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What Other Worlds Do 8,000 Self-Help Books Transport a Stupid Donkey To?

For the love of fuck, will she ever stop boasting about her stupid ass? And the douchebag has said she doesn’t read fiction because apparently she’s already read all the important “fiction books” — LOL — so what the hell … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Go Back in the Donkey Archives and You Find Gems Like This

From about 10 years ago:

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May I Rant?

This still grinds my gears. And now I can feel it coming. I’m *almost* ready to open my heart for a serious partner. Not now. But … soon.  Wow! Lucky “boys!” A braying, self-obsessed, stalker-y lunatic who has prompted every … Continue reading

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A Family Member Finally Wonders If Donk is a Drug Fiend

Remember “Cousin Andrea?” On Momsers’s side of the family. A bit of a grifter herself, but apparently has the backbone to finally ask “WTF” of a Donkey.

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Donkey Simply Loves Too Much To Be Anything Other Than A Lazy, Whining Layabout

Fresh on the heels of a lunatic rant about the friends who will no longer return her calls or make time for her because they are too busy (but actually, Donks, it’s apparently because everyone thinks you’re certifiably insane now), … Continue reading

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