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Sad News

We have learned that longtime RBD commenter Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant (TL;DR) passed away last week. His girlfriend, also a commenter on RBD, says that he was depressed, but that he loved the RBD community and it was a source … Continue reading

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The Burn is So Icy Donk’s Gotta Wear Shades

And since the internet broke, let’s start a new post, shall we? @ScottSpiro: @juliaallison Jane saw you yesterday morning as she drove to work- are you ok? (had us worried) @JuliaAllison: @ScottSpiro – yes, thank you. I thought something happened … Continue reading

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And For Her Latest Attention Whore Stunt…

Thank Greg the world can now rest assured that Julia is not with burro! This is part of some elaborate ruse to explain Goat Soap’s absence from Burning Man, right? Important – does anyone know a doctor in LA who … Continue reading

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Julia’s Manager Pretty Much Sums up RBD

“It’s not being mean if it’s true!” – @steven_grossman — Julia Allison (@JuliaAllison) August 22, 2012 P.S. Remember his notes on Julia’s “writing” from Miss Advised episode 3? “My life is a mess…Whiny bitch spoiled…Tarot card reading – who cares?”

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Miss Advised Open Post: Episode 5

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