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Donkey & Jaahass Get Ready To Open Their Wild Vessels

Judy and the gang are in Mexico on an unending vacation from vacation-itis on somebody else’s dime. Presumably they’ll be in La La Land for five hours of Wild Pestilence on November 18. Imagine being locked up in a DTLA … Continue reading

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Founder Fever Redux, Or, Donkey At Sea

Still wondering why Donkey wasn’t at Summit L.A.? Especially since Noodles and Myka McLaughlin, Donk’s non-lesbian lesbian lover, were? Sad Rat In Sidewalk weighs in: I know quite a few people who go to Summit events, as well as a … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Madness: Noodles, North Dakota & Narcissism

Noodles Poodles attended Summit L.A., bawling her eyes out and determined now more than ever to “restore the Sisterhood”: Ah, yes. Judy doing what Judy does best: fawning over folks who are far more successful than she could ever hope … Continue reading

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Slumming With The Skanks: Fivehead, Skankatron & Donkey

Insurance scammer Jena “Fivehead” la Flamme has been injured again! Anybody know a good attorney? Lookin’ good, La Fraud! That fauxto must have indeed been snapped before your multitude of injuries. Over in Jordan, Ali “Skankatron” Shanti discovered she could … Continue reading

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Updated, With Devin Stetler, Hooker? Julia Allison Is “More Sexy Than The Camera Could Handle”

Too sexy for the camera, Jaahass, or did Julie look like hell and not want her picture taken? All puffy and splochy because she hasn’t stopped crying since getting dumped again? As for “epic” woo grifter Jennifer Russell, maybe she’d … Continue reading

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