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A Spy Reports on The Sexy Dance Performance On This Glorious of Labor Days

No video or photos yet, type-A haters, but a first-hand account from someone who attended the “drama queen/life of the party” embarrassment with friends. On Wednesday, our group was deciding what to do for the night and someone mentioned a party … Continue reading

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Donk’s Wedding Day Finally Dawns

After about 20 years spent plotting and scheming to one day land a big, ostentatious, cheesy white wedding by marrying a dude,  preferably a wealthy one willing to pay with the rest of his life, Donk is FINALLY getting married … Continue reading

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Misty Water-Colored Memories of a Donkey’s First Burning Man

Who could possibly forget when she popped her Burning Man cherry in 2011 by flashing her ass just months after frantically attempting to convince the McCains that she was good Republican housewife material until, of course, Guam tore apart the … Continue reading

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As Donk Goes Silent at OMG Burning Man OMG As She Prepares For Her ‘Wedding,’ Let’s Imagine What She’ll Crowd-Source Upon Her Return

Here’s my contribution. Add yours in the comments! Winner gets a prize of a wish box, an ice-cream coupon and some gently used fashion magazines. “Does anyone in the San Francisco area have a really amazing, gluten-free, homeopathic doctor who … Continue reading

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I Just Have One Question

Why the fuck is she posing in her bra and undies for her Burning Man wedding photo? Seriously, why? The veil I get. But I have been under the weather lately and doing long marathons of Say Yes To The … Continue reading

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