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Ask Julia Allison

Julia Allison is giving you 20 minutes of her time to set the record straight: Julia Allison Says: March 27, 2010 at 4:51 pm | Reply editTHAT IS FUCKING ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH. You know, this is the first time … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Now In Charge Of What You Post On WordPress

Rally, Ribnissers! Tonight we dine in uh…lack of rbns? From an email sent to us mods tonight: all references to Justin’s name in both the comments and the posts immediately, as it violates the wordpress terms of service: “the Content … Continue reading

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K-Sheesh Alludes To Julia Allison

As we mourn the loss of Julia…um..shit. Ackerson? Allboson? Anyway, as we mourn the loss of that one loud chick with fake hair who left NonSociety, we must remember to rejoice that we still have K-Sheesh. K is busy today … Continue reading

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YOOHOOOO! Kelly Cutrone!!!!!!! Over here!

Julia Allison, annoying piece of internet trash, is now trying her patented “Yoohoo! Look at me, love me, do something for my career” twitter arc on Kelly Cutrone, who I guess wrote a book or something. Up late reading “If … Continue reading

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Julia Allison's Gift Card Fire Sale: A Twitter Nation Responds

Julia Allison, worst shillblogger on the planet, spent yesterday trying to sell gift cards and store credits for “cash” or paypal money. And now, speaking of gift cards, it turns out I have $575 in Sephora gift cards, which I … Continue reading

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