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None of This is in English

I can’t even appreciate this tear down of Ali Shitty because it’s written entirely in woo speakĀ . If you ask me, all these dumb woo woo bitches can go fuck themselves. Priestess This: Today I received what I receive several … Continue reading

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Feathered Skankatron Considers Her Sex-Child’s Feelings, Still Digs All The Dick

Oh, Jesus.

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Well, Now We Know Who The “Betraying” Friend Is

So I did something I shouldn’t have done. I put my truth out into the univserse, a/k/a Ali Shitty’s Facebook page. I’m sorry. Her bullshit rant just set me off. I just kant, and I had to live my dharma. … Continue reading

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Look at this Fucking Kinder Hippie Dipshit Whine About Cyberbullying

You know, I’m not entirely sure who this guy even is. All I know is that he goes back and forth from looking like a baby rapist (that’s “baby rapist” and not “raper of babies”) and the hempiest version of … Continue reading

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Ali Shitty Scammed Money Out of Her Mother to Make a Reality Show About Her Shitty Self

This is so fucking gross. She said yes! But first, she said no. Here’s why that’s important to you. Remember a while ago when I said that I was ready to step into my next possibility and create a media … Continue reading

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