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Updated: Donkey Downs Ayahuasca & God Knows What Else At Camp Septic, With Or Without Rain PhuturePhuckPhace

Chad McNally told his “fans” that he’d be sitting out Burning Man, but soulmate Julia Allison definitely made the trek to the playa: One more cup, Donkey, and you’ll be running into the flames! Goodness, Becky, be careful! Too much … Continue reading

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“Mindful” Global Leader Julia Allison Re-enacts Jodie Foster Movie

Donkey is spending a lot of time with half-pint Ryan Allis and his piece, yoga goddess Rebecca Thieneman. Our girl is presumably working entrepreneur Allis’s HIVE shitshow, when she’s not dancing for Rain’s pre-recorded appearances. I never would have pictured … Continue reading

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Did Donkey Become Mrs. Chad McNally & We Missed It?

An intrepid RBDer spotted these comments in a recent post on Phutureprimitive’s FB “fan” page: Ms. Stroman was “honored” to witness Donkey’s amateur hooves clomping away? Or is the fan girl referring to Caeli La? Was Tiny&Cute once married to … Continue reading

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Tone-Deaf Jess Johnson, Donkey’s BFF, Comes Out Of The Closet, Sort Of

Greetings, RBD Familia! Wrinkle-free Jaahass Johnson recently posted something so poorly written that I’m still trying to figure out what the fuck she’s talking about. If you think we’d hit the skids with Donkey’s “fucoid fairies” drivel, get a load … Continue reading

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The Woos Confront Their White Privilege, Kinda

Sure, they love to appropriate the culture of others, but the woo goddesses aren’t just thieves, scammers, and idiots. These women are willing to confront their advantage on an uneven playing field! Taking her cue from Noodles Moodley, PleasureCEO Christina … Continue reading

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