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Donkey & Her New Species-Appropriate Love

Epic fauxto shoot! Judy transformed! So wholesome, so fresh-faced, so phony! Amazing indeed, Wendy. No one but you could have made a beau-stealing layabout still living off her father look like Rebecca of Sunnywoo Farm.

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A Rollicking Woo Grifter Roundup!

Our burro has been liking posts from various tribal con artists and presumably posting the drivel coming out of Rain’s “musician” FB page, but otherwise she’s been AWOL. Not so for the gods and goddesses with whom she consorts. Nisha … Continue reading

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Updated: Chad Phutureprimitive Is Doing DEEP WORK & Donkey Approves

The Jawa confronts HIS pain: No comment from Donkey but look who did weigh in: More Deep Thoughts from PhuturePhuckPhace: Uh, aren’t Chad & Julie living the Cali dream? Among the erudite comments … Is Donkey coaching ILRY on his … Continue reading

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Updated: Rain PhuturePhuckPhace Attempts To Grow A Pair

As noted in the previous post’s comments, Tiny&Cute, Rain Phutureprimitive’s ex, just discovered that he and Julia Allison were hooking up when he was still in a relationship with Tiny. The post was deleted but a reader took some screenshots: … Continue reading

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Green Card Blues: Deadbeat Dad Is Off To Switzerland While Jena la Fraud Cruises Mexican Beaches

Six months, eh, Jena? Didn’t the INS appreciate your deadbeat husband’s cacao ceremonies? Tell us more, Jena! No multiple o’s? Did the new roomie help out with the sensual oils? If you don’t post it to social media, it never … Continue reading

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