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Jena & Sacha Experience Even More Pleasure, Thanks To Former Lover-In-Law Patricia Ellsberg Paying The Bills

The good times aren’t only to be had Three Doors Down at the whitest presidential inauguration since 1888. Not when Papa Chevalier opens the Taj Maharem to Flimme Flamme and DJ Deadbeat Dad, who plan on celebrating their conscious coupling … Continue reading

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Updated: Yoo Hoo, Rain! They’re Honoring The Feminine This Sunday In Encinitas!

Delusional Donkey is visiting(?) Jess Johnson’s “Garden of Eden,” where everybody is nice as pie: Donks has previously attended beloved Jess’s strippah/druggy/orgy fests, and one assumes she wouldn’t dare miss out on their next event: Will Rain take time off … Continue reading

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Updated: Jena la Flamme’s “Witchy” Bachelorette Party & First Wedding Snap

Donkey might be contemplating leaving Facebook and moving to Costa Rica – isn’t everybody? – but Flim Flam is in for the long con haul. Christina Morassi, the skankiest woo we’ve ever profiled on RBD, threw Five Head a bachelorette … Continue reading

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Updated: Jess Johnson Plays Ria To Donkey’s Jena la Flamme

Of course leering Schmachtenberger loves this picture. He’s hitched to polymorphous, polyamorous bondage queen Roxanne DePalma. Not to worry, Rain! Any hints of same-sex love are only for all the boys. Just ask Flim Flam as she heads down the … Continue reading

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Countdown To Jena & Sacha’s “Dance To Infinity” (Marriage)

Flim Flam and DJ Deadbeat Dad have composed a poem in celebration of their impending pair bonding, a rainbow of hope for all the dreamcatchers! 2 more days until the Infinite Wedding…. Excited!!!! ~ An Infinite Wedding ~ The time … Continue reading

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