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It Takes A Really Evolved Feminist To Dress Up In Flammable Slutwear Again This Year

She has changed so much. Also, she has sent out more bat signals to her best friends (“at the time”) and former sisters, Meghannaise and Rambo. Very interesting. Maybe the woo crowd is tiring of her, or she wants more … Continue reading

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What A Shocking Surprise That Some Idiot Running Around/Dancing in Her Underwear in Mid-October Would Get Strange Looks In NYC’s Financial District

I guess Carrie Bradshaw V.2 just forgot completely what New York is all about!! Also — please, Donkey, shut the fuck up about yourself.

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Donk Is Just Trolling Us Now

Donk, busy getting her book written by Dec. 1, is so hard at work than she spewed out a lot of vomit about her past fame as a media star in New York. She has changed! She was so naive, … Continue reading

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Someone With Woo-ey Name Tells Donkey To Get a Grip

My word! Someone is just asking to be reported to the Facebook police! How dare she! And who the hell is this Jean Brodie bitch? Also, today’s Avocado Tag Count: 1 Yesterday’s: 5 (Keep in mind these are only the … Continue reading

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Not long after sleuthy Brayella unearthed photos of a post-coital-looking Avocado with a hot skinny blond bathing suit/underwear model, Donkey posted this, just in case you needed to see her camel toe up close yet another time and the outline … Continue reading

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