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Donks Admits There Is No Reason For Her To Write A Book

Like, I know she’s joking, but you know she kinda isn’t. Anyway, here is the key to happiness from our favorite hippie racist/mistress of bliss Caiaieleei Blah. I didn’t actually read this hip-thrusting idiot’s advice, because I think I have … Continue reading

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Donks Took Time Out Of Not Writing Her Book To Get Exposure For Photographers In The New York Times And Subsequently Brag About It

And she’s looking for yet another photographer, because she doesn’t know any that have done any photo shoots for her recently, like the guy who shot her Coobies, the one she immediately forgot about. The last bit of the thread … Continue reading

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Hey, One Of Donkey’s Hippie Friends Finally Had A Personal Interaction With A Person Of Color

It went as well as you’d expect, meaning it was offensive on numerous levels. Caeli La, a self-described “mistress of bliss,” was able to overcome her ingrained fear of black people (sorry, “Oakland type dudes”) long enough to begrudgingly engage … Continue reading

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Donks Continues To Be An Insufferable Dipshit Who Is Financially Supported By Her Father


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Donks Wants To Make Sure All The Girls Read This

So read it, why don’t you? It just might save your life, is if you were a complete narcissist. This saved my life. I believe it might just save yours. I remember the day the shame began. A close girlfriend … Continue reading

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