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Somehow I Missed This Sad Cry For Avocado Love

Try to grit your teeth and get through this post if only to see her pathetisad comment, completely ignored. Oh honey. He’s just not, and never was, that into you.  

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Someone Was Let Out of The Nuthouse To Go Watch The Nutcracker In This Very Special Nutty Outfit

Oh. Dear. She is almost 34 years old.

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Titsy McHooters Reappears

Remember the good old days when she couldn’t stop stuffing her tits into too-tight dresses and/or massively padded push-up bras and then joyously posing for public tit-thrusting shots, including at her own brother’s wedding in which no other bridesmaids were … Continue reading

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Lazy Stalkery Lunatic Who Spends All Her Time on Facebook Monitoring Her Many Exes’ Facebook Activities Takes To Facebook To Tell Us To Get Off Facebook

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Poor, rusty-faced Lilly. If she is such a treasured fount of unconditional love, why has Donk spent so much of the last few years embarking upon pointless travel and unloading her on strangers for weeks on end? Shut up, Donkey. … Continue reading

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