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If Donkey Had Really Been Punched In The Face …

From our beloved and ineffable angry hater, Documentary Series: 8pm “Just when everything falls into place, something happens that makes you wonder if the universe is heartless after all” 8:01pm “Does anyone in the L.A. area have a friend or … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Thinks Resumes Are Bullshit, Perhaps Because Hers Would Look Like This

So apparently, the both unemployed and fantastically unemployable Julia Allison thinks we should change the way we look for the jobs she’s too lazy too look for. You know the resume, that document the highlights the skills, experience, and professional … Continue reading

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Not Without My MeeMaw: The 2012 Year in Review

I don’t know if you noticed, but my morbid fascination with what 138 looks like after it eats pounds and pounds of chocolate and gets fatter has waned considerably. The truth is once Bravo aired its assault on ladydom and … Continue reading

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With Christmas Upon Us, Our Commenters Reflect On What a Donkey Has Taught Them

We’re all broke, let’s face it. None of us can afford to buy Donk an actual present — those sponsored Velveeta Cheesy Skillets simply don’t pay the bills! So let’s pretend we’re doing something virtuous, noble, and special snowflake-y by … Continue reading

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Julia Allison’s Amazing Technicolor Display of Insanity At Burning Man Was Sponsored By JValentine

Our Shilldabeast is shilldabusted. As much as I hate hippies, I hate people who take a giant dump on the floor of other people’s houses as Julia Allison did at Burning Man. From TRADEMARKS: The names “Burning Man”, “Black … Continue reading

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