Updated, With Judy Questioning Rain’s Love: A Happy, Albeit Sleazy, Thanksgiving From RBD!

It’s turkey time, bunnies! Nothing about the holiday from our dear burro, but she is once again questioning how the masculine and the feminine split finances. Is Rain still refusing to pay?

We’ve also received a couple of interesting e-mails. More on that later. For now, here’s our Thanksgiving treat to you: Judy and friends getting down & dirty at Jess Johnson’s aya-fueled Garden of Eden!





Yoo hoo, Bear! Is that a roll of Tums in your red undies or are you just glad to see me?





It’s John Buttaz, The Garden of Eden’s official pimp daddy and seemingly obsessed with Judy Albertson. He takes picture after picture of our burro, more so than any other “goddess.” She’s like buttah, eh, John?




Vom, Amber, just vom.


The orgy room is open: “Tuck me in, Bear & Cory!”



It’s Destin Gerek, Judy’s 2014 NYE orgy host, who just posted an idiotic response to her latest crowdsource on the masculine and the feminine.

No, just, no:



Update: What is love?


Yeah, sure, Rebecca. Can I interest you in this bridge in Brooklyn?

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Meet Neeta Bhushan, One Of Julia Allison’s “Many” Clients


The perky Ms. Bhushan is apparently a business coach who “embodies the voice of the future. Multi-dimensional with abounding promise to inspire millions to step into greatness by owning their emotional wellness, by recognizing their truth & unique abilities to ultimately reveal their best self and therefore elevate the world around them.”


From the “about” section of her blog. Eyebrow-raising use of caps. Who does this remind you of?


And this? Her most recent blog entry, which is endless. Any Mother of the Year coming to mind?


Where does Donkey come in? Neeta wrote a book and Julia apparently guided her through the “rebranding” process prior to the book’s launch:


The rebranding video that accompanies the above post:

Would you like an Amazon “best seller” with your rebranding? Why not make up a fake category a la Michael Smellsberg and Jordan Reid?




Neeta’s next stop:


Alt-Right Bottom Picture!

Amanda Robbins, daughter-in-law of Tony and frequent commenter on Donkey’s drivel, is such a card. Ms. Robbins recently vacationed in Novato. Chez Judy?


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Updated: A Transformative Night On The Town With Donkey & Kitty





Could someone please explain our burro’s getup to me? I’m completely confused. Pippi Longstocking via … ?

Update: After the soporific song stylings of Ayla Enya, Donkey & Mrs. Kittay needed a pick me up and took in a spectacular drag show at Finocchio’s!



Bottom Picture! No-holes-barred groupies Judy & Kitty never sleep. Here they are backstage at A Flock of Seagulls reunion concert, both eager to give a lucky stiff their best Pamela Des Barres:


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The Woo Goddesses: Donkey Reads Concurrently, Jena Scams, And Jess Is Off To Save The World


Every burro needs a break and Donkey has a few free minutes away from her “many” clients. Having read all the important books in high school, Judy consciously slums:




Meanwhile, up in Harlem, a scheme is a brewin’:


Hope DJ Deadbeat plans on sending some of the megabucks earned through The Sloth Academy back to his hungry kids in the Swiss Alps!



Finally, Jess Johnson is off to stop climate change. Did you send in your monthly Patreon donation so that the caterwauler can change the world? (This video is actually the best thing she’s ever posted.)

Bottom Picture! Penguin & Donkey, healing the rift.


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Ali Shanti Compares Divided Nation To Her Divided Psyche, Resolves To Heal U.S.A. Through Facebook Group


What is going on in the old raunch’s head these days? She’s shuttered Eyes Wide Shut, insists her “other businesses” are thriving, and yet can get only one person (probably Alexis Neely) to shell out $20/mo for her new Patreon page:

I have words (and more), aching to come out. About things I think you want to hear. I’m curious to discover if this is the right platform for it all.

If it is, I’ll build all of this out further. For now, this is the beginning of something that I hope will be the place I can be all of who I am, say what isn’t for everyone and show you what not everyone deserves to see.

One of the things I’m really excited about is sharing my financial data.

Each month, I do a P&L call with my financial team and I think it’s quite interesting to see where the money goes. Between my two businesses, we’re generally bringing in (and spending!) between $100,000-$150,000/mo.  If you are also curious where this goes, you’ll love the pledge level where I show it all.

Welcome to the Road Less Traveled.

Really, Ali? The folks most interested in your financial data are probably the feds, and it looks like even they aren’t going to shell out $20 for your bullshit.

From the latest listserv dump. Parse away. Of course I’ve edited the goddamn thing.

As I watched the polls role in election night, I felt anxiety and fear.
I wondered if the dystopian reality that I read about in the young adult novels I love to read was close to becoming a reality.

Perhaps so.
Maybe these books are preparing our young one’s for the world they truly will live in.
I hope not. I hope they are pure entertainment to show us what we can look forward to if we do not heal the split that exists between (and within) us.
The election results are a wake up call. We can heed the call, and choose to create another reality, from where we are now. Or, we can continue in our old ways of being, and be forced into something much worse.
It’s clear, we are a nation divided. 

If we do not take action now, the war that’s been “out there” will be here.
It’s time to truly wake up, find the root of this war and create a new story.
I understand war. And why it happens.
I’ve been living “war” inside of myself for what seems like my whole life.

Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse as you’ve watched me live the reality of Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti. Most of it though I’ve kept quite hidden because I didn’t understand it enough to speak about it. For a long time it was nearly completely hidden from me.
But, I’ve seen it clearly now, especially after feeling the impact of the election results last night and seeing the truth of the divide within our nation. 
As I saw the reality of the divide, and feeling that the energy is quite the same as the divide I’ve struggled with inside myself, I feel ready to share what I’ve learned along my personal quest for internal peace with the hope and prayer that what I’ve discovered will help many of us to come together to heal the divide we are seeing so plainly reflected in the state of our nation.

I’ve nearly entirely stopped the war inside (there is still some, but less and less everyday), and I believe that what I’ve learned on the path to doing so can stop the war outside too. 

But, only if we each take on the challenge to be the change you want to see in the world, and make it not just a platitude, but a mission.
I hope this share brings you some clarity around what to do next. 
If it does, I’d love it if you came over to my new Facebook group to join in the challenge to create a new story. Link in the bottom of the email.

I have desired to bring compassion to myself and others. Mostly myself. I’ve been so hard on the parts of myself that weren’t what I desired. Creating a never ending loop of self judgment and shame, which got reflected out onto those around me, most often in ways I couldn’t see. Often, making me sure I couldn’t trust anyone. Mostly myself.
These are the ways of being I desire most to see “out there”, so I’ve fought the good fight (funny choice of words) to bring more harmony, to expand my ability to feel it all, to listen, understand and have compassion … first to myself.

It’s always about Ali, isn’t it? Ready to help her heal the divide?


Thanks to Psycho-delic Ballerina for informing us of the Patreon page and of a former Skankatron business associate behaving very badly.

Bottom Picture! The Pamela Madsen afterglow:


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