La Fraud & Deadbeat Dad Still Desperate For Roommate, Double Down on Sex & Caca

Yet another ad on Facebook. So inviting!

Knowing Jena’s track record, this marriage should last at least six months:

Desperate for attention and some cold hard cash, J&S tell all! Lovin’ the manbun. Is Sacha permanently stoned? The dynamic duo begins sharing their sexual secrets at the 41:00 mark:

“Please, please, please, come to our next Cacao ceremony and awaken your sensual intelligence! Wednesday, March 22 in a private Penthouse in SoHo. Imagine a fireplace, delicious hot cacao and sound healing, shared with like-minded souls.”

Bottom atrocity: Ali Shanti teamed up with Donkey’s lip smackin’ sweater sistah Myka “Electric Barbarella” McLaughlin for a scamfest in Boulder.

Seriously, women (and men not afraid of a roomful of women), if you’ve got ANY money stuff that has you not feeling 100% confident about how you are investing (or not investing), how you are using your resources, and what you are doing with them, show up tonight, if at all possible.

Sure, Ali, invest my retirement savings for me.

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From Routledge’s Studies In Whiteness: Jess Johnson & Her Singing Sistahs

Julia Allison’s BFF and her soulful blond “angels” just won’t stop giving it to us a cappella. “Oh, porno, porno, oh, oh, porno, porno … ”

Sure, Cory. But until that miraculous event occurs, you may have to keep supporting Jaahass. Her Patreon monthly donations have shrunk to $132/mo, though they never came anywhere near the 8k/mo initially requested by the caterwauler.

I thought it would be fun to check out the latest FB posts from the caterwauler’s partners-in-slime, the two women earnestly singing along and the third (unseen) woman tagged by Jaahass. Wow. Just. Wow. Scam Central!

Ms. Davis appears to be channeling KcBaker:

Annie Anton in the shower. With Pearls. “What up, bro?!”

Bottom Picture: Thrilled to be away from the braying donkey, middle-aged DJ Rain PhuturePhuckPhace smiles wide:


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From Our Inbox: One Bored & Possibly Broke Girl

So, this missive arrived out of the blue, sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I assume she wants us to post it:

This is Molly McAleer. My friend Nicole who helps me with my podcast Emotionally Broken Psychos mentioned to me that we had a lot of referral clicks from here and sent over the link because she knows I love snarking on Julia and all that she does. I was pretty dismayed to see how cruel people were being, especially about details of my private life, but I also know to expect the snark to a degree.

I just want to clear something up: I referred to RebloggingDonk as a “hater site” as somewhat shorthand. I used to be OBSESSED with this blog and read all of the comments until Julia got too boring for me to even second hand snark on. I don’t think you guys are true haters or bad people. In fact, I find 99% of you very funny and astute and always have.

In terms of my previous employment on a sitcom, I would like to say that I did not “mess that up,” and I’m not sure who is saying otherwise, but I’ll speak for myself and say that after 3 years on that show, I was done. I was 30 when my contract was up and I didn’t want to sit in a writers room on a show a was not passionate about anymore. I developed and sold a show last year and I am working to do the same this year.

Am I a stoner and a drunk? Probably to the extent that a lot of my peers and even you guys are. Do I think I am an exceptional stoner and drunk? Not really. I was pressured into writing that ebook that was HEAVILY edited by my ex (because I was terrified we would break up if he didn’t like the content and surprise! That didn’t work out anyway!) and into the situation that I was writing about by a therapist I was seeing at the time. Allegedly that person has lost their license due to unethical practices, not that that makes me accepting a situation I didn’t think was appropriate for me to be put into okay.

I like what y’all do a lot. That’s why I know so many of the jokes. I don’t not regularly keep up as an act of superiority, I just am fucking bored of Julia and Co.

I feel pretty shitty about myself after reading a lot of the things that were written here, especially because I’m a 33 year old woman now and not the 22 year old I was when I was working at Gawker or even the 27 year old I was when I started HelloGiggles. I honestly hope to God that none of us were the people we were at 22 or 27, especially if you’ve been in a town/industry that you weren’t raised to know anything about during those crucial years like I have. I had no CLUE what I’d gotten myself into when I moved from online to broadcast TV/founding a website with a celebrity. No idea. After three years of doing both, I was a shell of a person and not a totally nice one because of it. I have never intentionally social climbed (I didn’t even know Zooey was going to be involved with HG until I’d already started building out editorial– she was a last minute addition made by my business partner) and I really don’t do anything within the sphere of the industry anymore save 1-2 charity events I like to attend every year and meetings. I’ve had the same best friends for 13 and 8 years. They are basically the only people I hang out with unless you count dogs. I’ve made some super cringe-y mistakes in my 20s which was very much my version of a childhood because I never had a real one and I work on forgiving myself for them daily. Honestly, it’s a struggle.

I don’t mind if people’s opinion of me on here doesn’t change at all, I am sure it won’t, but I felt it was important to reach out and say that you all have given me many laughs throughout the years and I apologize that I am far from perfect at my chosen profession(s). None of it is meant to offend and nobody could say worse things about me than me. Except for me messing up my job and being a “drunk.” Those things just aren’t true.

Forever ready and willing to talk about Miss Advised,

Uh, ok. I stick by any comments I made about Ms. McAleer’s podcasts, the most recent of which, like, discusses Britney Spears’s series CHAOTIC. The first of, like, two parts:

Bottom Video! You loved Kc Baker’s baby dance so much, I thought we’d revisit the epic narcissist. Three minutes of pure hilarity that just gets more and more ridiculous. Funnier than SHOW GIRLS or THE ROOM!

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Rain Drools & Drools & Drools Over Deliciouth Stacey Morgenstern

Donkey tags OMG! Rain again and again. He ignores her again and again. But PhutrePhuckPhace can never resist commenting on sexy, married (who cares in Wooville?) high-powered grifter Stacey Morgenstern’s social media posts. Hell, Rain even enabled her batshit insane “recovered memories” re: having been a “Hallelujah Breeder” goddess in a previous life, so of course he’d suck on this piece of hard candy:

Yummy! Though Stacey composed this doggerel for a married couple, Rain can almost taste her melting in his mouth.

Poor Donkey! How can she compete with this blond super goddess?!

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Updated: Rainbow & Rain Baby Can’t Wait To Zouk!

Jena’s latest post. That shoulder is certified A-OK!


Update: Free this evening? Join la Fraud and Deadbeat Dad as they tell you how to keep the sex feelthy!

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