Updated: Julia Allison Showcases Significant Neurological Abilities

ballerina shithead

Julia Allison is a Social Justice Warrior and a committed environmentalist! When someone questioned her share about covering much land with solar power plants in an attempt to provide the United States with renewable energy, Donkey displayed the skills that crowned her New Trier’s all-time debate champ:

Ibrahim AlHusseini If we did that the world would end due the mining and energy it would take to produce the batteries that much solar would need. Solar is an intermittent technology and batteries are a very dirty business.

Julia Allison I respect that perspective. Hmm. Let’s go further, then.

Ibrahim AlHusseini We are. I only bring it up because the solar industry, which I’m a big fan of, investor in and grateful for, likes to pretend that Solar is Earth’s Savior and they’re not. They just pretend to be because, money.
Realistically, we’re going to need everything. You’d be shocked to hear that a big piece of the puzzle is going to be modern nuclear both fusion and fission. It’s a long discussion and I’m happy to have it with you anytime. Just too lazy to type it out here.

We never heard from Julie again, but so what? This post was hours ago and she’d made her point!

retardo donkey

More captivating, our lady of introspection showed her true (and ugly) colors when trumpeting a piece of misogynistic drivel. Fameless Shamewhore writes:

Meanwhile, Jules links to an article about dating techniques for men that she claims is 100% true:

“In fact, it’s the best description of conversational home runs I’ve ever read. This particular questioning pattern was THE ENTIRE REASON I dated (at least) one of my ex-boyfriends. I wish I weren’t serious about that but … Alas. I’m a sucker for men who possess – and publicly utilize! – social awareness.”

The article itself is written by Tyler Willis, “crisis counselor by day, and DJ by night”. He writes that “social awareness is one of the most attractive traits a woman can sense from you” and says that it is “a principle of evolutionary psychology described by Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller in their book Mate: Become The Man Women Want.”

Here’s some choice advice from the article:

If the conversation is heating up and she’s holding eye contact longer than usual, say “I’m having a hard time focusing on our conversation because I can tell you totally want to make out with me.”


Why do men still rape women, Donkey?

Update: A despairing donkey so disconnected from reality that she couldn’t honor her contract with St. Martin’s asks the big question:

This society is excellent at separating us from connection with our soul.

That is perhaps the most fundamental reason we are – as a people – angry, isolated, and excruciatingly lonely.

We ache for our souls. And when the pain becomes too much, we turn numb.

No more.

Do whatever it takes to connect with your soul. Please. For your sake. For the sake of your family. For the sake of your community. For the sake of this planet.

How will you reconnect with your soul today?

Bottom CONfab Pictures! Ali Shanti and her fellow grifters, “the sisters of the mistressmind,” met up in San Francisco, one of Julia Allison’s many former homes, where they debated the long con vs. the short hustle:

con artists

CON fab

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Birdies Keep Chirping: Former Roomie Is Dumb Bunny & Weirdo


Into our inbox flew more intel about Donk and money- and status-obsessed Grape Nehi.

Nehi and Donkey were equal participants in the AirBNB scheme, supposedly because they both were traveling all the time and didn’t want to be stuck with paying rent when they weren’t often in their luxury flat near the OMG! Palace of Fine Arts. Nehi and Donkey did look for a new place together but couldn’t find one within their price range.

The former roomie is no victim of Donks but rather a kindred spirit, a “moron” with a “demeanor that is off, a little strange … She kept covering her mouth and biting on her finger. Her eyes lit up – I couldn’t possibly describe the look – similar to a child getting an award.”

I wish I could share a couple of the tipster’s tales here but to do so would reveal the source. Such a tease! But I can reveal: Nehi is telling everyone that Lilly is her dog! Nehi has allegedly “owned Lillydog for 10 years, moved with her from Boston … Lily is a little boring and never wants to play … and is currently staying with a friend.”

Our source insists that, like Donkey, much of what spews from the mouth of the former roomie is suspect. Birds of a feather …


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Donkey In Crisis: Oh, The Humanity!


Goodness, such inner turmoil in that stone goddess! Did the road trip reality show not pan out? Did Rain disembark for groupies unknown? Did Peter & Robin learn the fate of BOOK? Donkey speaks for all of us:

If my week (life?) were a sculpture …

This would be it.

Cracked open surrender, I know not where it leads. I trust because there is nothing left to trust but truth that I was never in control, and I never will be.

It is something I often forget, as I grip the steering wheel of life, white knuckled, only to realize (every now and again) that I’m not actually the one driving.

Deeply humbling, to be sitting calmly in the midst of chaos. Perhaps everyone else has it all figured out, their internal GPS programmed to get them swiftly to their destination. (I doubt it, but who knows? We’re all on different journeys.)

I, for one, do not. I know what I believe in, I know my values. I know my essence and I know my life purpose. I know who my soul friends are, and who will support me in my growth and love me through my shadow. That’s more than I knew 5 years ago, and for that I am grateful.

I do not know what my life will look like in another week or another month or certainly another year. The part of me that desperately wants to know, that wants to cling to some sort of false sense of security (because these are always false, even when they feel VERY real), is defeated, slinking back into the far recesses of my consciousness, hands raised in supplication.

What I do know is this: by being broken I am made whole, even if it often feels otherwise. By having my idea of what “should” be smashed, I am allowing myself to let the universe and my consciousness collaborate on a new path. And perhaps that path will fall apart at some point, entropy and impermanence and eventual dissolution an inevitable force of God no one of us can escape.

Until then, may I bow to the divine unfolding mystery, sometimes excruciating, sometimes ecstatic.

And may this be your reminder to bow, as well.

We are humbled by your DEEP humbling, Mulia, and though a bit uncomfortable bowing to you, we are willing to LET IT UNFOLD!

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Little Birdies Sing About Former Donkey Roomie


From birdies tweeting in the inbox:

She is a money-obsessed, Ivy League fan girl. She is a bad listener; simply waits for people to stop talking without listening to them so that she can talk (hello Donkey on TMI Weekly!!!). She has told people they got evicted from the $5,000-a-month Marina apartment due to the Airbnb abuses; they were going to fight the landlord but the landlord  subpoenaed Airbnb for the records. The neighbours also complained about all the Airbnbing.

The landlord also had people looking at the apartment ask about the Airbnbing in the building; the neighbors have apparently asked potential renters questions about whether they were going to truly live in the apartment or were going to open it to a steady stream of weirdo strangers the way the previous tenants had. The landlord assured prospective renters that the Airbnbing was over with the removal of a Donkey and her sidekick.

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Any Single Girl Under 37 Up For A Road Trip With Donkey?


Julia Allison would like to take a vacation from vacation-itis with you, as long as you meet her rather stringent requirements:

Hi! I’m looking for fun single women under the age of 37 who want to go on an all expenses paid adventure trip either 1) White water rafting 2) surfing 3) kite surfing 4) sailing or 5) road trip across America. If you’re interested please message me on FB! smile emoticon

How strange! No woo goddess willing to come along for the ride? Although the prospect of being shut in a car with Donkey for days on end should make anyone shudder.


I’m down with Lalala’s sister, if just for the drugs alone!

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