Someone Was Let Out of The Nuthouse To Go Watch The Nutcracker In This Very Special Nutty Outfit

Oh. Dear.

She is almost 34 years old.


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Julia Allison’s New Year’s Resolution: Buckle Down & Write That Book!

black rock julia

For 2015, I’m planning ahead!! What events/retreats/conferences/festivals/experiences did you have this year that you would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND as a HELL YES??

Here is what is already on my PRELIM consideration list for 2015:

Envision Festival –
Lucidity Festival (would only go if I spoke)
Lightning in a Bottle Festival (would only go if I spoke)
Camp Grounded – Second session –
Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny
Burning Man
Summit at Sea
India (potentially)
Bali (potentially)


Indeed, literally, every day’s a holiday when Peter Baugher is paying the bills!

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Julia Allison is Masturbating



There. I wrote a post. Merry Christmas, you fucked up, demented piece of shit.

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Julia Allison & Her Panel Of Experts Will Be Fixing America’s Health Care System


On deadline but I had to get this up. Christ on a cracker, Donkey! Misha Noodley is an expert on health care?

Keeping your health at 100 percent is NO JOKE. I’ve just spent the last three and a half hours reading the (insanely complicated) directions to and sending in various preventative medical tests, as well as trying to figure out what the best health insurance plan is for January 2015 (answer: they all suck), as well as juggling the 48347 recommendations for diet, wellness, supplements, practices, etc I’ve gotten from my various providers (naturopath, doctor, acupuncturist, bodyworker, well meaning health conscious friends, books I’ve read by phds, etc etc!).

What’s tricky are when the recommendations contradict each other. Then I find myself just … perplexed. What do I do? Who do I believe? Do I try one and then another? Do I double up?? Do I stop everything and then add it back in?

Preventive medicine – which costs me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours a year (none of which is covered by insurance, of course) – feels sometimes like a full time job. And yet – what is the alternative?? As a result of taking responsibility for my own health, overall (with minor exceptions here and there) I feel better than I’ve felt in my entire life, and I haven’t had to go to the hospital in YEARS. I want to keep it that way.

That said, I feel like we’re in the infancy of the amalgamation of Eastern & Western medicine, and while technology is EMERGING to help us, it’s still really … REALLY … disorganized.

My hope (farfetched, perhaps) is that we redesign the ENTIRE system such that preventative medicine is more streamlined, easier, more cost effective and – hell – maybe even subsidized (? a girl can dream).

cc some of my favorite health experts: Molly Maloof Jay Camm Mia Cara Perp-heal Erik Nisha Moodley

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Julia Allison Is Living In The Past & Really, Really, Really Trolling Us

radio city

Wow. Just wow. Literally. After all of our comments about Donkey’s Christmas train wreck attire, now and forever, including a fauxto of our lady of introspection at Santa Con 2008, up goes a YouTube video of Mulia Mallison letting the flies out of her mouth while New Yorkers cringe.

Who is going to SF’s Santa Con THIS Saturday??

Back when I was a reporter for Time Out New York, I covered Manhattan’s Santa Con, which is … there is no other way to say this (okay, there are many other ways, but they are less accurate) … a TOTAL unmitigated S–TSHOW.

What you don’t see in the video is that it was like, TWENTY DEGREES, and the only way to handle the cold was to get undeniably wasted. That’s not my bag, so I stuck with a coffee … and I was very cold.

Also sober? My awesome then-intern Kate Greer, who was a champion, as was Lillydog.

It was a Santa Con to remember.

How many greg damn FB posts did Donkey upload on a Monday? Monday. When most of us are getting caught up at work because everyday isn’t a slacker vacation.

St. Martin’s appreciates your dedication to fulfilling your OMG! book contract, Julia, and they’ve sent you a Christmas present because you deserve a present everyday for being such a special little burro.


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