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Ali Shanti Wants To School You In Shit. Literally. With Shrillness.

Split personality Alexis Neely and feces – a match made in heaven! That voice! Worse than nails running down a chalkboard. “This is one of those things that is way better if you’ve got a guy along with you.” What … Continue reading

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Julia Allison, “Now A VERY Private Person,” Attempts To Get Years-Old Content Scrubbed From The Internet

We’re receiving credible emails re: Donkey contacting various bloggers and webmasters. Our burro is requesting old posts be removed because she is a different person now and regrets some of the mistakes she made in her “twenties/early thirties.” She’s eager … Continue reading

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Noodles, How Can We Help?

Nisha Moodley can’t stop talking about her five minutes of notoriety outside of Wooville: Not content to link just to Ashton, Noodles manages to get in a reference to Goopy Paltrow’s pricey L.A. con job: No one had better give … Continue reading

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Indulge! Julia Allison, Unemployed “Amateur Dancer,” Will Be Happy To Provide A Testimonial For Your BS Woo Happening

Donkey is now lending her name to her fellow woos’ shitshows. How fitting that she should provide a testimonial for Indulge, which is essentially a spa day in which goddesses eat organic food while men wait on them hand & … Continue reading

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Amateur Dirtfest Dancer, Rain Promoter, Woo Cheerleader – Julia Allison’s Remarkable “Career”!

Julia Allison insists she’s a high-profile bidness lady advising “several clients” on media branding. But there’s scant evidence of Donkey’s involvement anywhere. What does seem to be on the level is her involvement with third-tier middle-aged DJ Rain Phutureprimitive’s “career.” … Continue reading

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