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UPDATED: Giant Demon With Goat Hooves For Feet Sits on Regular-Size Couch

  Look at this stupid fucking Yule log. And by “Yule log,” I mean “piece of shit turd.” Update: What the ever-loving fuck?     I like to call this one “Some bitch and Lilydog.”

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Julia Allison is Masturbating

CHRISTMAS + ACAPELLA + MATCHING OUTFITS + BRITISH MEN + OXFORD UNIVERSITY = PURE HOLIDAY MAGIC! There. I wrote a post. Merry Christmas, you fucked up, demented piece of shit.

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Donks Needs to Watch One of the Step Up Movies and Shut the Fuck Up

  She was stalking one of her Fans in the Stans and probably stumbled on this video, because she is an easily amazed piece of shit. Also?   Actually, magic doesn’t look like anything because magic is real, you sweaty … Continue reading

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Lunatic Spends Friday Night Masturbating to a Picture of Herself as a Tea Cozy

Even after all this years, it simply amazes me just how in love this wackaloon is with herself. “Books & Ballgowns” (2008) New York Public Library. I envisioned and art directed this shoot because I have had a passionate lifelong … Continue reading

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Oh, Shut the Fuck Up, You Demented Sparklefart

She’s just so whimsical. She has much whimsy. She’s a singular sensation. And she probably looked like a god damn lunatic.

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