Revisiting Tucker Max, Because It Seems The Right Thing To Do

Donkey’s been silent about rapey Donald Trump’s sexual assault boasts. No posts, no feigned indignation, no idiotic “why do men still rape women?” crowdsourcing.

I thought we’d take a trip back to 2011, when Donk could easily overlook a vile sexual predator as long as he was getting media attention and had an OMG! genuine NYT bestseller.




He Was Inside, Or At Least He Will Be

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Eyes Of Michael Ellsberg


The Greasy Gargoyle’s latest self-proclaimed best-seller THE LAST SAFE INVESTMENT, co-written with buffoonish Bryan Franklin, became the last book anyone wanted to read, much less buy. What to do now? Smelly, a voyeur with a whip, has turned wannabe professional shutterbug. Unfortunately, this new brilliant career seems to consist of photographing troubled women in the vein of Muse Magdalene, Amber Hartnell, and Saharima Roenisch. Meet Metamorphosis Fast-Cilitator Katherine Bird:





Dropping into the channel…. there is no greater surrender. The channel is my lover and just as in the deepest sexual connection, when you think you can not take it any more and you keep going, keep opening, keep surrendering then you break through to the cosmic bliss and healing for self and others.

Surrendering to the channel is just like being fucked open… The kind of fucking that connects you to God. The kind of fucking that wracks your body with sobbing cries and hysterical laughter.

Do you know why you can not be fucked open or to fuck someone open or be the channel?

You must be willing to walk through the pain, through the story, through the places that fear and doubt to release yourself into that which you already are at the core.

When we commit to seeing through the veils, to owning the pain of every life time rushed through our system to heal, to feel, to know our own truth we must we willing to look straight into the darkness and surrender.

On fullness of channel state, we are allowed access to both the beauty of the Divine love of all the that there is but also to the roaring, screaming pain of all those that suffer. In our cauldron, we are capable of transmuting and transforming this energy into light. Pure light.

Just as the bodies of lovers can disintegrate into the purity of being in the One, so can you… not by seeking… you can not seek the orgasm, the release… you must open to it, surrender into it, own it as your birthright.

Quit waiting for someone to fuck you open. We want so much for someone to unlock us, to open us, to touch our darkness and pain. Find it for yourself. Not through sexual stimulation but through the energy that is there for you. If you can do that…. the one that can meet you in it will find you.

Photo: Thank you Michael Ellsberg for being willing to go there with me in these photos. Thank you for holding this space to capture my truth.

Want to find this space? Just reach out. I have classes and private work available now.

Thanks, Kate, but I’m wanted back on planet earth now.

Michael, what about your results?


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SOS! Donkey Needs A Stockbroker & Some Tips For Her Next Vacation From Vacation-Itis


An angel investor is wondering …


Ali Shanti would not approve! But what should Donkey do with the millions she’s earned in the last few years?


Why not take another vacation?


We? I LOVE YOU RAIN!! Is the masculine paying? I highly doubt it, unless his name is Peter Baugher.

A few folks actually responded. How rare is that?

Dan, never be jealous of a lazy burro living off her daddy.


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Updated: Trip Down Memory Lane: Donkey Tells Natives To Stop Whining and Quit Drinking

hideous julie

I notice Soapbox Donkey is braying today about the mistreatment of native Americans re: oil pipelines.

Remember three years ago, when she went on CNN and said they should just stop drinking if they don’t like stereotypes about them being drunks? Classy.

Sensitivity vs. Satire

Update: A cat lady informed us that Julie was giving thumbs up to anti-vaxx posts by one Joe Eigo, who’s also a 9/11 “truther,” a rabid anti-Semite, and an overall nutcase. How fucking low can she can go?


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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


Donk has been posting about OMG marriage, birth control, and pregnancy.


Alfred gave his girlfriend the surprise of her life when he pulled off a proposal and wedding, including her family and friends, all without her knowledge and within a five-hour span, as seen in the video above.

Sherrell, who had been dating the groom since 2013, agreed on a competitive date day in which she would do everything Alfred requested of her. He took Sherrell’s phone so she wasn’t privy to his plans and documented their entire day on both of their social media accounts.



Your womb is your womb, dammit:

Uh, ok, Donkey. Have Petey & Robin been bugging you about having grandchildren? Is Rain still using a condom? Or has Brit & Dave’s storybook life put you in a funk?

Bottom Picture: Inka dinka doo, a dinka dee, a dinka doo. Everybody wants ta get inta da (modeling) act!


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