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Ali Shanti Schemes To Get Her Grubby Hands On Another Property While Donk Cheers Her On

Ryan Allis, manboy and now full-blown woo, who’s currently taking a Landmark course in San Diego, is selling his $3 million dollar home in San Francisco – he offered Donkey a chance to be “first buyer” – and wants to … Continue reading

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Here Comes The Donk Again, Clomping On My Head Like A Memory …

Our burro clearly misses Chad McNally: Donkey has received six likes and one comment. Can you guess the commenter’s identity? “Joyful, wonderful, enjoy the moments and have fun.” Yeah, have fun, because she’s working so hard during the remaining 51 … Continue reading

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Devin “Scarface” Stetler Can Hook You Up!

The Modesto Strangler, Donkey’s ex and one half of the greatest love affair the world has ever known, has dabbled in many fields, from fine cuisine to modeling to NBC correspondent. Now he’s co-owner of Flavors, a weed dispensary in … Continue reading

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Peter Baugher’s Money, Take Me Away!

The new cover fauxto, liked by three folks, one of whom is of course [The New Redacted]: All that hard work – finishing BOOK, assisting her “many” clients, giving Ryan Allis BJs on demand – deserves a break, heh, Dadsers? … Continue reading

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Briefly …

It’s Monday, RBDers, and I’m busy as hell. However, I wanted readers to know the previous post was removed by yours truly, the first time I’ve done so. A loyal reader was justifiably upset about certain comments made regarding one … Continue reading

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