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Little Birdies Sing About Former Donkey Roomie

From birdies tweeting in the inbox: She is a money-obsessed, Ivy League fan girl. She is a bad listener; simply waits for people to stop talking without listening to them so that she can talk (hello Donkey on TMI Weekly!!!). … Continue reading

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Little birdies are singing, and apparently Donk has been telling them that her life sucks. She is describing recent months as the most difficult of her life … and I guess that’s saying something considering the last five years of … Continue reading

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This Person Does Not Like “Bro” Culture

“[T]he “Bro Code” of collegiate male etiquette … the survival kit of many middle-class, white male students: online pornography, binge drinking, a brotherhood in which respect is proportional to the disrespect heaped onto young women during hookups, and finally, the … Continue reading

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A Little Rant

Is anyone else so tired of this construct of every stupid lecture-y, self-important, self-motivated thing she posts on Facebook? Now THIS is how you **insert stupid action here!** If only/would that everyone **insert stupid action here!** Can we do a … Continue reading

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Landlord Speaks

A little birdie pondering a move to San Francisco with her husband, and semi-interested in the former Donkey stable, tells us she reached out to the landlord to ask about the Airbnb abuses that were previously a problem there and … Continue reading

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