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“Momsers, I’m starving! Be a dear and whip up a gluten-free deep dish pizza. You know how I love your cooking! Oh, and Cory wanted to thank you for purchasing that huge supply of MediMeals. I’ll just be out here reading if you need me.”


Julia the Creatrix is in “artistic recovery”? Would this explain why the writerly writer who writes couldn’t fulfill her contract with St. Martin’s? Would the publisher be willing to resign with Donkey if she promises to read Cameron’s inthpirational volume FIVE more times?

I wasn’t going to post this backyard assault, but when Winchester wrote that Julia looked as though she were shaking down her nephew for milk money, how could I resist?

milk money

Update: As Momsers waits on her hand & foot, Donkey posts away on her FB wall of scolds:



bro culture



Anybody care to help out The Georgetown Plagiarist?


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Updated With Fauxtos: Wilmette Police Blotter: Break-In At Lakeside Assisted Living Facility


Update: Lazy Donkey pays tribute to the man who’s paid her bills for the last 35 years:

Happy Father’s day to a truly brilliant, ethical, kind and loving Dad, a wonderful father and now grandfather, an amazing husband of almost four decades, and an active and upstanding member of his community. Proud to be his daughter!

And we’re sure he’s THO PROUD of you, Julie! Who wouldn’t want to be assaulted by an unemployed exuberant embodiment of love in a baby onesie at 5 am?

pete 1

pete 2

pete 3

pete 4

Down with suburbia, 2016! Surely that huge backyard could be turned into a … TRIBAL COMMUNITY?

suburbia 1

suburbia 2

suburbia 3

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Updated: Cheap Con Ali Shanti Aids & Abets “Psychic” Hairdresser / How Low Can Jena la Flamme Go?


When she’s not blaming you for not firmly telling her to stay away from your man, Skankatron 3000B, also known as “Alexis Neely” on the FBI’s 10 Most Unwanted List, is selflessly making the world a better place:

Willow was determined. (And, as you’ll see in the picture below, her determination paid off!)

She saw me online and after checking my story out (of going from traditional lawyer to feather-wearing online business owner impacting on a much broader scale), she knew she needed to meet me and work with me one-on-one.

It didn’t matter that I wasn’t taking on private clients.

It didn’t matter that she had to email my team through five different portals.

She didn’t care what she would have to pay. [Operative words – EDS.]

Willow was committed to sitting down with me.

This is a woman who knows how to get what she wants. In fact, it’s a big part of what Willow helps the people in her life and community with and what she will be doing in her business going forward once she transitions her business model.

Willow has been doing hair for 15 years. And during that time, client after client would tell her “Willow, you’re reading my mind!”

So she calls herself the accidental psychic and is ready to transition from 1-1 hairdressing work to a more leveraged, online business teaching others how to tap into their own intuitive and psychic powers.

She took B-School, she’s got her brand, her website and even her free gift.

But one major piece was missing for Willow after B-School.

A really great understanding of the business model that would make the most sense for her and her life going forward. And, how to transition into it

That’s why she came to me.

Shantitown, who “isn’t taking on private clients,” proceeds to pat herself on the back while pushing the reader to click-through to a bidness program being run by even more woo grifters. Oh, and that picture showcasing Willow’s determination? It’s of a semi-sapphic hug between the budding Theresa Caputo and the old raunch!

two douches

Meanwhile, in Harlem, Jena la Flamme is playing house with the creepiest creepster who’s ever disgraced RBD. Tucker Max? The penny stock pervert? Is Jena back with Smellsberg? No, she’s hanging with Christina Morassi. Though you’ve probably forgotten that name and she never got an individual post, you might remember Morassi as the “PleasureCEO” nutcase who offers to have a woman diddle herself during the opening of your business conference. Uh, aren’t we talking pandering here?

I was recently at a retreat for the Conscious Business Network and had the opportunity to lead my very own session. You see, I really wanted to get the conversation started in my peer group of industry leaders about Orgasm + Business! I mean… what could be more on the cutting edge than bringing more of orgasmic life-force into running successful businesses?!

But here’s the really interesting part… My idea was not only to start a conversation about Orgasm + Business… But also to include a live demo of Orgasmic Meditation because I wanted my peers to have a visceral experience of the power of Feminine Orgasm. If you’ve been following along on my journey, then you know this partnered practice includes a woman disrobing from the waist down and having her clitoris stroked in a deliberate manner. (Super edgy for a business conference! And no, it would not be my clitoris being stroked. smile emoticon

And holy crow, the whole experience was a seriously wild ride! I don’t think I could ever do it justice in a FB post… So instead, I’m going to set up a Periscope TODAY where you can join in and hear me tell the story in all its glory… LIVE. Let’s just say there’s a lot to share.

I’ll bet! This Sleazepreneur even made Ali envious:

I’ve invested a LOT of time and energy wondering what my purpose is on the planet, where I really belong and what I should really be doing with my life. For a time, I considered whether bringing orgasm into business might be it, and discovered (with some sadness) that it is not my thing to do, but I am REALLY happy that it’s Christina Morassi’s to do.

While I feel some regret and a tinge of jealousy that Christina gets to do this work and it’s not mine to do, I recognize that at a deeper level Christina doing it is really the same as me doing it (we really are all one) and I can enjoy the experience of it by experiencing as much of Christina’s work as possible and sharing it with as many people as I can, every chance I get.

So, if you are interested in more orgasm in your life and your work, follow Christina’s journey and sign in today to hear the nitty gritty of her Orgasmic Meditation demo at a business event. Christina, I am so turned on by this!


I just kant. Morassi posted the above fauxto of the eternally randy Flammester and wrote what’s below. Jena, honey, we know you’re still upset about Papa Chevalier wedding a younger model but even you can do better than this!

When the Pleasurable Weight Loss Queen, Jena la Flamme, makes you breakfast (gluten-free cereal)… And then you eat it outside in her gorgeous backyard in Harlem.


‪#‎PleasureCEO‬ ‪#‎FollowingtheTurnOn‬ ‪#‎PleasureQueens‬

Update: Wise? WISE?! That’s the last fucking word I’d use to describe slithering, gyrating, unhinged Christina Morassi.


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Dan Schools a Donkey Again

Donkey posted this.

And Dan posted this.

Holy shit!
Thousands of social scientists around the world committing their professional lives to studying war and terrorism using all kinds of data, struggling with model designs and causal inference… and goddamnit if the Reality Check Douche at Channel 46 didn’t just kick our collective ass.
I mean, the genius! The perspicacity! The novel before/after count-things up approach!! It’s a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, truly.
I guess I better tell all my interns to pack up their books and research proposals – Ben Swann has cracked the code; nothing left to say here.
Good thing this happened so early in the summer; they can get back some tuition$$.

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Updated, Now With Strippers! Angel Investor Julia Allison – Single & So Proud! – Needs Your Help (Again)



And we’re proud of our dear burro, though Brayella couldn’t find her listed anywhere as an investor.

Ah, yes, more crowdsourcing:


Has she thought about consulting The Jazzerciser?


Speaking of Ali Shanti’s former(?) pieces, the old raunch would like them, and us, to stop worshiping at the altar of Alexis Neely:



Whoa, Skankatron, not a problem! We promise to take you down off that damn pedestal immediately! #pleasurablesunscreen

This just in: Tickets for OMG! Burning Man!


Update: Julie weighs in on stripper Roxanne DePalma, best known here for crawling around with her bare ass in the air at Jess Johnson’s topless goddess keggers.


My, that had a $3.99-per-minute webcam feel to it. No wonder our girl is “questioning” her stance on stripping. Does the O’Farrell Theater still stage donkey extravaganzas?

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