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TMI Weakly: Yawn

TMI Weakly: A Donkey Goes to Fashion Week

This week on TMI Weakly: a little girl decides to dress up and play "journalist."

TMI Weakly’s Best of Fashion Weak

Julia and Mary and Elfingay were begged to attend fashion week, and somehow managed to fit some events into their exhausting, hectic schedules. We...

UPDATED — Mary: Michelle Trachtenberg’s Stylist Is The "Indecent" One

Now with more back-pedalling! From the comments of her blog today: Andy Whorehol: Hey Mary, you know what else is "as real as it gets"? Calling...

Mary and Tinkerbelle: Fat-ists

First, there's this: And there's also this. Do the two of them direct their anti-fattie-ism JA's way? Do they let her know she's getting a little...