Updated, Now With Redacted! Donkey Clomps Into “Beautiful San Diego” Where She Once Shared A Home For 3 Weeks Before Getting Kicked To The Curb




Don’t you dare even suggest it, Skankatron! If Donkey hasn’t left by Monday morning, Cindy McCain will escort her personally to the airport.

jackmove in

Imagine going from this …


… to this.


Enjoy your delusional tribe, Donkey, and those smelly DJs! Can’t wait to see the footage of the master interviewer at work. Self-proclaimed visionaries are so much more interesting after they’ve ingested a little aya or several pieces of cannabis candy from ganja goddesss Shannon Drake.

You take care, dear heart.


Update: Yet another ex tells us just how low Julia Allison Baugher is willing to go. Isn’t it amazing that she’s OMG! friends with all of her exes?! Really. She is too. It’s the truth. Honest. Hey, do you want a C&D from Peter Baugher?

July 17, 2016 at 8:00 am (Edit)
She invited me to the Dominican Republic in 2007. There was a small film festival going on at the resort and she’d persuaded the organizers to cover the flight and/or the room. At this time she was regularly on TV and if you Googled her seemed like a relatively sane up-and-coming NYC media person. So access to interesting events was a normal thing.

On one of the nights, she asked me to join her at the film featival’s “red carpet” area and to bring my camera. She said I’d need to film her interviewing this one guy (who I presumed was the event organizer). I explained to her that my Canon PowerShot, though adequate for Beachtime Disney Princess Lip Dubs, wasn’t really a “red carpet interview” camera, especially because it lacked an external microphone jack. She said it didn’t matter. “But the footage will be unusable!” … Still didn’t matter.

She dragged me up there and we filmed her asking basic superficial questions to this important guy for 5 minutes. I couldn’t even hear their conversation over the ambient noise, so the pinhole mic in my digital point-and-shoot certainly couldn’t, either. I’m not sure I even bothered hitting record.

I’m not the scammer type, and I found the whole act disgusting and confusing. I felt super dirty, and the fact that she was completely OK with it was mystifying. She basically lied her way into a vacation, on several levels:

1) I am a legit media person and my involvement in your fest will help it
2) I am shooting a usable interview right now
3) My interest in your fest during this interview is genuine

A triple lie!!

To this day, I’ve never met someone more willing to just openly scam. In her mind, it seems, any behavior is justified if it advances her personal cause (which itself is never justified). That’s easy to grasp from outside but witnessing it from inside her private sphere was just terrifying. Made me understand where truly evil acts could come from. The sort of mind that could justify any behavior and never felt remorse, only feigned it, only when caught.

Ah, yes. I’ve also witnessed Julie to stoop to unbelievable lengths to get what she wants. And if she doesn’t get it? There will be hell to pay for those who’ve disappointed the Wilmette goddess.

And Redacted, let me take this opportunity to say you did a fine job in the well-directed CREATIVE CONTROL, which did feature a few characters who reminded me of the social circle that Donkey was attempting to clomp into during the gawker daze.

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Donkey Urges Everyone To Walk Across Burning Coals



Tony changed Julie’s life so much that she had to take that expensive date with destiny THREE times but still couldn’t honor her contract with OMG! St. Martin’s.

As for the documentary, The New York Times didn’t think much of what’s essentially a recruiting tool:

In “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru,” an immersive look at his 2014 seminar in Boca Raton, Fla., so much is lobbed that this almost fawning documentary plays at times like a horror movie. There is something almost vampiric about this public siphoning of hurt, from the self-loathing of a suicidal young man to the devastating anguish of a woman who survived a childhood of sex slavery. Is she on the road to being healed, we wonder, or has she just exchanged one possible cult for another?

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Updated: Donkey’s New 5-Minute Gig: “Master Interviewer”

reimagine donkey

Per Jess “The Caterwauler” Johnson:

Announcing our newest addition to further stack the lineup for The Garden of Eden presents – Community Rising. “Reimagining Community” a fireside chat with some revolutionary thinkers and artists of evolution to talk about the role community plays in an awakening world. We’ve got the founders of some of the leading platforms in technical, social and systemic innovation coming together to be interviewed by master interviewer Julia Allison. Are there any questions you’d like to put in the virtual suggestion box? See you Saturday!! — with Ryan Allis, Julia Allison and Daniel Schmachtenberger.


Check out the promotional video – it’s hilarious! Unlike the above ad with Julia, everyone in the photos and at Jess’ aya goddess fest is white, white, white. Sorry, I can’t embed. https://www.facebook.com/events/789127797889940/permalink/793330347469685/

“Master Interviewer”?! Sweet Jesus, she barely ever let anyone get a word in edgewise during the purloined mic, fake NBC correspondent NYFW daze!


Update: The new BrayBray WahWah – thanks, Brayella – just had the gall to post a video about white privilege. Do tell, Donkey!

Also, Daniel Schmachtenberger, the home-schooled organizer tagged by Jess alongside Julia and Ryan Allis, is in an open relationship with stripper/deranged narcissist/cam performer Roxanne DePalma, who performed a lurid “touch me” number at Jess’s prior San Diego aya fest. (Dan & Roxy are pictured in the lower right corner of the “reimagining communities” poster.) One can only imagine what the classy, poly Ms. DePalma will be performing during this Saturday’s festivities.


roxy 3

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Ali Shanti’s New Masculine & Assorted Woo Nonsense

new masculine

Evil shantress Alexis Neely is determined to put the men of earth in their place! Could the fate of the old raunch’s ex-husband and her young lovers also be the fate of her son?! Will a coming-of-age ritual organized by hostile game designer Craig Filek save the kid? Will Skankatron ever come to terms with her father’s racism and stop posting about it online?

Stay tuned for this week’s episode of The New Masculine!

In other woo news, Michael Ellsberg posted yet another soundbyte and look who chimed in:


Didn’t Saharima Roenisch, AKA Circe Nightshade, tell us that she could no longer google herself and had left the internet because we wrote about her back in the day? Back when she’d plastered the internet with her image, including video from 14 youtube channels? And didn’t she tell us she regretted time spent with the greasy gargoyle and had nothing to do with him? Hmmmmm … here’s Saharima’s latest FB profile photo:


Over in Harlem, Jena la Flamme seems to be recovering, yet again, from that terrible fender bender. One would think her shoulder hadn’t been hurt at all! #pleasurablegrifting

pleasurable asshole

Finally, Jena’s recent houseguest, supremely insane “turn-on” masturbatrix Christina Morassi, proves once again why she’s the creepiest creepster we’ve ever written about on RBD. Words fail me.


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Dumb-As-A-Box-Of-Nails Julia Allison Loses Her One True Friend, Trumpets “Living Work of Art” Woo Idiot


Donkey Allison, who’s “vegan 90% of the time,” probably lost her dearest friend, Cancer-Free Dan, when choosing to defend an out-of-line woo pothead at his expense, but why not? Not when she can trumpet the words of like-minded idiots like Alea Rain. Do the woos all share the same fucking name or variants thereof? (I’m reminded of a lesbian friend who wanted to call a book about her many romantic entanglements, “They’re All Called Tammy!”)

alea raindrops

Am I in a relationship? I am in a relationship with myself. I am committed to living my truth, to being consumed by my own flames. I do not need someone else to discover my magic in order for me to believe in my worth. I am a living piece of art, making art, and by doing so making love to the universe. And you are all a part of the universe, so I guess that means I’m also in a relationship with you too. Does that answer your question? — at Sahlia Jewelry.

Christ, all of the woos sound like the same broken record and not at all like independent thinker Dan. Take comfort in knowing this nonsense was posted over eight hours ago and Donkey has received only two likes, both from fans in the ‘stans’, one being Wali Rahman’s stealth account.

Hire Julie Albertson today for all your PR and social media needs!

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