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I Just Have One Question

Why the fuck is she posing in her bra and undies for her Burning Man wedding photo? Seriously, why? The veil I get. But I have been under the weather lately and doing long marathons of Say Yes To The … Continue reading

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Donk Calls The Facebook Police On Nice Lady Driven Mental By Her Endless Burning Man Yammering

I love this so much. Some nice normal woman sent her a private message because she couldn’t bear it anymore. And Donk, six going on seven, tattled on her. Yes, Donk, the one whose wedding invitation uses the word “BITCHES.” … Continue reading

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Someone Seems Agitated

I wonder if this is how Creepy Divorced Bob felt when Donk failed to pay him the money she owed him? Or how about the poor hotel where she refused to pay for her grapefruit? Or how about her publisher … Continue reading

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Donk Has Posted to Facebook 69 Times Since Telling The World A Month Ago She Was Hunkering Down To Write Her Book

PAID. Hi Julia! GET OFF THE INTERNET! From July 12, people. I guess the book must really be coming along since she is clearly working so hard on it.  

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Donkey Discovers Hyperbole and a Half Several Years After The Rest of the World, Needs To Get Off Her Tiresome Soapbox and Stop Making Yet Another Tragedy All About Her

In the wake of Robin Williams’ death, my friend¬†Noelle¬†posted the link to this searingly insightful portrait of what it’s like to be trapped inside of the fog of depression.I’ve been there before. Many of us have. That tiny dark box, … Continue reading

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