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Homeless Bowlegged Dipshit Feels So Good About Being An Evicted, Unemployed Transient

Former would-be author at St. Martin’s Press and deeply depressed happiness expert Julia Allison “most definitely feels better” about being evicted from her expensive Marina stall that doubled as her AirBNB income. Now that she is priced out of San … Continue reading

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None of This is in English

I can’t even appreciate this tear down of Ali Shitty because it’s written entirely in woo speakĀ . If you ask me, all these dumb woo woo bitches can go fuck themselves. Priestess This: Today I received what I receive several … Continue reading

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Feathered Skankatron Considers Her Sex-Child’s Feelings, Still Digs All The Dick

Oh, Jesus.

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Well, Now We Know Who The “Betraying” Friend Is

So I did something I shouldn’t have done. I put my truth out into the univserse, a/k/a Ali Shitty’s Facebook page. I’m sorry. Her bullshit rant just set me off. I just kant, and I had to live my dharma. … Continue reading

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Look at this Fucking Kinder Hippie Dipshit Whine About Cyberbullying

You know, I’m not entirely sure who this guy even is. All I know is that he goes back and forth from looking like a baby rapist (that’s “baby rapist” and not “raper of babies”) and the hempiest version of … Continue reading

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