of us all living together… We are all individual and one.. Love your embrace to the wholeness heart emoticon
CONCERNED CITIZEN  Really? Because I’ve just scrolled down through a few posts, and the only time I see skin colors being “incorporated” is when a person of color is being described. Where are the references to “a white soul singer,” or “a guy with a standard American accent”? That isn’t diversity, that’s behaving as if the default is Caucasian, and any deviation from that needs to be pointed out.
CONCERNED CITIZEN And as long as I’m here, given what’s going on at Mizzou, I am so sure that the world needs yet another white woman assuming a black man owes her an explanation for his existence.

Erika Watson I personally held no distinction of classification of race when I read Jena’s posts except for the visual imagery and love that she is always enticing our senses.

CONCERNED CITIZEN You know, if you were actually confident in your opinions, you’d engage with criticism rather than just deleting any comments that point out the problematic assumptions this post is making.

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Hello, Thailor! Julia Allison’s Veterans Day Fauxto Tribute


Summit at Sea … Here we go!!

As a cat peep notes in the comments, hundreds of Julia’s dearest friends, none of whom observe Veterans Day, have liked her Popeye pic:


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