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UPDATE: Donk Says Her Book Isn’t Even Due Til December, Dear

Someone in publishing sent her a PAID email, forwarding her our post on the St. Martin’s spring catalogue, and asked what was up. Her reply, dear: “I don’t click on these links dear. But my book isn’t being published in … Continue reading

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No Sign of Donkey Book In St. Martin’s Press Spring Catalogue

SMP_Spring-2015_07_2014 And, in fact, no sign of Donkey anywhere on the site.

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Oh. My. God.

So my partner in lovership, who has long stopped following the donkey because it had become “too sad,” just saw this on her FB and shouted out, John McEnroe style, “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!!” The obvious madness, the deranged look … Continue reading

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Translation: Dumped Again, Mega-Melodrama Again Except Now With Made-Up Words

Thank you to Android Jones for such a beautiful rendition of – in my mind – the fiery dissolution of a lovership. This is a passionate visual for what I have felt in the past, and I’m in it now, … Continue reading

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Why Did A “Corrections Officer” Give Donk A Ride Home?

Fascinating. I can’t figure out who this guy is, beyond being slightly pervy based on his FB timeline photos, and whether he actually is a member of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation of California. Was he at Burning Man as … Continue reading

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