I Dream Of Donkey With The Bright Red Hair

Monday chuckles. Our burro back in the bray. Most of these fauxtos have never been on RBNS or RBD.

Julia Allison Lands Broadway Role

Julia Allison, fresh from the success of her acclaimed run as Our Lord in "Jesus Christ Fupastar" has been announced as the lead in...

Who Wants To Bet She Thought It Was About Extensions and Pelts?

So Julia Allison, never one to pass up an opportunity to look like an idiot, saw HAIR with Prom King. She hated it. This...

Julia and Sheesh are at Fashion Week and I Don’t Care

It really is rinse and repeat when it comes to ol' Play-Doh face. Whatever, make fun of the pelts and the pantsuit.

This Picture? Not So Much

I'm not liking the Mexican Barbie hair. On another note: she was early to the airport, so it's a nice change in the narrative.