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From Routledge’s Studies In Whiteness: Jess Johnson & Her Singing Sistahs

Julia Allison’s BFF and her soulful blond “angels” just won’t stop giving it to us a cappella. “Oh, porno, porno, oh, oh, porno, porno … ” Sure, Cory. But until that miraculous event occurs, you may have to keep supporting … Continue reading

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From Our Inbox: One Bored & Possibly Broke Girl

So, this missive arrived out of the blue, sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I assume she wants us to post it: This is Molly McAleer. My friend Nicole who helps me with my podcast Emotionally Broken Psychos … Continue reading

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Rain Drools & Drools & Drools Over Deliciouth Stacey Morgenstern

Donkey tags OMG! Rain again and again. He ignores her again and again. But PhutrePhuckPhace can never resist commenting on sexy, married (who cares in Wooville?) high-powered grifter Stacey Morgenstern’s social media posts. Hell, Rain even enabled her batshit insane … Continue reading

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Updated: Rainbow & Rain Baby Can’t Wait To Zouk!

Jena’s latest post. That shoulder is certified A-OK! #pleasurablepublicsex #getyourowndamngreencard Update: Free this evening? Join la Fraud and Deadbeat Dad as they tell you how to keep the sex feelthy!

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Julia Allison’s Greatest Fan Is In Mourning

In the above FB post, Wali might seem like a basement dweller out for a good time, but the extensive posting, in three languages, leads me strongly to believe he’s the real deal. Ineffable Wali has three other loves:

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