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Here Are A Series of Photos of a Hard-Working Donkey During Terrible Stays in Her Various Stress-Prisons

Life is so taxing and difficult and onerous in the Stress Prison created and paid for by her horrible, hard-working parents. Poor thing! At that rate, I would never take a vacation – and, frankly, I rarely have. In fact, … Continue reading

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Poor Donkey Who Spends Half Her Life On Vacation and High Simply Can’t Relax On Those Vacations, Please Send Help

Hard at work! Not relaxing! Her parents are to blame for this terrible, sickening affliction of Unable-to-Relax-itis!! Even as they pay for the all those stress-prison vacations!!! Bringing Intentional Creativity, Adventure, Games & Play to Your Vacation (& Your Life!) … Continue reading

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Music Expert Waxes Poetic About “Sick Beats”

I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard. Maybe for the same reason I laughed the other day to see her ┬álauding a kid who doesn’t aspire to be a “princess” given Donkey has been braying her entire … Continue reading

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Laugh Riot Seeks “Comedy Editor”

She’s funny all right.   Does anyone know of a TOP NOTCH editor who deals well with comedy writing? Well. Comedy-esque writing, really. Tina Fey will not be concerned about her job security. PM me please! Let us never forget … Continue reading

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Donk Threatens To Leave FB For “Months” But Not Before She Changes her FB Profile/Cover Shots

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