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Updated, Now With OMG! Marriage: Ali Shanti Wants To Know About Your Non-Violent Divorce

TRUE LOVE FOREVER! Annoying, silly Rainbow Michael Haynes posted a video of himself canoodling with the old raunch: Ali followed this up with a post about “divorcing in a new way.” Like Jess Johnson, she is changing the world! Traditional … Continue reading

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Worrisome January Snippets

Silence from Social Justice Donkey – the world has missed her dozen daily outrages. Are she and ILYR still talking a vacation from vacation-itis with Mary & Meaghan 6.0? A January marriage and honeymoon? Surely Julia doesn’t want another sistah … Continue reading

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Updated, Now With Nudity: Happy New Year, Mud Face!

Flashback: The conversation sparkles! Sistahs forevah! Forever Donkey & Mary & Meghan! My relationships with them have been the most precious gifts I have ever received, and I could not imagine my life without them….To watch something like this turn … Continue reading

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Bidness “Consultant” Julia Allison, The Laughing Stock Of San Francisco, Needs Your Help

Shady McShaderson, AKA Ali Shanti, to the rescue! Would you like to help Judy Albertson, Profeshunal Bidness Lady, pull the trigger, too? Original Bottom Picture!

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Updated: Jena la Flamme’s Holiday Vaginal Workout

Did I read in the previous post’s comments of how low Judy has sunk in terms of both suitors and gal pals? Let’s sink even lower, shall we? You’ve seen Jena la Fraud shooot out of her mother’s uterus and … Continue reading

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