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Christina Morassi, PleasureCEO & WalkingSTD, Threw A Berkeley Be-In And Jena, Ali, & Patricia Ellsberg Came & Came & Came!

Christina Morassi, a first-class grifter whose shtick is encouraging women to sexualize the workplace, is the foulest creature we’ve ever written about on RBD. Ms. Morassi recently held a weekend event in which she “changed the world,” of course, for … Continue reading

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Flamin’ Donkey Dances For Us At Jess Johnson’s Latest Garden Of Eden Smellfest

“This is more than just a party, it is a mass movement to love Pachamama and unite our Southern California Tribe to raise the vibration of the planet. We will start the night with an opening ritual with Jess Johnson … Continue reading

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Donkey Couldn’t Accomplish Anything Until Peter Baugher PAID For 10,000 Self-Help Seminars

Though AWOL on social media since bringing Dadsers to birthcray 36, Judy occasionally pops up on FB. She liked “Hallelujah Breeder” Stacey Morgenstern’s most recent, girly post. Apparently there’s no jealousy in Big Woo City, even if your beau ignores … Continue reading

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Jena Screams, Judy Screams, We All Scream For … Glitter Boobies!

You can’t make this shit up: “Glitter boobs are perfect for festivals!” New technology? Haven’t strippers been doing this for years, albeit with far more attractive results than what’s on display in that creepy video? Just think how Donkey will … Continue reading

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Gospel Enchantress Jess Johnson Thanks Everyone But BFF Julia Allison

I am SO PROUD of, and SO GRATEFUL for, woo white women gospel! Jaahass thanks everybody for this transformative concert, during which the earth shifted upon its axis. Even Kc Baker gets a shout out, so why no Mulia? In … Continue reading

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