Happy Birthday, DJ Serial Killer

A cat peep sent along an instagram video of Rain PhuturePhuckPhace’s special day. Hope somebody bought him a shirt. Some Dexter-esque images are below. Note the enlarged, framed cover of the fourth most popular edition of WIRED. One can safely assume Donkey and the latest balding DJ are shacked up in woo communal style somewhere in Novato. Peter and Robin Baugher must be SO PROUD and they should be: They’re paying for it!


rain knife

rain knife 2

rain knife1

Fellow DJ and Paris Truther Elijah Ray took the video:


Below are Rain & Donkey & Avocado & Alice or is that Elijah & Donkey & Rain & Ariel? Is Warwick in there? Very confusing but just happy they’ve all found each other – one big polyamorous tribe in toddler onesies:


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Updated: Judy Albertson: The Face Of Woodom

The Garden of Eden held another aya fest this past weekend in Encinitas. “Emergence,” sure to be a cult classic, is described as “a teepee with sacred sexuality workshops.” Jess Johnson was there and Judy’s NYE orgy host Destin Gerek tucked everybody in:


Judy appeared in the advertising for the sexy times:

If only Donkey had known woos and read only self-help slop back in the day …

older idiot

older idiot2

older idiot 3

Re: Ali, the mystery has been solved as to who kidnapped her unkempt pooch:


Note to mysterious teen: please do return and give that poor dog a bath, feed her and brush her. Ali’s running several businesses and doesn’t have time, nor does her “housekeeper.” Why, just tomorrow she’s launching a new grift: Personal Family Lawyer, Family Business Lawyer and Creative Business Lawyer programs. Only 27 spots and five were filled during pre-enrollment. Enroll today and get $500 off!

Jess, looking suspiciously like Jena la Flamme, will sing us out in her latest video. The song is about – what else? – “cultivating your own self love.” #pleasurablehairloss


like buttah

“Emergence” organizer John Buttaz – like buttah! – changed his profile pic and added video of last week’s aya fest. I caught Jess Johnson, Destin Gerek, utterly ridiculous Michael Hrostoski, and Daniel Schmachtenberger. I also think that’s Schmachtenberger’s wife, nutcase and Marc Gafni defender Roxanne DePalma, emerging from the stripper cocoon. THEY’RE CHANGING THE COURSE OF HISTORY, PEOPLE!

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Updated: Happy Ending For Boulder Dognapping, Culprit Still At Large



Very strange, Skankatron, very strange indeed! I mean your being able to afford a housekeeper. Re: this mysterious dognapping, doncha think it was probably some old boy toy higher than a kite? Or your ex-husband playing games with you the way you’ve played games with him since your first meeting?

Wait a minute … look who’s back in Boulder!



Update: Ali’s already forgotten that a concerned citizen stole and bathed her dog. Who has time to think about Duchess when Burning Man is around the corner? Once again, Queen Shanti wasn’t sure she wanted to go – she’s scheduled to give a talk about “money dysmorphia” – but guess what? The old raunch is going! Because as Ali and her unkempt buddy note: BM is so badass!


Even Julie’s getting excited about her next BM and is posting old fauxtos:


Classic sociopath.

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Updated: 10 Year Old In Denial Over Neglected Pet’s Death, Indulges In Ludicrous Wedding Fantasies


dead dog

Not to worry, that dead dog was quickly forgotten as our little princess posted, once again, about every girl’s most special day!

omg wedding

Yo, that was awesome! They had childhoods and married each other!

RAINBOW LOVES RAIN – that’s how it’s DONE!!

Update: Rainbow reads. Nothing approaching literature, of course, but that stack of slop is Tony Robbins approved!


No, no, Judy. We didn’t take it personally. Denial is your middle name:


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Yoo Hoo, Taylor Greason! “World-Class Journalist” Julia Allison Interviews Her Woo Buddies At Jess Johnson’s Aya Fest


Sir Lurks alerted me re: audio of Donkey’s recent Encinitas appearance. Jess introduces Judy as a “world-class journalist, public speaker, rock star, and media mogul. She’s an expert at getting avatars who are living the stories of our time onto some of the most well-known media platforms and is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever seen.” Whoa, Jaahhss! Maybe cut down on the aya?

I haven’t yet heard Judy’s world-class interviews of Ryan Allis and BDSM cam girl Roxanne DePalma’s husband, but I did fast forward a few minutes in and heard Ryan say, “You’re looking at me with those eyes, Julia.” I LOVE YOU … RAIN? OBO, Donkey, OBO.


The world-class journalist has been FB posting non-stop for days, yet barely anyone responds. Her latest crowdsourcing BS seems intended to remind the woos that Daddy went to OMG! Princeton. Donkey received one like – from Wali Rahman’s stealth account – and she provided the single response – a shout out to Taylor Greason. Ol’ Greasy? He’s going to comment on this dusty woo’s page? It is to laugh!




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