Strange Days


Oh, bunnies! An entity on the west coast has been desperately trying to hack RBD. Not to worry, our host and our engineer appear to have torpedoed their efforts. However, be aware that the site could be down briefly today and tomorrow for maintenance and adding our SSL certificate.

Our nutty inbox! Someone with an ax to grind wants to share eye-popping stories on Philippe Lewis, the sexpert who was Donk’s host for the NYE orgy at the ill-fated Ghost Ship in Oakland. In addition, more folks are inquiring about Fozzie’s various businesses before he became Nye the Crypto Guy. Finally, someone from Donk’s inner circle wants to FaceTime with your poor auntie. I think not!

And it’s only Monday.


  1. Has anyone else watched “Russian Doll” and nearly choked at the line in the first episode about birthday chicken?

    • That ep has been mentioned in the comments a couple of times. Is the series worth a look? I love Natasha Lyone.

      • I loved it. It’s like Groundhog Day but in the East Village, with lots of drugs and sex.

        Natasha Lyonne is amazing and it’s only 8 short episodes, ideal for bingewatching over a weekend.

  2. Ha, since you mentioned that creeper, I saw he commented on one of Ali’s latest awareness upleveled million dollar bidness etc yada yada posts:

    Philippe Lewis Spreadsheets turn me on!

    · Reply ·
    Ali Shanti
    Ali Shanti Haha, me too! 🙂 Now. They used to terrify me.

    · Reply ·
    Philippe Lewis
    Philippe Lewis Ali Shanti I’ve been an organizer/producer for 17 years

    • Speaking of Skankatron, she’s liking and/or commenting on all of Ryan Allis’s posts. Is the old raunch angling for a speaker invite to this summer’s HIVE?

    • I don’t Facetime with my FAMILY. My youngest often insists on it (because he likes to show me every beaded bracelet he makes on a sleepover, everything he eats for lunch, look at this weird leaf, have you ever seen a dog with a bigger butt, etc), and I always point my camera at the ceiling. A stranger?!? Screw that noise.

      • I will happily FaceTime with young Master Handbag if we ever meet and become friends. I love FaceTime. Sometimes I wear a little Victorian lady mask if I don’t feel like showing my actual face. Sometimes a kitty cat mask which is slightly unsettling.

        • Perhaps glitter makeup and horns? LOL

          Speaking of the Swiss Mister, which I realize you were not, I’m reminded that the fine print on a recent train ticket in Switzerland precluded the carry of large objects on the train: specifically alpenhorns.

          Because, would’t you just know it, that’s prohibited.

          • I’m totally using “speaking of X, which I realize you were not” as soon as I can.

        • Oh dear lord, Handbag The Younger would *die* of happiness to Facetime you, Albie. He has an army of gay uncles (they call themselves the Gangles), and I frequently hear him say, “Okay, we’re heading for Mom’s study so you can see this completely insane thing she’s been working on for the past 872 hours. Wait, you’ve got to see what the cats are doing right now! They’re curled up in the dog bed in shape of a question mark! Oh, and I’ve been working on this makeup look you won’t believe, wait — do you know who Jeffree Starr is, by any chance.” All the while I’ll be in my study with no pants on, hoping he never makes it this far. I’ve never known a child in my life who loves adults the way he does, and he has since he was a tiny Handbag. Also he finds SO many things captivating, and he NEVER stops talking.

      • I loathe that technology and absolutely refuse to FaceTime with anyone. I’m going to hold a device up to my face and shout for the world to hear? And to one of Donk’s besties?

        • This too. As much as I love the idea of Young Master Handbag showing weird leaves to Albie, who is wearing a Victorian lady mask, I never FaceTime with anyone because there’s no camera on my computer (at least none that I personally installed, ha). Case closed.

        • one of the worst things i’ve seen is a person on facetime with her boyfriend while walking through the mall – he was naked, in bed.

  3. I was wondering if Tisdale had something to do with the site going down — good to know yall are handling it!


      • Yes, it’s Petey’s last chance to get his daughter in a fine romance!

        I think it’s truly all of their last hope. Son of Sam, M.Dodi, Ph.Donk will meet the adjusted criteria.

        The question is on the other YSL-knocked off, over-platformed foot.

        Let’s not mess this up: I want to see wedding plans.

        • JFA: I disagree with those who predict that Judy will cheat or leave the marriage if she does marry Berkowitz. She needs this and she will use it, if she can get it. Can you imagine the new blog? “My crazy life as the wife of a double doctor! There are so many exhausting trips to the opera and our charity functions, plus he’s a two times a doctor, which is one more doctorate than my baby brother has.”

          Sounds more mean than I intended. But I would enjoy those wedding plans.

          • Oh, she’ll definitely cheat but probably turn it into some hosana for polyamory as she guilt trips the Son of Sam.

            Also, I highly doubt Ashley Tisdale even knows of this blog but we do know how anxious the Baughers become when it looks as though their beast of burden is about to nail a wallet to the altar.

          • Yes. IMO, save for that one Filek (?) font of strangeness, there’s only one person in the world who wants to take RBD down, and by that one person I mean a donkey and her tiny and non-cute dadsers.

            When that donkey isn’t trying to pass on “rumors” about her “dating” “life” to RBD, that is.

        • Nah. Didn’t they try to shut down this place when they had delusions of her actually marrying a McCain? Yeah, that worked out well. The site (sight/cite) is stronger than ever and McCain promptly married someone else.

          • It was so weird for me watching John McCain’s funeral, and seeing Jack sitting there next to his mom. I would bet he’s long since forgotten about her, but the Baughers will never forget that she blew her chance to join a highly-respected Republican family. Even if she goes the distance with Dodi, McCain will still be a regret for her family, as he would have given her family so much more Republican/rich people cred.

          • Oh, I think they still remember her. Not fondly, of course

  4. I bet Fozzie is getting himself into debt jetting around the country to impress marks by pretending to be a cryptocurrency expert.

    I hope he is not spending his parents’ money and it’s only Amex or Visa that are going to be left hanging for his shennanigans.

  5. question for the admins – can i change the email address associated with my RBD login?

    – access through the meta > log in at the right (where we go to change avatar)
    – change the email address in my user details
    – log out

    i’m thinking as long as username and email match should be OK, but not being familiar with the wordress engine will this lock me out?

    thanks in advance.

  6. So Jordan already has a new boyfriend 4 months post divorce… maybe she’ll get down the aisle for a 2nd time before a Donkey.

  7. Oh is someone trying to do a good scrub before an engagement? You know? Where his family might take to Google to find out what type of parasite the good doctor picked up this time?


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