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Cuckoobird’s Pathetisad “Vision” Board

Cupcake Cray Cray has studied this atrocity via the Donk’s Airbnb listing. His/her observations of a “Nutbar’s Vision” are below. going (mostly) clockwise, starting at the top left: 1) “If you’re not doing something crazy, you’re doing the wrong things.” … Continue reading

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Donk Charges a Fortune For a Freak Pad

Seriously, go check out the photos of her laundry room. Would you rent an apartment from this lunatic? Good news: It’s wide open in February! A review from earlier this month; sounds like a donkey vacated the stall: This apartment … Continue reading

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Everything Is New York’s Fault

Not getting enough attention, I guess. Her latest Tweet: I once thought I had a sleep disorder but then I realized I just lived in New York.  

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Quitting the Internet is Hard, People

Because look who’s back on Twitter.  

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Donk’s 2014 Year in Review: Same As It Ever Was, But With More Vomit-Inducing Insanity

Wow, 2014. Donk started out the year proclaiming her endless love for her live-in victim, Derwood, and boasting about the sex they had on a grimy shag carpet in someone else’s apartment in front of a sad gas fireplace, and … Continue reading

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