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The Woos Confront Their White Privilege, Kinda

Sure, they love to appropriate the culture of others, but the woo goddesses aren’t just thieves, scammers, and idiots. These women are willing to confront their advantage on an uneven playing field! Taking her cue from Noodles Moodley, PleasureCEO Christina … Continue reading

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Hire Jack Kerouac-Approved Peter Baugher To Be Your Legal Beagle!

Petey’s new website is up and running. It’s so professional – there’s no way in hell that Julie was involved. She’s not even named in Dadsers’s biography: Peter Baugher has brought and defended commercial cases throughout the United States, winning … Continue reading

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“Public Speaker” Julia Allison Wants YOU To Become A Radiant Woman!

Ariel White, Donkey’s oversexed gal pal, is hosting an exciting daylong Pomona workshop in which she’ll help you unlock your pleasure and inner radiance! Radiant Woman is a feminine approach to developing more confidence, beauty, pleasure, & self-love. What you’ll … Continue reading

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Updated: Woos Ignore Nuclear War On The Horizon, Look Forward To Frying At Burning Man

We may not make it to the end of summer before Cheetolini launches World War III and we’re all nuked by North Korea, but Wooville is completely silent on events in the real world. Not a gregdamn peep from any … Continue reading

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Woo Sleazewatch: Fozzie & Morass & Noodles

A rollicking woo roundelay! While checking in on best-selling author Michael Austin Jacobs, AKA Fozzie, I discovered it’s corporate America’s fault our favorite slacker lost his latest jerb: Boo hoo, the powers that be didn’t give Fozzie a gold star … Continue reading

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