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Braying Bad Dancer Won’t Be The Only Pest At Burning Man

“What’s up, doc?” Oh dear. What a terrible shame. A bug infestation at Burning Man. There is a God. 

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Someone’s Not Well

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A Year After Attending a Wealth-Creation Seminar, Donkey Remains Unwealthy

I wonder how Donk is generating wealth by doing what she loves? How do you become wealthy by doing nothing and/or tripping balls at stinky-hippie music festivals?

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Lazy Layabout Pretends She’s Going To Do Something That Requires Hard Work

As if this sloth would be able to do even 1/100th of what it requires. Isn’t taking care of her dog generally too much trouble? She is a tool, though, so maybe that would help.

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UPDATE: I Am Sure The Victims of Various Natural Disasters or Those Living In War Zones Would Agree

Yo oh hai Donkey.

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