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Money Can Buy Your Way Into Anything

Wow. Just. Wow. I listened for four minutes, giving up when Yellow Teefs was blithering on and on about tech and Judiasm – please just shut the fuck up! No thumbs up from Donkey? They were sisters! They threw bi … Continue reading

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The Dead Pool: Place Your Bets As To When Rain Dumps Donkey, If He Hasn’t Already

Such yummy middle-aged deliciouthneth! How much longer will OMG! Rain Phutureprimitive continue to tolerate a lazy, phony, high maintenance donkey? Or has he already sent her out to pasture? Surely there’s a groupie young enough to be Rain’s daughter who’d … Continue reading

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Julia Allison, Who Couldn’t Be Bothered To Attend Any Women’s Marches, Will Be Smashing The Patriarchy

Surely purchasing a tee-shirt for $50 will ensure Planned Parenthood clinics stay open? Bottom Picture! The Masculine rescues The Feminine and pays for drinks, dinner, frocks, and housing. In perpetuity.

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Mess Despised: Julia Allison Is Giving Away A Smelly Old Frock From Bravo’s All-Time Lowest Rated Series

Donkey, it would make us so greg darn happy if you could finish your cryptic website – FOLLOW THROUGH ON SOMETHING, FER CHRISSAKE! BOTTOM PICTURE! Jena la Fraud, indeed. Going dancing again this evening, O Pleasurable Con Artist?

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Updated: Donkey’s New Website: Reimagine Epic Failure

Random Snowflake stumbled across Judy’s half-completed new website, The Reimagine Factory. So far, just two tho natural fauxtos and broken links ABOUT, CONTACT, and STOCKLIST. ::raises eyebrows:: The domain name appears to have been created on January 29: … Continue reading

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