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Basic Bitch

I would like to think Donk’s former pals at College Humor created this with her in mind, but in actual fact, she’d be lucky to be a basic bitch. She’s a sub-basic bitch, with a nasty streak and a noggin … Continue reading

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You Can’t Possibly Expect Donk To Write A Book on Happiness When She Is Wallowing in Melodrama, Can You?

She got a book deal!! What more do you people want??? And she’s remembering to feel GRATEFUL, haters! That’s why she keeps posting Derwood shade!

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Clever Donk Finds Yet Another Way To Publicly Bray That Derwood Was Unworthy

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Donk Attempts To Justify The Upcoming Re-Emergence of Complete Narcissistic Douchebag Julia to The Grifters Who Secretly Suspect Free-Loving Hippie Julia is a Total Fraud

Another series of fauxto shoots looms! Of course, she’s simply making art and shifting her paradigms. Oh and also Derwood and all other exes who dumped me SEE HOW HOT AND GLAMOUROUS I AM??? The cray is back. Good times.

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What The Fuck Is She Fucking Talking About, Fuck?

Whoa.¬†Candice Holdorf¬†NAILS this: “In order for a man to fuck, he himself must be willing to be soul-fucked by Spirit. He must fall on the ground in love with surrender. He must expose and accept every part of himself while … Continue reading

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