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Peter Baugher’s Money, Take Me Away!

The new cover fauxto, liked by three folks, one of whom is of course [The New Redacted]: All that hard work – finishing BOOK, assisting her “many” clients, giving Ryan Allis BJs on demand – deserves a break, heh, Dadsers? … Continue reading

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Briefly …

It’s Monday, RBDers, and I’m busy as hell. However, I wanted readers to know the previous post was removed by yours truly, the first time I’ve done so. A loyal reader was justifiably upset about certain comments made regarding one … Continue reading

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Donkey’s “Bisexuality” Explained In Vanity Fair Piece On Silicon Valley Sleaze, Featuring Camp Septic & Jennifer Russell

Sad Rat in Sidewalk shared a new VF piece that helps to explain Judy’s “edgy, bisexual bravery.” If a feminine wants to attract wealthy Silicon Valley masculine trash, she clearly has to up the sexual ante, as Sad Rat notes. … Continue reading

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Updated: Happy New Year, Bunnies! The 3 Most Outrageous Donktales Of 2017

Welcome to 2018, RBDers! Our burro tried to hide her carbon footprint for much of the past year, but what we did manage to see tended to be oh so Donkey. Let’s rank Judy’s misdeeds for 2017. Coming in at … Continue reading

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Merry Craymas, RBD Family!

Hello, Kittens! Rhoda, Jacy, and yours truly wish you happy holidays. Though I’ll be checking in occasionally, I won’t be posting again until January because the Blake household is all a twitter during Christmas. Won’t Ryan Allis give poor Gilly … Continue reading

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