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A Pleasant Surprise

So I was googling Donkey Lady for something completely unrelated to Donks. She was out of cite/sight/site, out of mind. I was just going about my day, and guess who popped up. This bow-legged, horse-toothed piece of shit: It truly … Continue reading

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It’s Like This Useless Piece of Shit is Mocking Us

Do you know what most 30-somethings did on Thursday morning? They went to fucking work, you misshapen shit stain.

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Obnoxious Yoga Enthusiast Corrected on Her Shitty Yoga Technique

She also seems to have forgotten that she has an actual animal to take care of. Because she’s a weirdly proportioned piece of shit.

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Psychotic Wet Skidmark Tags Herself in Her Own Fucked Up Facebook Post

She looks like she was pinched off by a St. Bernard’s asshole. Also? Grow the fuck up, and quit showing off your ham hock hands.  

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Stupid Ass Piece of Shit Who Forgot Shirts Existed Thinks CA Men Should Dress Better

Why don’t you step up your game by finding a god damn shirt, you do-nothing fucktard?

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