The Show Must Go On!


Nasty bugs have invaded Black Rock City, no doubt attracted to Donkey’s green skin tags. Beloved Spoono has passed away. But nothing – NOTHING! – will stop Ballet Felch from performing for all the boys!

dance night

Per Skankatron 3000B (who’s now mentioned this shitshow three times):

This is where you’ll find me on Wednesday night of the Burn. I’ll be dancing the archetype of addiction at 10p in a performance with the women of Camp Mystic that is not to be missed. Not to mention Phutureprimitive Nimitae Josh Zemel Random Rab The Human Experience – David Block Joe Muscatelloand Fractal Tribe. I hope to see you there!

And we hope to see you too, you old raunch. Please, oh please, Ser Donksalot, send us that video.  There’s a bag of Cheetos in it for you!

Today’s authentic vidcap: Julia Allison as … what? A geisha in an Italian giallo?



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Braying Bad Dancer Won’t Be The Only Pest At Burning Man


“What’s up, doc?”

Oh dear. What a terrible shame. A bug infestation at Burning Man.

There is a God. 

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Julia Allison Is Still SO PROUD of Brit Morin, Has Shitty Taste In Marks

loser assholes

So proud of Brit Morin … she’s *really* what success at 30 looks like … but why are there SO many actresses?!?! Definitely a profession I’m exhausted with seeing over-represented in the media. You would think every third woman in America was an actress.

In this list there are two CEOs. One novelist. One butcher. (thank god, a normal person!) And like, 17 actresses and models. That’s not 30 for most of us.


So far, five fans in the ‘stans have liked Donkey’s latest ass kiss.  Meanwhile, unlike OMG! Brit, Pathetic J Mathias Bennett, possibly a recent mark, Is Pathetic:

Greetings Friends! If you’ve kept an eye on me, and if NOW is the time that you would like to have my support through a massive shift that you’re going though, please call me and see how I could be of service to you – 503-893-5877!

The timing would be perfect, because I was just gifted a $5000 ticket to an exclusive 1 day business intensive 2 days ago, – in two days, (will fly tomorrow) and I only have just under $900 required to get there and back, with the goal of broadening my reach and service to the world. Airline miles accepted! Thank you!!


Update:I am now at sea tac airport and on trajectory to catch Delta airways flight 23:30 (11:30 pm) pdt , arriving 06:25 am in Detroit tomorrow. Current price: $916. Current requirement: $816 for the flight. Everything else in process. Still don’t know how this is going to turn out, *AND* I would be happy to support you through a Soul Clarity Session, and 2 months of coaching through this uncertain time if you book the flight for me. Is this right for you? You don’t have to fully commit – just message me as the next step! (all you have to do is take the next step) 🙏🏼


And just to be totally clear and transparent, I still need to repay Cory tanner glazier and Adelle Juliet for both back-rent, as well as their contribution to my trip to Milan. It doesn’t feel right to rent any kind of room until that’s paid, which is my intention that the training on Monday will facilitate exponentially. I love you guys, and I feel shitty that it’s taken this long. ‪#‎truth‬ ‪#‎inauthenticity‬‪#‎transparency‬ – when things are challenging, why not just tell the truth to yourself and others?



Today’s transformational vidcap: Mother of the Year Ali Shanti and Jess “Duckface” Johnson perform the copulatin’ chicken during last year’s Camp Septic strip show.

mother of the year

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Updated, Now With Video: Dark Donkey? Light Donkey? Help Julia Allison & Ali Shanti Perfect Their Ballet Felch Routines For Camp Septic


Who could forget last year’s Camp Septic extravaganza “ReFrame: Female Stereotypes Become Feminine Archetypes”? Donkey and her equally clueless partners in slime performed amateurish bump & grind routines for boy burners during which they set feminism back at least 30 years. Sorry, Jena La Flamme, there’s nothing positive about being a gold digger. No, Ali Shanti, rubbing titties with Stacey Morgenstern to the delight of all the boys isn’t transformative.


It’s that time of the year again and the old raunch is requesting assistance:

I could use your help identifying a song I’ll be dancing to The Legendary Camp Mystic Wednesday Night Party :: Burning Man 2015 this year at Burning Man. The women of our camp put on a dance performance that includes both the dark and the light side of a specific essence. This year, I’m dancing the shadow side of addiction and pleasure with Myka McLaughlin dancing the side of pleasure.

So I need a song that represents addiction. What ideas do you have?

While we’re at it, let’s help Donkey too. Her specific essence? Light? Dark? Which song from what Disney animated musical? Oasis?


Update: Thanks to The Torturous and The Hare for locating last year’s sad spectacle:

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Someone’s Not Well


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