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Updated, Holy Merde! Infuriatingly Stupid Buffoon Gets Schooled Again By Dan

Dan, we share your pain. Starving people just need massages and hot tubs and a good bang!! A Donkey: I have a theory: all world problems could be solved with the following equation —> Nature + healthy food + great … Continue reading

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Hypocritical Donkey With Bad Memory

I find it strange that Donk is on FB praising Alicia Keys for confiscating smartphones at her concerts. “Brilliant solution,” a donkey brays. “I could see this happening for weddings / conferences / etc.” Oh honey. Does anyone remember this … Continue reading

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Dan Schools a Donkey Again

Donkey posted this. And Dan posted this. Holy shit! Thousands of social scientists around the world committing their professional lives to studying war and terrorism using all kinds of data, struggling with model designs and causal inference… and goddamnit if … Continue reading

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Little Birdies Sing About Former Donkey Roomie

From birdies tweeting in the inbox: She is a money-obsessed, Ivy League fan girl. She is a bad listener; simply waits for people to stop talking without listening to them so that she can talk (hello Donkey on TMI Weekly!!!). … Continue reading

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Little birdies are singing, and apparently Donk has been telling them that her life sucks. She is describing recent months as the most difficult of her life … and I guess that’s saying something considering the last five years of … Continue reading

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