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How Shocking. Donkey Who Claims She Was Bullied Was Actually a Bully.

So pretty, so happy, so single   From a longtime lurker in our comments: When we were kids Julia once told me that she felt sorry for me because I wasn’t pretty enough to ‘get’ a good husband. (I have … Continue reading

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Ooooh Boy … Someone’s Finally Acknowledging She Needs YUGE Therapy

Who are the best therapists or programs or healing modalities in the Bay area dealing with childhood wounding / attachment issues / codependence / how that impacts relationships / etc? THANK YOU! Has I LOVE YOU RAIN laid down the … Continue reading

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Even The Woos Are Tired Of This Shit

UPDATE: Oh honey. So so embarrassing.

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Humblebragging While Bitching About Humblebragging … Same As It Ever Was With This Sloth

  I know we have touched on this before, but this hypocritical tool: I haven’t checked my Facebook news feed for two weeks since I’ve been in Costa Rica. Two *EXTREMELY PEACEFUL* weeks where I didn’t hear anything about the … Continue reading

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