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A Miracle In Boulder

Congratulations on paying your own bills, Fozzie! Maybe the much older Julia Allison will follow suit? Oh dear, the more things change, the more things stay … In other Boulder news, Skankatron has been shilling this loon’s upcoming emBODYment: The … Continue reading

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Rumor Has It: Donkey Wants To Bail On The Novato Tribe

TRIBE OR BUST! Soapbox Donkey posted daily about the benefits of communal living, how neo-tribal existence trumped any other possible living arrangement – there was no room for compromise. But a little woo birdie – an impeccable source – told … Continue reading

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Fivehead, Skankatron, Hallelujah Breeder, PhuturePhuckPhace – A Woo Super Roundup!

Poor Jena & Sacha! Depsite all their woo compatriots, they still can’t rope any sucker into living with them: Meanwhile, over in Boulder, Ali Shanti is just one of many woos bemoaning the death of epic sex goddess Psalm Isadora, … Continue reading

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Updated, Now With Fozzie: Ali Shanti, Mother Of The Year, Spirits Her Children Away To Wootastic “Eden”

Ali’s been longing to get back to her favorite place on the planet, Return to Eden Hot Springs, somewhere near the Arizona/New Mexico border: Remember J Mathias Bennet, Jess Johnson’s former roomie, the woo who who flew to a grifter … Continue reading

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Deadbeat Dad Sacha Nielsen Has Been Running Scams For a Long Time

Someone with the screen name of Luluarose, who has never before posted on RBD and who has an IP address I didn’t recognize, posted a link to an indiegogo site on which Swiss Mister is asking you to feed his … Continue reading

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