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Dirtfest Donkey Helps Bring Jim Jones To HIVE L.A.

I’m back, bunnies! Above is a fauxto of Donk, Rain, and John “Like Buttah” Buttaz at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle dirtfest. You might remember Buttaz working with Jess Johnson to put together various “Garden of Eden” drugfests in … Continue reading

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Dumb Donkey Gushes Over Brit Moron’s “Feminine Leadership”

Annoying Dave Morin, former(?) Donkey target, shared his idiot wife’s love letter to ME ME ME! All hail Wonder Woman! These fauxtos remind me so much of a certain burro. I wonder if the ineffable Wendy K. Yalom was the … Continue reading

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Donkey Gives Shout Out To PhuturePhuckPhace, “Keep That Helo In The Air, Babe!”

A loyal RBDer alerted me that our burro, once again, has been pissing on old territory. I will not be ignored, Rain! Have you forgotten we’re still in each other’s lives as friends? Same song, 5150th verse. I’m convinced now … Continue reading

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The Woo-Tard Clan: Donkey On Lesbian Lover’s Heterosexual Commitment, Nooodles Asks The Big Questions, Jaahass’s Stripshow Leaves ‘Em In Tears

Myka McLaughlin, bithecthual Julia Allison’s faux butt buddy, and her seemingly nice beau moved in together: Ten days later, Donkey posted a hearty congrats. Myka has yet to respond. Nisha Moodley apparently got over the sniffles and found time out … Continue reading

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Updated: Julia Allison Has Gone Full-Blown Woo, Off the Fucking Rails

Wild Weasels sure did a number on Donkey! Such a circle jerk! Donkey read more self-love drivel published by Vanity Press and has been reborn as Pelé, the Brazilian soccer legend? I just kant. Petey and Robin must be SO … Continue reading

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