15-Year-Old Rapper MAJiii Makes Stunning Debut

jacobs 2

Holy fuck, it’s the new Chet Haze:

Gerbils and motherfucking colonels? I cannot stop motherfucking laughing!

Fozzie would like to thank the academy:

Today, on the Solstice, I feel compelled to share a little bit of what I’ve been working on.

Over the past few months, I’ve been diving into a passion of mine that I have held back for a while now.

About 5 years ago, I started my first year at The University of Arizona. While in my first semester, I met Greg Peffer who taught me the art of freestyle hip-hop. Kyle Zimmerman,Zach Cöcö, Satchel Lieberman, Matt Goulette, Josh Halaszi, myself, and many more would sit around the La Paz tables and freestyle (or observe the ridiculousness) into the night.

Over the next three years of college, I jumped into freestyle sessions with friends like Cory James Fountain, Chris Fountain, Auston VanWormer, and many more, messing around and having a blast doing it.

Then, last year in Costa Rica, I found out the my friend Greg had died. It broke my heart open. For a while, I found myself floating in and out of different emotions. Over a year later, I continue to find myself facing areas of myself that can be healed and opening lessons from the experience.

I remember a specific point in my process while in Costa Rica where I tapped into a specific power inside myself…I felt a huge fire to create music. That night, I sat around with Jamie Zeller and a few other new friends a free-styled some of the best lyrics that had been channeled through me.

In that moment, I declared to myself that I would follow this passion and see what lies behind it. I had no idea how deeply that intention registered.

A little over a year later, I’ve created multiple songs and begun expanding upon something my heart really feels.

Today, on the Solstice, I’m excited to share with you some of my first music as MAJiii.

Greg, thank you for inspiring me to go outside my comfort zone and to do something new. From that, I have been able to explore new parts of myself. I am so blessed to have known you.

This is dedicated to you. I love you.

Check out the music of MAJiii here: https://soundcloud.com/majiii777

p.s. Big thank you to Phoenix Clay Hollingsworth and Zoë Clare StarWater for continuing to inspire me, even when I felt unmotivated.

And the biggest thank you to my love, Ali Shanti, for helping me fan my flame of inspiration and for pushing me to see a greater version of myself. I love you.

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Updated: You’re The Real Winner, Peter Baugher!


He’s been funding her lazy raft ass for 34 years and here’s how Donkey says thank you:

Father’s Day 5k next to Northwestern U this morning at 8 am … (I beat him!!)

What dad wouldn’t want to get up at the crack of dawn on Father’s Day and fulfill his adult child’s every whim? Hopefully other family members were spared the tacky tee-shirts and forced early morning run during Donkey’s latest assault on the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility.

Update: She never reads here.

Headed to a big family Father’s Day dinner with my mom & dad, nephew, brother & sister-in-law, her parents and her grandparents. I’m the 9th wheel. wink emoticon


Drats! I was so hoping Donkey had hooked up with J. Mathias Bennett, her “favorite male musician with amazing style,” when visiting the home we used to share on Coronado and was planning on bringing him to meet Daddy Warbucks. sad emoticon

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Crickets: Donkey Asks “What Do You Long For?”

donkey destiny

Amazingly, Donkey has received a single response (not from Wali), but it’s over 24 hours later and no one has actually addressed her query.



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Every Old Paradigm Is New Again: Bear, Rainbow & The Ritalin Kids

freak show

All hail Beargeant Pepper, for he possesses cold hard cash in abundance and shall alchemize the merry pranksters into transformational energy while paying all their bills!

We are all wired into a survival
trip now. No more of the speed
that fueled the 60’s. That was
the fatal flaw in Tim Leary’s trip.
He crashed around America selling
“consciousness expansion” without
ever giving a thought to the grim
meat-hook realities that were lying
in wait for all those people who took
him seriously…

All those pathetically eager acid
freaks who thought they could buy
Peace and Understanding for three
bucks a hit. But their loss and
failure is ours too. What Leary
took down with him was the central
illusion of a whole life-style that
he helped create…

… a generation of permanent
cripples, failed seekers, who never
understood the essential old-mystic
fallacy of the Acid Culture: the
desperate assumption that somebody…
or at least some force — is
tending the light at the end of the

–Hunter S. Thompson “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas”

bell pepper

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Donkey Comix

donkey comix

Other than crowdsourcing for suckers willing to take care of her elderly dog for free – not a single response in two days – Donkey’s been so quiet lately. Has Grape Nehi been reining Julia Allison in? Or has the feminine layabout found the masculine wallet eager to pay for her every whim? Tho evolved!

Thanks to Mcakez for sharing Camp Septic Tank’s plans to out Kesey Ken Kesey:


Oh, the gems in that plea for dollars, e.g., “As Playa artists, my friend Cosmic Cowboy and I … identified ourselves as mystics and are members of the Honeysuckle Hood.”

Julia (Petey) donkied up $75 for the merry pranksters bus, yet, according to Winchester, she gave only $45 to Dan Fredinburg’s memorial foundation? Priorities, people!

Thanks to Grifty for the comic panel.

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