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Manic Mentalcase Posts Videos Of Herself All Night, Including When She Was a Mean-Faced Child Already Obsessed With Her Own Image

Her Vimeo page is rich with lunacy; she was up posting videos of herself all night, including childhood home movies featuring a demon-faced young donkey who already looks demented. (“Peter? We need to talk about Julia.”) For some reason I … Continue reading

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My God, what an insufferable douchebag. “I thought you might be.” 1. If this is really about some poor stinky hippie who’s banging a donkey, then well done, stupid donkey. You’ve managed to overshare again but doing it as a … Continue reading

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Sloth Who Claims She Never Weighs Herself Has Long History of Obsessing Over How Much She Weighs

Oh honey. Are we dealing with legalese here, or just another incident of a lying liar who lies? AHEM

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Another Brave Day of Self-Indulgence and Sloth in a Tropical Paradise

I still prefer this Donkey pool video, which I believed inspired the nickname and the use of the word “bray” to describe her voice/laugh:

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Has Donkey Fried Her Brain On All The Drugs?

Or is she trying to attract a mega-woo with a wallet? WTF.

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